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NO LEAGUE OR CUP GAMES THIS WEEK……but alot of prayers must be said by Arsenal fans worldwide

Aaron Ramsey

When you wake up every morning, as a gooner, what comes to your mind? This is a question that has bothered me for a long time, just to know what goes in the mind of every Arsenal fan all over the world. Well for me,I wake up and say my prayers(which has become the norm for every human being) but unlike your normal routine prayers I take out time to pray for Arsenal(the club,the coach,the board and the fans)..weird right…well that’s just me the strong bond I believe I have with Arsenal as a whole. This brings about the title of this particular post. As we all know there are no league or cup games this week being a week for International friendlies; this being said,there are over ten(10) Arsenal players involved in games this week,not just any squad players but key players like  Fabregas, Clichy, Verminator, Sagna, Bendtner, Song, Eduardo, Rosicky etc. All I pray for this week is that they all come out unscathed or better still they all don’t play due to one reason or another(if wishes were horses right?). Given our position on the table and a mounting injury list that makes Everton’s early season injuries look like a joke we obviously can’t afford to have any injuries of any sort.

Looking at our next 2 games(Burnley at home and Hull away) the following players are either doubtful, injured or suspended:Arshavin,Diaby,Gallas,Ramsey,Song,Djourou,Van persie. One can only wonder what kind of formation Le Boss is going to send out against Burnley. One thing is for sure, the defense is going to be unchanged and the attack meaning a tweak in formation which sees Fabregas partnered by Nasri with Denilson in the holding mid field role and flanked by Eboue/Walcott and Rosicky with Bendtner up front(which mirrors the formation at Stoke). Either that or he picks 4-3-3 with Fabregas-Denilson-Nasri midfield and Eboue-Nikky B-Rosicky/Eduardo upfront. The only consolation from our depleted squad and that horrific injury is the easy run-in of games coming up to which I believe we can take maximum points.

Before I conclude, I’d like to touch on the injury to Rambo. That lad to me, is Arsenal’s most creative and confident centre midfielder asides Cesc and Song and it’s a real shame the injury came at a point when the youngster was on a purple patch. It sometimes hurts and brings a frown to my face whenever I see Denilson in the starting line-up because simply put, Ramsey is a better all-round midfielder than Denilson. Ever since Denilson had that disruptive injury early in the season,he’s no longer the same person you could rely on to do the job in the midfield plus I don’t know if it’s just me but Fabregas seems to be more relaxed and expressive when Ramsey’s on the pitch. I’m not going to wax lyrical about how Ramsey hardly ever gets caught in possession(at least compared to the Brazilian) and how he’s more efficient going forward and coming back. But this is taking nothing away from the Denilson,though his development has rather slowed compared to Ramsey and his ‘classmate’-Song.

With these in mind, I appeal to all Gooners world-wide,wherever you are this week take a minute to say a protective prayer for our players, and a get-well soon prayer for Aaron.

From wherever you are reading, keep the faith and have fun.
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