Titi goes Yanky/More on the Shirtty Barca prank

Cesc  Barca jersey prank

Yeah I know this is not proper Arsenal news, but hey, this dude breathes Arsenal. He was a gunner and is a gooner through and through. So reliable news just in have it that our best striker ever, the one who holds our goalscoring record Thierry Henry has signed for New York Red Bulls, one of the major sides in America’s Major Soccer League. Actually, this is one of the worst-kept secrets of all time because as at mid last season, it was obvious Titi had no future in Catalonia. He had openly professed his love for life in New York and admitted he might consider a move there later in life. Guess that time is now. He is expected to make his debut for in a friendly against the Spuds in the United States on 22 July. This is to thanking him for all the good memories he brought us and wishing him the best of luck in his time over there.

So what would be your first reaction if you were to wake up to see the above picture on the first football website you open? Sincerely, I’d either weep and smash the computer or go back to bed and hope it was a dream, rather a nightmare. That of course, before reading to see it was just a prank by Puyol and Pique(two jokers but Barca players). Prank, joke,nothing serious is how all of it has been tagged by both the player and his father but one must wonder if it was a significant act of selfish mind play on their part.

Arsene’s Response: “You can go f**k yourselves”

OK, he did not say that but I so wish he had. He simply played it down and repeated what he’s been saying every summer of Cesc’ Arsenal career

“He’s an Arsenal player and under contract till 2015 and we won’t be listening to any offers,because he’s an integral part of the team”

Cesc himself came out defend himself stating that it’s nothing and that if it was a way to have fun, he had to enjoy it.

Onto other pressing matters then, and the question on our lips since the end of last season. Who our new signings will be and whether they will be established players or relatively unknowns. So far Koscly and Chamakh have joined and while the jury is still out on our new number 6, Chamakh comes with a somewhat proven pedigree…well his goals rate in the French league is credible but in the EPL is no better than a Crouch or Berbatov or Anelka last season. Which according to Le Boss remains just two more players, a centreback and a goalkeeper.

As much as I disagree and think we need a new centre midfielder and the sale of Denilson, who after 4 first team years is a complete disgrace (a few long range shots don’t make up for shambolic performances season long) they’ll just have to make do. If our superb attacking play can be backed up by a solid defence such as this: Frey + Clichy + TV5 + Koscly/Mertesacker/Hangeland + Sagna; then, we’re good to go. I prefer Seb Frey because he’s 7 years younger than Mark Schwarzer, maybe better and has been one of the top 3 goalies in the Serie A for the past couple of seasons.
And yes, there’s the ridiculous story that Gallas might come back, No thanks! Sol should sign a new contract simple and we’ll be just fine.

As you know the first team has already started pre-season training already. You can view the pictures of our new signings at work here, getting ready for the Emirates Cup. But just before that is our traditional season opener, a game at the Underhill against Barnet on Saturday. This is followed by a game against SK Stum Graz on Wednesday 21st July, then SC Neusiedl on Tuesday, 27th July.

Isn’t it fun to get to see the Arsenal play footie again? Hell yeah, it is!

From wherever you are reading, have fun
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  1. That was a very silly joke.let’s keep prayin wenger makes two more sensible signings soon.

    • bosunescobar90

      Let’s hope so too….I min d season is jus a a month away..wat needs to happen mus happen now

  2. let fab leave cos if he dosnt leave nw he wuld leave nxt season

  3. bosunescobar90

    Well better next season dan dis 1….we don’t want a lebron james on our hands do we??? Don’t worry wif the right moves in d market,we’l win som’n seeing as our rivals aren’t buyin much asides city

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