Cesc passes Robin to tears/Arsene tells Barca to get lost!

Cesc Fabregas WC 2010 Final
Hallo happy people! It’s the start of a new week and I bet you all had a lovely weekend which was crowned by the footballing spectacle on Sunday night. So the World Cup is finally over, 30 days, 32 teams, 64 games, one winner; and it had to be Spain. They were definitely the favourites to add the World Cup trophy to their Euro 2008 triumph. And boy did they do it in their own style. Spain lost to the Swiss in their opening match of the competition but it seemed as though they needed a wakeup call. They never looked back since then. They expertly dispatched Chile and Honduras, and then switched to “efficiency” mode as all their knockout games including the final ended with a solitary goal.

Last night’s game had everything you could think of; tackles, saves, dribbles, crazy bookings, play acting, controversial decisions, everything! Spain threw everything they had forward, with the Dutch team contented with staying back and hitting them on the break. And it would have worked for them had Robben not been wasteful. Ironically, this pattern of football Spain play was adopted from the Dutch! The chances was somewhat balanced, with either team likely to score at any moment but Spain definitely saw more of the ball…not like you can deny them that.

As usual our Robin VP started alone up front with captain Cesc once again on the bench. But it should later be noted that it’s really not how long, but how well. This is in no way a swipe at Robin but he was really in and out of yesterday’s game, hardly getting a shot on target no thanks to Arjen Robben who simply does not understand what the word “team” means. Robin played the entire 120 minutes and I suspect he was being kept on in case the match went to penalties. El Capitan came on with 5 minutes to go in regulation time and he was more than effective. He changed the whole dynamics of the Spain team and made more direct runs into the Dutch danger area.

Despite missing a clear chance to score, the moment of glory came when he robbed Eljero Elia of the ball near his box, started an attacking move which involved an Iniesta backheel. The ball then fell to Cesc in front of the box and he excellently picked out Iniesta who clearly showed Robben how to score a goal. The entire Spanish camp went bananas. While it was great to see Cesc smile again after what has been a difficult year, I felt gutted for Robin VP and I simply wanted to see those Barca boys cry. You needed to see the way Pique and Puyol were showing off their medals to Cesc as if to say, “come over to Barcelona and you’ll get more of this”.

Cesc meanwhile gave all Arsenal fans a glimmer of hope as per his future when he was interviewed after the match. He dedicated his medal to all Arsenal players and fans alike stating that we are a world class club. The most interesting part was when he was asked about his future, he simply smiled and responded

“I am an Arsenal player and proud to be.”

I do not know if I’m reading too much into this but I have this feeling that his time with the national team did not go for him as expected and being who he is, he expects to be on the pitch at all times. He simply won’t get that in Catalonia. Also, reports making rounds yesterday suggest that a 2 Million pound property has just been purchased by Cesc in the leafy Hertfordshire town of St Albans.

This is following news that Wenger has spoken to Barcelona President Sandro Rosell and told him categorically that under no conditions is our captain for sale. Good to see you are now showing some balls Arsene! Put those Spanish c*nts where they belong and show them we are no one’s feeder team!

Preseason starts in earnest gooners and it seems we should expect more signings very soon, I mean pretty soon. It’s also looking rosy on the Cesc horizon and it seems our Captain won’t be leaving, just yet. Rumours of a deal for Joe Cole and Mark Schwarzer have been rife but I’ll only believe anything when I see it on the official website of the club.

It’s gonna be a long week of transfer stories gooners, brace yourself for the most ridiculous of tales and I say Arsene, get in there and do some business!

From wherever you are reading, have fun.
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  1. bosunescobar90

    Wow….119 views already….thanks guys…remember to drop a comment no matter wat it is….

  2. Good post mate…keep it up.

  3. Lots of tackles in d match u mean. Der is no way cesc wld start in barca. Der is a form of monopoly or rather a caucus runnin ther. If he is goin, its best he left asap so we can move on tho.
    Nice title!

  4. I’d agree that, should we decide to sell, it would be benificial to our ability to replace him if it happened sooner rathe than later.

    I’m not so sure about Joe Cole though. Personally I think it’s inevitable he’ll end up at Spurs given his links to Redknapp. Shwarzer, on the other hand, could happen any day soon and would be very welcome.

    • bosunescobar90

      Honestly speakin I don’t want Cole…I’d prefer we buy wingers,traditional ones which we’v not had since ljunberg and pires…so we can have options wen 4-3-3 doesn’t work….thanks for d comment..u da man

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