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1 DOWN, 11 TO GO.

So Arsenal have successfully navigated 90 out of 1080 supposedly easier minutes of Premier League football. For those of us who hate Math, i meant that Arsenal have won the first of last twelve games against ‘easier’ opposition in the League. Very few people will be surprised with the final score as the gunners were expected to claim a routine victory. The win felt really good and coupled with the fact that the Mancs lost, the win became somewhat significant. And like Arsene has stressed time and time again, the top teams will drop points, we just need to concentrate on our own games. We get our results and hope every other team does an ‘Everton’ over the Chavs and the Mancs. The toffees played both games as if their existence depended on them. They fell behind in both games but had the mental fortitude to come back to grab consecutive wins, something even Arsenal couldn’t manage.

Anyway to the match, Almunia was back in goal, Silvestre came in for Sol, Eboue started at right back, Song returned to the midfield, Aaron and Theo both replaced Rosicky and Denilson respectively in the starting line-up. Arsenal pressed Sunderland with intent very early on and created loads of chances. It still beats me how the half ended with only one goal to the home side. Arsenal really exploited Theo’s raw pace and the pacy lad ran their left back ragged throughout the half right in front of Enland manager,Fabio Capello. The gunners, particularly Nikky B were wasteful in front of goal. Though the first goal came courtesy of the Dane’s boots (not the pink ones, all the praise went to Eboue. The right back who had a game of his life gave the lanky Dane the goal on a platter of gold, and all Bendtner needed to do was tap it into an empty net. The goal got the previously frustrated fans singing again. Bent and Jones both missed great opportunities to draw level but Big Al made a decent save against Bent.

Arsenal started the second half exactly how they ended the first. They were stringing good passes together but the end product was lacking. Sunderland rarely threatened and waited to catch Arsenal on the break. The home team had all the possession but had very little to show for it. I was scared that Sunderland might just get that odd goal from nowhere and frustrate Arsenal once again. Theo, Nikky B, Samir all went close, TV5 also forced a great save from Craig Gordon. The sealer finally came in the 91st minute from what was a soft penalty for a shrug on Cesc in my opinion. It’s nobody’s business though, as the skipper dispatched the spot kick. Before this, Arsenal were the only team in the top flight not to have scored from the penalty spot this season. The result was safe now and everyone knew it as they leisurely passed the ball around until the final whistle.

It was a very good performance from the attackers even though they failed to take their chances. Theo looked renewed and more confident, Samir was excellent in his tackles and runs. Nikky B linked up well though his touch was all over the place. He also needs to start taking his chances. Almunia did a clean job and so did Song.
Special mention must go to Eboue who was the best player on the pitch by a country mile. He was direct and incisive, got an assist but he deserved a goal. A complete performance from a happy player.

Arsenal got a deserved win and we are just two points behind Man IOU but six behind Chavski. Let’s keep the faith because the title is still a possibility.

So from wherever u are reading, have fun.

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VIDEO: Thierry Henry scoring at 12 years old! + World Cup Competition

VIDEO: Thierry Henry scoring at 12 years old! + World Cup Competition

It’s been in him since he was a kid…


It seems Arsenal are cursed when it comes to injuries. The latest casualty being Abou who has supposedly damaged his medial knee ligament. “We lost Abou Diaby last night [at Porto],” Wenger told Arsenal TV Online on Thursday afternoon. “ It is not understandable. I don’t know how it worked. But he has a medial knee ligament injury. “We discovered it today. He came in today and he had pain in his knee”. Add Abou to the already-existing injuries and you’ll know we have a real case on our hands. According to Wenger, Willie, Dudu and Andrei wont make it for this weekend’s visit of Sunderland. This does not include long term injuries to Robin, Kieran Gibbs and Djourou. The only positive ( if I can call it that) is the possible return of Alex and Big Al. The medical staff at N5 needs to do something, and very fast too, about this problem that has continuously stalled our title bids for the past 4 seasons. Why should Arsenal have at least one major injury at the crucial stage of every season? 06/07 was Titi, 07/08 was Dudu 9, 08/09 was Cesc, now 09/10 Robin has been out of action for 3 months. Now you see what I am talking about.

On a lighter mood though,
A Ghanaian and an Italian were seated next to a Nigerian on an
overseas flight. After a few c**ktails, the men began discussing
their home lives.

Last night I made love to my wife four times, the Ghanaian
bragged, and this morning she made me delicious waakye and
she told me how much she adored me.

Ah, last night I made love to my wife six times, the Italian
responded, and this morning she made me a wonderful omelet and
told me she could never love another man.

When the Nigerian remained silent, the Ghanaian smugly asked,
Hey Chale, how many times did you make love to your wife last night?

Once, he replied.

Only once? the Italian arrogantly snorted. And what did she say
to you this morning?

Don’t stop.

From wherever u are reading, have fun!
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Diabolical Fab denies Gunners+player ratings

I dont know why I am not fuming like I used to do. Maybe it’s because I am too amazed at the poor level of goalkeeping at our own great Arsenal. Imagine having the man who played in goal tonight as “back-up” for unconvincing Almunia. Those were not school-boy errors, those mistakes were diabolical, unbelievable. Imagine a goalkeeper having a hand in both of the opposition’s goals, one “goal” and one “assist”. It’s that serious. Agreed the job of the goalkeeper is not the easiest on the pitch, but there were no excuses tonight. The team seemed to get him out of jail with the first one, but after the second error, the players were not just strong enough to come back again. Some players and even my football-loving friends protested the second goal but I really cant blame the Porto players. They did what they thought was best for their team and like Cesc said: “I have no complaints about the second goal. Maybe I would have done the same. When you let in goals like that, I’m sorry, you cannot go anywhere. What can you do? We have nothing to complain about. I am with the captain on this. But Arsene pointed out an important fact about the goal in his post-match press conference: “I think it was a massive mistake by the referee, a double mistake…It was a penalty for us as well when (Tomas) Rosicky went down just before. I just believe in a game of that magnitude I don’t understand his decision”. Arsene is very right here. Everyone(gooners and haters) in the pub where i was watching seemed to agree on this issue. It was very obvious from where the referee was standing. But as we learnt, whatever anyone including Arsene thought, his opinion mattered the most.

We should not be too hard on the players though, they gave their best and got what will be a vital away goal in my opinion. We will be playing at home and we’l have Andrei, Willie, Big Al and particularly Alex back. We missed them sorely tonight.
So to the team ratings,

Lukasz:4-Not much to say, two cstly errors but some really cute saves as well.
Gael:5-Decent performance, but did not have the best of matches against Valera. He was beaten in the build up to the opening goal.
TV5:5.5-Not up to his usual standard…had some dodgy moments.
Sol:7-Credible “debut” in the UCL,was hardly ever beaten and used his body well. He certainly picked up from where he left off in the final 4 years ago.
Sagna:6-Good defensive performance, dint offer much going forward.
Abou:6-Average match, drifted in and out of the game.
Denilson:6-Impressed me with his play today, but still has a lot to do on his decision making.
Cesc:5-Below average game in my view. Missed Alex so much as there was no one to protect him.
Samir:5-Same with Diaby only that Abou is a bit more precise and direct.Samir needs to be more consistent.
Tomas:6-Good performance, offered a real attacking threat.
Nikky B:6-Got into good positions, but his finishing let him down.
I cant really comment on the subs especially Carlito who barely touched the ball. But Theo looks improved and Manu looked real good on the wing and even created a chance.
Enough of football for one day, i need some sleep. I’v got an 8 o clock Calculus class in the morning.

So from wherever u are reading, keep the faith and have a great night.

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No Arsh treatment for Porto plus other injury news.

I think the title should have been:No “real Arsenal” and “Arsh treatment” for Porto.But that would have been too long in my opinion. Please pardon my manners. Hello gooners and non gooners alike.Hope your day has been good. Mine has been splendid and i cant wait to feel the breath of fresh air that comes along with the Champions League. I can rarely wait for us to play “European” teams again. So it seems we have the easiest draw of all the English clubs with the old Chavs playing their “messiah” Mourinho in charge of Inter Milan, Manchester IOU playing their bogey team, Milan and Liverpool playing Barnet! Yeah i know the scousers have been eliminated but i just felt like rubbing it on them.That what you get when you have a proud serial diver as your captain and a club legend.

Andrei(I love addressing the players by their first or nicknames) isn’t playing, he strained his hamstring that’s why. I really don’t feel we’ll miss him that much but he’s definitely the kind of player you always want in your team. He just has this air of magic around him.Also Alex isnt playing and i feel he’ll be badly missed. Arsene will be looking to get an away(and possibly the winning) goal in this match.At 1-0 up, we’ll need Alex to do his thing:breaking up attacks, setting up new ones IMMEDIATELY and liberating and protecting Cesc.The only positive is the presence of Abou who has been magnificent of late. He should do a good job alongside Aaron or Denilson(his first name is shite…(lol). Some United fans have been disturbing me with a useless fact that FC Porto “rarely” lose at home, and that the only English team to have beaten them at home is Man IOU. But I was always quick to remind them that Milan’s only home defeat in 13 games against English clubs came at this same stage of the competition two years ago when they went down 2-0 to our darling Arsenal. So if United could beat Milan, Arsenal can defeat Porto.

So I feel we’l get a hard-fought win. Big Al is out, so Lukasz should step in.Also Willie and Dudu wont make it. Sol should replace Willie but i’m still hoping on the defence keeping a clean sheet in this one. Bakky should return at right back with a front 3 of Samir,Tomas and Nikky B; with the big Dane playing centrally once more. Theo can come on for any of the wing forwards later on. So can Carlito(Vela) after a long time out due to injury.

My favourite line-up looks like this:


Bakky Sol TV5 Gael

Abou Denilson


Samir Nikky B Tomas

So, from wherever u are reading, have fun.

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St. Valentine’s day

14 February, 2010

Today is “supposedly” St Val’s day, but to me it was very dull. The day started in the weirdest of manners with a street soccer match with my friends.Guess what time it was…1a.m.Yes! an hour past midnight, and what a match it was. My team won 12-8. I rarely lose street soccer matches, you know? Then i watched popular series “Heroes” season 4, episodes 3 and 4 before retiring to bed at around half past 2a.m. I really do not know when exactly i slept but what i know for sure is that i got off from bed at 1:10p.m.Almost 10hrs of sleep, and boy, did i enjoy it? So i did some laundry and had “breakfast” at 2p.m. My day had just really started. The fact that it was Val’s day did little to change the dull atmosphere, and to make matters worse, ma first love, Arsenal FC isn’t playing this weekend! How boring could things be? It had rained later last night(maybe that’s the reason i slept for 10hrs). Everywhere was cold and quiet. No calls, no messages of love until around 6 when ma girlfriend sent this wonderful text message. I love her so much, but sincerely, it didn’t really change anything. She’s miles(i mean thouands of miles) away. I finally beeped her (my first call today)at around 9p.m. It was probably the best call i have made in a long while. We were on the phone for close to 2 hrs. I was enjoying every bit of it and i can bet my pension(lol) the feeling was mutual. I simply had to let her go, cos she has crucial exams tomorrow and needs to read.
So i went back to ma routine that had served me well for the day, surfing the net for anything fun. Facebook was also unusually dry, today of all days.
And what rule says boys should always buy the gifts? Val’s day is sexist and is overrated…lol. Choosing 1 out of 365 days to really show your love is laughable to me.
Anyways, some people had lotza fun, most people(especially me) didnt. At least ma bed will save me from what has been a boring day.
From wherever u are reading, have fun.
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Who Am I?

13 February, 2010

Human beings encounter a lot of adversities in life and have to employ different mechanisms to succeed in each case. It is essential to note that every human has innate, inborn, and usually unique abilities. Most of these abilities are usually exhibited in traces at the early stages of life and need to be developed willingly by the individual. Only in extremely rare cases did a person discover they could do certain things when they were already mature and all grown up. However, some skills are acquired in the course of living life and developed to almost perfection. People also have undying passions for certain things that they do leisurely but which can also serve as a source of revenue.

My greatest source of joy is the sight of an article by me, or any assignment that has to do with expository writing. In all modesty, I know I am a very good writer. My main strength is my style, which is often exquisite and quite interesting. My use of grammar and drama inculcated with appropriate quotes is also something I love about my work. I tend to add a bit of satire to everything I write. The aspect I find amazing is that I am that kind of person who has not even the slightest idea of what He wants to write until I get hold of a pen, or sit in front of a monitor staring blankly at the keyboard. My earliest memory of an expository work from me came when I was barely seven. It was an essay on a choice topic, to be submitted after the winter/Christmas break.

While virtually every other student in the class wrote about how they spent and enjoyed the holiday, I chose to write a descriptive about my class teacher. I turned in an essay of over two hundred words at six years old! I can remember the only help I got was basically for organization and some really difficult spellings. All the ideas came from me and my teacher was stunned; though as I matured I realized that my descriptive analysis was relatively weak, I was better off writing arguments. One important feature of my work is spontaneity; and from experience, I have been able to turn in fairly good essays in extremely short time limits. Even though it is a bit less important, I feel at “the peak of my powers” during a chat. In a chat, I am able to express my desires almost spontaneously and in a concise and interesting way too. I just got my own blog, but also follow other blogs. I write only on myself and football-related matters now, but I hope to include other aspects like fashion and lifestyle later in life. At the moment, I write just for the fun of it, because I love what I do. There are two “things”( for lack of a better word) I love and will do anything for:Arsenal and my girlfriend, Rasheedah.

I really appreciate it when someone points out flaws in my writing, but they have to be very objective and sensible about it. I hope to focus on my blog and attract advertisements. I currently have a journal which contains records of my daily events and ambitions. I read it over and over again, not only because of its amusing content but the manner in which they were written. I hope to develop it into a published book, an autobiography that chronicles the life of one of the greatest men that ever lived.

From wherever u are reading, have fun.

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