Diabolical Fab denies Gunners+player ratings

I dont know why I am not fuming like I used to do. Maybe it’s because I am too amazed at the poor level of goalkeeping at our own great Arsenal. Imagine having the man who played in goal tonight as “back-up” for unconvincing Almunia. Those were not school-boy errors, those mistakes were diabolical, unbelievable. Imagine a goalkeeper having a hand in both of the opposition’s goals, one “goal” and one “assist”. It’s that serious. Agreed the job of the goalkeeper is not the easiest on the pitch, but there were no excuses tonight. The team seemed to get him out of jail with the first one, but after the second error, the players were not just strong enough to come back again. Some players and even my football-loving friends protested the second goal but I really cant blame the Porto players. They did what they thought was best for their team and like Cesc said: “I have no complaints about the second goal. Maybe I would have done the same. When you let in goals like that, I’m sorry, you cannot go anywhere. What can you do? We have nothing to complain about. I am with the captain on this. But Arsene pointed out an important fact about the goal in his post-match press conference: “I think it was a massive mistake by the referee, a double mistake…It was a penalty for us as well when (Tomas) Rosicky went down just before. I just believe in a game of that magnitude I don’t understand his decision”. Arsene is very right here. Everyone(gooners and haters) in the pub where i was watching seemed to agree on this issue. It was very obvious from where the referee was standing. But as we learnt, whatever anyone including Arsene thought, his opinion mattered the most.

We should not be too hard on the players though, they gave their best and got what will be a vital away goal in my opinion. We will be playing at home and we’l have Andrei, Willie, Big Al and particularly Alex back. We missed them sorely tonight.
So to the team ratings,

Lukasz:4-Not much to say, two cstly errors but some really cute saves as well.
Gael:5-Decent performance, but did not have the best of matches against Valera. He was beaten in the build up to the opening goal.
TV5:5.5-Not up to his usual standard…had some dodgy moments.
Sol:7-Credible “debut” in the UCL,was hardly ever beaten and used his body well. He certainly picked up from where he left off in the final 4 years ago.
Sagna:6-Good defensive performance, dint offer much going forward.
Abou:6-Average match, drifted in and out of the game.
Denilson:6-Impressed me with his play today, but still has a lot to do on his decision making.
Cesc:5-Below average game in my view. Missed Alex so much as there was no one to protect him.
Samir:5-Same with Diaby only that Abou is a bit more precise and direct.Samir needs to be more consistent.
Tomas:6-Good performance, offered a real attacking threat.
Nikky B:6-Got into good positions, but his finishing let him down.
I cant really comment on the subs especially Carlito who barely touched the ball. But Theo looks improved and Manu looked real good on the wing and even created a chance.
Enough of football for one day, i need some sleep. I’v got an 8 o clock Calculus class in the morning.

So from wherever u are reading, keep the faith and have a great night.

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