So, we get the BEST of ’em all + West Ham Preview

Nasri vs WHam '09

I really can’t describe my mood as I write this but you can bet I’m not the happiest man on earth (not even one of them). I just saw the Champions League draws and when teams like United, Lyon and Inter got Bayern, Bordeaux and CSKA Moscow respectively, we got FC Barcelona: the perfect game for football purists. If you want to be the best, you have to defeat the best right? It means we are going to play the world’s best player, with the world’s most functioning midfield(i won’t bother with the names) and a defence that “plays football”.

It’s really going to be interesting to see who gets more possession of the ball, as the winner of this battle ultimately wins the tie. Now let me assure you, even though Barca are favourites, we will not concede possession to them like Stuttgart and other teams have done. Other teams couldn’t defeat them because they couldn’t keep the ball well and couldn’t muster any threat on goal with the little they had. We’ve got arguably the highest scoring midfielder in the world at the moment, 17 goals and 16 assists(I think it’s more) is something even Xavi will kill for. We need Song and Diaby to come to the party, Arsha could be our Messi, Nasri our Iniesta, don’t worry about Nikky cos somehow I trust him on this one. Nikky against Pique is going to be an interesting one! But we need to believe we can do this because it’s really possible…Atletico Madrid and Rubin Kazan anyone?

So first things first, we have West Ham coming over to the Ems this weekend. This is a done deal for me but any elements of complacency should be erased. We play our normal game, we win this and we might be top on Monday depending on the outcome of the United and Chelsea games. Man U host a Liverpool team who are regaining their belief and confidence after drubbing Lille 3 zip last night. Torres also looks the part now and I hope he does the same to Vidic and help prevent a Man U win. I’m only hoping on this even though I feel United will win comfortably, I pray I’m wrong though. Chelski travel to Blackburn and this is going to be a very tricky one for them. They need to win for their fans and owner, but anything other than a win will surely see this team capitulate almost completely. The lose this and you can bet on them losing at least two more before the end of the season. I have the same feeling as the United game so there’s no need stressing the point.

So Titi is coming back home in most likely his final season at the Camp Nou, you can expect a standing ovation for him even louder than the one Becks got at very old Trafford. He’s our hero, the reason why I watched football, probably our greatest ever player, probably the greatest foreigner the league has known and definitely the best striker it has seen. I always dreamed of this match hoping for a huge Arsenal win but a Titi goal. So why can’t we beat them 4 zip and he scores a consolation ending the tie at 4-1 to the Arsenal! I know you must think I’m crazy but I don’t see us losing this one…not home and not even away. But first we need to focus on the weekend and get the required points to take us top and we also need to score a lot to improve our goal difference and to help the Sport Relief aid that makes league sponsors Barclays donate £1000 for every goal scored and £500 for every shot on target. What better opportunity to donate to charity.

We’ll win this weekend for sure and if we don’t, then maybe we don’t deserve the League afterall. We need to send messages of intent with our performances to Barca from now on. I know there are a lot of gooners who are sad with the draws, cheer up! It’s up to us to prove our doubters wrong, all we need to is be efficient. To all you scared gooners, say nothing, just keep the faith!

From wherever you are reading, have fun!

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  1. Scared…..hell freaking no….I say bring em on…I wish I was scared…u forget sometin d@ most of the teams d@ lose to barca don’t know how to keep the ball which Is quite contrary in Arsenal’s case…..if I was barca I’d be wonderin how to defend against Arshavin not who will hold messi….extra motivation on cesc’s side and d big match player Arshavin has so far claimed to be will finally awaken…..come on you goons

  2. Actually,i was scared bt after reading the match preview i discovered there is nothing to be scared about,we can defeat Barca YES WE CAN.

  3. I’ve actually bin waiting 4 dis fixture for a while tot we wld get dem in d final but uefa has decided otherwise. We shall expose puyol, eric n dani for who they really r. Its all goin down at d emirates. We wld finish it off ther

  4. Really good to see the belief guys. This could be the season when we right our wrongs of 4 seasons. We can do this definitely but it’s not going to be easy. Thanks for the comments guys. You give us a reason to write. Please keep ’em coming and tell your friends about it.
    In the spirit of the Arsenal!

  5. true talk….. i like d underdog feelin’ in d air, it takes away pressure 4rm d team but make no mistake, it doznt make d task any less dauntin.. I hope d team dnt cringe under d publicity of d barca fixture & 4get we have a title chase on, we need 2 distance ourselves 4rm ‘press wahala’ & quietly concentrate on d title race while keepin our mind on d champs league fixture.. Nice sign out speech Q, Keep d faith y’all…xxx

  6. Well i lyk d analysis…bt i hav my own analysis to make. Arsenal vs. Barca definitely a match 4 2 teams who knw hw to play futbol. Both teamz knw hw to pass & keep the ball so i dont expect any dirty futbol. For Arsenal lookin’ @ deir track record against the big teamz (especially in England) has been questionable and u’ll find dat they hav been lackin’. Howeva on d European front itz been a different ball game and they’ve proven dat they hav wat it takes to go far in d competition. If they can stop Barca 4rm playin deir kind of futbol & nt b wasteful…then they will survive ordawize itz all ova! anyway Arsenal will definitely beat West Ham evn Chelsea did!! lol

  7. *fingers crossed*…those barca kids are ruthless..I guess u all saw lionel’s brace this wednesday? That kid got skills like fuck ! Please permit my language! Let’s just hope he gets injured before then! (Amen to that) if not fingers crossed still and hey,the primiership wdnt b a bad idea!
    One again; cheers*

  8. Thanks guys…i really love the varying ideas.
    @Obi1: yh man, we need to take things one match at a time…and thanks for the compliment.
    @Milky:That was a cool insight man, yh i know we’ve bottled up against United n Chelski this season, but I’m trusting on the boys to nick this one…even Chelsea did? lol…that was deep mate.
    @faf:fingers? we all keeping ’em crossed man. Nah i don’t want him injured so there won’t be any excuses should we win.

  9. M glad everyone’s in high spirits about the fixture……and if I myt add again Wengers Arsenal started beautiful football not barca so it hurts to hear people say Arsenal play lyk Barcelona….rili does…all I know is so long our players are fit den Barca have prob met their match….let’s hope wen(not if) we win it’l persuade Cesc to stay forever…..BUT….3 points awaits on Saturday….if u’l miss it u can chek back here for details

  10. Guyz nice one here. Memoirs of a gooner mmmmmmmmmm
    this is a great innovation here but frankly i cant wait for the match baby.
    It is going to be a real cracker. Watching, according to you, the best midfielders in the world against the best group of youngsters that England has ever seen is a spectacle. A must not miss. The main pressure is all on Arsene Wenger and his “boyz”. How will they play against Barcelona and how will they play “themslves” because both Barca and Arsenal both play fluent flowing football style.
    The pressure and the drama will be at a maximum because it all starts at the Emirates where Arsenal have made a fortress of this season.
    Whether Arsenal or Barcelona take the glory it’s a matter of time. Who will Wenger play and who will will shine on that day, will Fabregas lead his boyz to glory or will Messi and his “MEN” make the match one to stay for ages .Only time will tell

  11. Its a very exciting fixture for arsenal..but I must admit, I am feeling a little bit nervous about the defence and the way they don’t just rise to the occasion when it comes to matches like this…I just HOPE the boys come out with vengeance in their hearts and the will to win in both legs following the heartbreak of 2006!(Still haven’t recovered from that one!)…WENGER its in your hands!!!

  12. @Abel:i hope so too…but am staying positive on this. West Ham tomorrow comes first…

  13. Great post.

    I’ve got the faith myself. I had an odd premonition we’d get Barca and that we’d beat them. We are better equipped than most to play them at their own game, and let’s not forget – they have defensive frailties just like we do, if not more so.

    They are infinatley beatable and being the under-dog suits us.

  14. @Jay Jay; Me too but I wanted them in the final. But like Arsene said, the 1/4 finals has the best teams, Barca is one of them. I kinda prefer this to a tie with United. We tend to perform better against “European” teams and of course they are beatable…
    Thanks for your comment check back regularly for more posts, starting with the review of the West Ham game. Keep the faith.
    In the spirit of the Arsenal!

  15. Athletico(la liga) did it, rubin kazan(UCL) did it, sevilla did it(copa delarey)… Why can’t we did it?.lol Wt messi blaugrana has d edge, bt no 1 player is bigger dan ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB!! Henry “regardless” ur stl my favourite.

  16. @Lord Itunu:That’s the spirit…yh why can’t we “did” it? And true, no one player is bigger than our own dear Arsenal…no, not one.

  17. To what i have seen so far i think Arsenal will crush the Barcelona’s.We’ve got determination in every area of our players bodies, and i strongly believe that Arsenal will make Barcelona cry. Though it’s not something that will be very easy. But all i know is that in the home and away match, the Barcelona’s will cry home.In the likes of Asha spirit will never die in that match and fabregas will kill them with his fabulous pass. Forget it we have everything going well. GUNNERS 4 LIFE.

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