9jabred 4 shizza


Is it a new signing? Nope!!!

Cesc has decided to stay? Not Yet…

Spurs have been relegated? Naah, but very soon though…

Then what is it???

Hey fellas, It’s my buddy’s birthday!!! Who??? 9JABRED!!!

Here’s wishing him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Filled with lots of love and granted wishes.
Without him this blog is as good as empty space on the cyber world. I have the opportunity to have him not just as a partner, but as a friend and a brother…show me someone who loves Arsenal more than this guy and I’ll probably hang myself!

That said,do enjoy your day mate and please gooners, if you do read this, kindly drop a comment and wish him a success-drenched life ahead.

Escobar says so!


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MAD about ARSENAL AND J. COLE(rapper)

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  1. Happy birthday boss! Keep up d good work!

    • bosunescobar90

      @faf:Ladies and gents…our fav reader(soon to be author…lol..)Yup yup…….we all wish dat….

  2. Happy bday!

  3. thanks guys…it was a blast!!! Quite a unique form of celebration actually, and thanks to the greatest mate in the globe…escobar 1…u be boss…

    In the Spirit of the Arsenal!!!
    9jabred says so!

  4. At least you got a present from Underhill…Barnet couldn’t stop it from reaching you.

  5. universe has always been interesting. I just love almost every part of it. Although universe encompasses a giant world. I don’t mind studying every single part of it .

  6. Happy birthday mate, have a good one. Cheers!

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