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Nikky B vs Wigan

I couldn’t post right after the match because I was shocked, almost driven to tears. Never in my time supporting this great club have I seen Arsenal surrender a 2 goal lead and lose the game, and the match being against a team very close to relegation is what makes me mad. I went feverish for close to 12 hours after the game. There was simply no explanation for this dreadful performance. As I’ve always said, I’m not the type who clamours for people to be sacked or sold but after thinking thoroughly on the events of this season, I feel that loss could actually be a blessing in disguise. At least now we and most importantly, Arsene know we need a goalkeeper.

Nothing noteworthy happened in this game except that we dominated for a few first half minutes, got our goal and possession became balanced again. Big Al was missing due to a broken finger and Fabianski had to take his place. Wenger had said previously that Big Al was never his long term number 1 which I think tells a story for itself but for him to suggest that Almunia is in contention for a with Fabianski is utterly ridiculous! That man was shaky all game even when we were in front. He is just not cut out for the high-pressure environment of Premier League football.

In the first half, we played not too badly, even though we were misplacing passes here and there, we were still dominating proceedings and got a goal when Theo got on the end of a nice Bendtner pass and slotted coolly under Kirkland. Theo was in the mood and came close a couple of times. Wigan rarely threatened before the half time whistle, but when they did, Sol was in inspired form and prevented anything from getting to our shaky goalie.

The second half started with the home team somewhat invigorated and they started pressing us whenever we had the ball. The had a half-decent penalty claim waved away and then in thr other end Diaby had a good chance to make it 2 nil but wasted it, only God knows what he was trying to do. He won a corner from the effort though, and we got our second goal courtesy of a Silvestre header. It felt so weird because for the first time in a long while I did not celebrate an Arsenal goal. I just can’t help my dislike for this ex Manc who adds absolutely nothing to our team.

We were 2 goals up, virtually in control and we put our foot off the pedal. Wigan noticed the same thing we noticed against Barcelona at the Emirates and began pressing. The started to stretch our backline and brought in fresh pairs of legs. We were caught unawares and started to panic. Wigan took absolute control of the game and pushed so hard for that one goal which would definitely turn the tide in their favour. They got their wish in the 80th minute when Ben Watson got on the end of a Moses cross. 1-2 the scoreboard read and Wigan were piling up the pressure sensing another goal perhaps.

The second goal epitomized everything about our season, fumbling when it mattered most. A harmless corner required a routine save from Fabianski. But no! He decided to spill it and let Bramble get his head on it for the equaliser. I almost went mad, so did Arsene but hey, it’s is fault isn’t it? Van Persie who should have brought some stability to our game early on was brought on in the 91st minute! The change was to no effect as it was Wigan who got the next and most important goal with Nzogbia curling a classy shot home. Fabianski had no chance with that. We were beaten and deservedly so.

Our season is officially over now and even Arsene with his love of mathematics could disagree. All he could say was that we lacked cohesion and discipline? Gimme a break Arsene! This team has lost it, some players are not just good enough for the red and white of Arsenal and you know it. Like on Tuesday, the only player who showed vim and commitment was Campbell, someone who has won it all and played at the biggest level of the game. I think he’s earned himself a new contract with his performances.

Le Boss needs to sink it into the heads of those lads what it means to play for Arsenal. We bottled up against the big teams but we are always quick to blame our injuries. Come off it, that’s why you have a January transfer window but Arsene decided to stick with his players. I don’t blame him though, he probably didn’t see this coming and it feels really bad to be let down by the same set of people you put your reputation at stake for.

I’ll continue to love this club no matter what Arsene does in the summer, what players we have next season or what results we get…as long as it’s still the Arsenal.

Your thoughts?

From wherever you are reading, have fun.
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  1. You said it mate, the Arsenal needs some serious squad revamping, and our goalkeeper(s) is one of them.

    Feverish for 12 hours? I was driven mad… Cheers mate

  2. Good blog.

    Been supporting Arsenal for almost 40 yrs and I’ve seen a lot of dross and pathetic displays. But this one stands out as the most gutless, spineless, pathetic performance I’ve ever seen in all that time.

    I’ve supported AW staunchly throughout this transition period but enuf is enuf — a manager who fails to instill defensive discipline at this level on such a consistent basis needs serious questioning, if not outright firing.

  3. @didee:yeah, 9ja for shizza.keep up the spirit mate.
    @Jon:madness is an understatement and yes the team does require a major surgery
    @Lauren:that’s a long time supporting the Arsenal, mate. I really envy you and yeah you must have seen it all. I couldn’t agree more with you concerning Arsene, he needs a serious re-consideration of his ideas.

    Thanks guys, you just made my day with your comments and I’m so grateful to y’all.
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    In the spirit of the Arsenal!!!

    9jabred says so!

  4. It has to be wegner’s last chance next season, if he doesnt bring in the players he has to go.

    go to the boardroom!

  5. Every Gooners in this world should show their anger to Arsene. If a soft way (ex. discussion between fans and board staff, MOU, or whatever) doesn’t make it, we go with a hard way: Boycott Him !!

    The game against Wigan was the grossest match I ever seen.


  6. @gooner4life:Even Arsene knows it’s his last chance…that’s probably why he’s not too keen on an extension to his contract. I guess he’ll still sign anyways.
    @Taufik:You think that kind of discussion is possible? I would really love to attend…we go the hard way huh? Maybe that will send a message to the board that we mean business and in truth it’s the grossest game I could ever imagine.

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    In the spirit of the Arsenal!!!

    9jabred says so!

  7. What worries me most of all is that regardless of how much anyone can see we need to invest in some quality and depth for our squad; Wenger seems more concerned with winning things his way than he does spending a bit of money like everyone else is going to.

    I doubt very much we’ll make any waves in the market during the summer. Aside from Chamakh and perhaps one other, I can envisage further arrivals.

    I hope that I’m wrong, but we’re in for yet another close season filled with the usual rumours about our best players and the customary excuses about youth when we don’t sign anyone.

  8. bosunescobar90

    I don’t tink nebody’s frustrations came close to mine..almost smashed my tv after dey scored d winner…and to think he kept out rvp for 90 mins when d dude’s bin missin for 5 friggin months,dats jus absurd…m tired of wengers antics,we d fans deserve to know wats goin on cuz we r way to big to b a feeder team to oda teams….same ol’ lies every summer…it won’t happen @ list not under wenger’s and d current board supervision but we need @ list 6 new players.1 gk,2 defenders,a forward,a proper winger,and another midfielder and dey must all b above 24….diaby,denilson,rosicky,eduardo,eboue,bend will not get into any of d top 6 premier league teams including spurs………m embarassed to b an arsenal fan can’t even wear my jerseys no more….he goes about sayin the fa and carlin cups are not impt den win it jus to keep us happy and not d butt of many crude jobs

  9. bosunescobar90

    get into any of d top 6 premier league teams including spurs………m embarassed to b an arsenal fan can’t even wear my jerseys no more….he goes about sayin the fa and carlin cups are not impt den win it jus to keep us happy and not d butt of many crude jobs

  10. bosunescobar90

    Jokes I meant

  11. @Jay Jay:I really do hope you are wrong…
    @Escobar:Welcome back home, the most emotional mate gooner I know…that’s apart from me.

  12. after the game i hope wenger is finally convinced of the useless crop of players i mean how will a top 4 team surrender a 2 goal lead in less than 10 mins and mind you this is not the first time against last season same thing will need to buy and ship out the useless players fabinaski,silves

  13. im last season against spurs wuz horrible and loook this season again i think once bitten twice shy shld have been enough apparently not for wenger.WENGER LETS BUY WORLD CLASS Players and not some 16 stop making us all laughing stocks we are tired of this!!!!

  14. That’s simply spot on mate…thanks for your comment…

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