It seems Arsenal are cursed when it comes to injuries. The latest casualty being Abou who has supposedly damaged his medial knee ligament. “We lost Abou Diaby last night [at Porto],” Wenger told Arsenal TV Online on Thursday afternoon. “ It is not understandable. I don’t know how it worked. But he has a medial knee ligament injury. “We discovered it today. He came in today and he had pain in his knee”. Add Abou to the already-existing injuries and you’ll know we have a real case on our hands. According to Wenger, Willie, Dudu and Andrei wont make it for this weekend’s visit of Sunderland. This does not include long term injuries to Robin, Kieran Gibbs and Djourou. The only positive ( if I can call it that) is the possible return of Alex and Big Al. The medical staff at N5 needs to do something, and very fast too, about this problem that has continuously stalled our title bids for the past 4 seasons. Why should Arsenal have at least one major injury at the crucial stage of every season? 06/07 was Titi, 07/08 was Dudu 9, 08/09 was Cesc, now 09/10 Robin has been out of action for 3 months. Now you see what I am talking about.

On a lighter mood though,
A Ghanaian and an Italian were seated next to a Nigerian on an
overseas flight. After a few c**ktails, the men began discussing
their home lives.

Last night I made love to my wife four times, the Ghanaian
bragged, and this morning she made me delicious waakye and
she told me how much she adored me.

Ah, last night I made love to my wife six times, the Italian
responded, and this morning she made me a wonderful omelet and
told me she could never love another man.

When the Nigerian remained silent, the Ghanaian smugly asked,
Hey Chale, how many times did you make love to your wife last night?

Once, he replied.

Only once? the Italian arrogantly snorted. And what did she say
to you this morning?

Don’t stop.

From wherever u are reading, have fun!
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