St. Valentine’s day

14 February, 2010

Today is “supposedly” St Val’s day, but to me it was very dull. The day started in the weirdest of manners with a street soccer match with my friends.Guess what time it was…1a.m.Yes! an hour past midnight, and what a match it was. My team won 12-8. I rarely lose street soccer matches, you know? Then i watched popular series “Heroes” season 4, episodes 3 and 4 before retiring to bed at around half past 2a.m. I really do not know when exactly i slept but what i know for sure is that i got off from bed at 1:10p.m.Almost 10hrs of sleep, and boy, did i enjoy it? So i did some laundry and had “breakfast” at 2p.m. My day had just really started. The fact that it was Val’s day did little to change the dull atmosphere, and to make matters worse, ma first love, Arsenal FC isn’t playing this weekend! How boring could things be? It had rained later last night(maybe that’s the reason i slept for 10hrs). Everywhere was cold and quiet. No calls, no messages of love until around 6 when ma girlfriend sent this wonderful text message. I love her so much, but sincerely, it didn’t really change anything. She’s miles(i mean thouands of miles) away. I finally beeped her (my first call today)at around 9p.m. It was probably the best call i have made in a long while. We were on the phone for close to 2 hrs. I was enjoying every bit of it and i can bet my pension(lol) the feeling was mutual. I simply had to let her go, cos she has crucial exams tomorrow and needs to read.
So i went back to ma routine that had served me well for the day, surfing the net for anything fun. Facebook was also unusually dry, today of all days.
And what rule says boys should always buy the gifts? Val’s day is sexist and is overrated…lol. Choosing 1 out of 365 days to really show your love is laughable to me.
Anyways, some people had lotza fun, most people(especially me) didnt. At least ma bed will save me from what has been a boring day.
From wherever u are reading, have fun.
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