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Now this is no longer funny. We have lost two consecutive games against teams we would normally beat. The more annoying fact is that we took the lead in both matches. But due to Arsene’s insistence on fielding an incompetent goalkeeper, we got nothing from both. Throughout last week there were many interviews, many opinions from ex-players, pundits and even fans on what went wrong this season. We have gone for competing for the league title in March to hoping for 3rd place in May. In all sincerity, we have no one to blame for our misfortunes…not even injuries!

On the back of a horrible performance at Wigan, all Fabianski got was a pat in the back from Arsene. Someone just screwed up big time and you console him? Maybe a different approach was taken behind closed doors but I really doubt it. Wenger protects these players, always reminding us of their ages. For Christ’s sakes Arsene, these are men! No one earns £80k a week for being a kid. They are paid to do a job, highly paid for that matter and yet every time you remind us of their incompetence. Not every player in this team is going to make it and you know it!

Yesterday, we were up against a team that knew our weakness…or correct that, every team knows what Fabianski is all about, Porto anyone? So what was their plan? According to their manager, Big Sam

“We know Arsenal’s weakness is balls into the box, and certainly their goalkeeper of late. Yes, we targeted Fabianski. We’ve seen under pressure his handling is a little suspect”

What other confirmation do you need Arsene?

Of all the players out there yesterday, only Robin looked like doing anything reasonable but like Pedro of Le Grove rightly wrote, his return proved that we still wouldn’t have won the league even with him staying fit this season simply because our problems are deeper than having a great striker on the pitch. Imagine Fish Head “smiling” after almost slicing the ball into his own net. Actually, they scored their second goal from the resulting corner. The same player managed to drop two clangers in succession: first, looking up on the halfway line and passing straight to Martin Olsson. He then had a chance to redeem himself when he won back possession but instead booted his clearance straight at another Blackburn player. That’s a story on its own.

Samir and Abou were totally missing yesterday. No fight, no creativity, no spirit. And Theo was…simply Theo, but to be frank he had poor service from those two men I mentioned earlier. Sol had a decent game but Carlito was completely missing. He’s been missing games this season due to his commitments to the Mexican cause but that lad needs to take his chances whenever they come. He never looked the part for a minute plus he seems to have developed this habit for missing easy chances.

We scored from a set piece and conceded two from set pieces too. Our game was generally patchy, no rhythm, no flow, no sense of urgency at all. I feel bad for the over 3000 fans that made the trip up M6. So we saw Arsene stomp off down the tunnel after the game and were expecting some very strong reaction but hell no! What did we get? Same old story…

“There was no purpose to play the ball from the Blackburn players…I think he(Fabianski) had a good game. It should affect the confidence of the referee…at the moment, since we are not in the race anymore, something is gone in the belief”.

Am I the only one who is tired of all these boring repeated statements? It’s called tactics monsieur. The same reason the whole world is praising Mourinho as a genius. Arsene it is high time you sat down with these players(and hopefully the new ones you’ll buy), look them in the eye and tell them the truth. Take a cue from Sir Alex’s transformation of Nani from the inefficient trickster to the player every United fan worships. I personally think it’s time the hairdryers are brought out…Alex could lend you some, Arsene now that you both are pals.

This is to hoping we get a goalless draw against Fulham in our last game, this season. At least we secure 3rd place and won’t have to bother about losing after taking the lead…because nowadays,with Arsenal, impossibility is nothing!

Your thoughts?

From wherever you are reading, have fun.

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  1. Arsenal should get David James. He is experienced, cheap and can balance the age of our squad well. What do you think?

  2. Sorry for the late response.
    I totally agree with you that we probably need a goalie. But do you think David James is a good choice? He’s good, no doubt but he’s also error prone. And that’s the last thing we need right now…

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