We lose to the Chavs…AGAIN.

Our Nemesis

When I started supporting this great club just over a decade ago (naah, I’m not 30 yet), I only looked forward to games against Man united and Spurs; a Chelsea-Arsenal game did not give me any worries. It was just like any other fixture, we were thumping the Chavs at home, away and even on neutral soil. Everything at Arsenal was rosy, at least almost everything. We were winning titles for fun, doing the impossible; EVERY banner in the capital read, ARSENAL, PRIDE OF LONDON.

Then came a certain billionaire Roman Abramovich and with him came a genius, Jose Mourinho. These two men with a combination of money and efficient albeit rubbish footie pushed the Chavs out of our shadows. The result? 3 League titles and lots of other domestic trophies in the space of 5 years. In spite of the fact that I am as confident as they come when it involves supporting the Arsenal, I currently find it difficult to get myself thinking of a victory when we come up against Chelsea, home or away.

Wait, What’s the reward for dominating play,creating more chances and getting more corners away to Chelsea…wait, I’ll tell you… 2 goals conceded, none scored, 0 points won and a squad low on confidence..

This has become the theme of our beloved club and as always, we get this sort of response from Wenger.

“It’s disappointing because it was a good collective team performance and sometimes we rushed our game in the final third, especially in the first half when we wanted to take some difficult shots. The team fought outstandingly well and showed some great qualities”.

When will this ever change? Rightly said, this game should have been won in the first 5 minutes,when Koscly and Arsha went close. But our loss of first team players meant the players on the field were scared of taking responsibility for the final pass or shot in the absence of Cesc and Robin. This meant we passed the ball around without really hurting Chelsea.

Just a few things I noticed during the match:

Chamakh cannot do well on his own, not when Arshavin decides to have a shocking performance like that of yesterday. He also needs to learn to stay in the box more often instead of drifting wide and take more shots.

Clichy and Song have been below par this season if not somewhat poor. Clichy especially has turned in wave after wave of poor performances and one must wonder if Gibbs can kill off injuries and take the LB spot. As for Song, maybe it’s the hair colour or the fact he KNOWS he’s indispensable. He thinks he’s the need Bergkamp and goes forward more than he defends.

Arshavin is either self centred or no longer has the desire to play for us. Time after time attack after attack, he disappeared ,leaving Clichy to do all the work. Even though he came back once to prevent a goal, that’s simply not enough. Take a look at how industrious Nasri and Wilshere were, coming back, going forward and dictating the pace at which we played.

Squillaci had a torrid day and made a lot of poor decisions in the game. He lost Drogba for the opening goal, when it was obvious Cashley was going to pass to him, set up Anelka in the second half and had a lot of poor clearances. As the captain and oldest defender, he really let his side down,with schoolboy-like defending .

Fabianski is doing a wonderful job of ridding himself of the name ‘flappy-handski‘. Save after save, positional intelligence, good coordination of the defence, courage and bravery that hitherto deserted him were up for everyone to see. One will be stupid not to credit him with putting Anelka off in a one-on-one situation and saving Squillaci’s arse.

Wilshere is the real deal and Arsenal’s future. Hustling and bustling play,combined with beautiful distribution of play and that crunching tackle on Essien. Surely destined for greatness if he can keep his head down and maintain this kind of performance. Diaby doesn’t do it for me anymore, he’s no longer that kid and it would be nice to see us get a better player to help out.

So we are 7 points behind the leaders with just 7 games played. Astonishing isn’t it? It’s not all gloomy and bad as it is still quite early to make any conclusions. But the fact is that we have to depend on the results of our rivals to lay claim to the title. That loss to West Brom seems to hurt even harder now.

We seriously need to get our acts together, make use of the international break to reflect on what went wrong and come back to doing what we do best: winning game sin style.

Keep it positive gooners, all hope is not lost and as someone rightly put it, “NO MATTER HOW BAD THINGS ARE, THERE IS ALWAYS A SCOUSER TO LAUGH AT”.

From wherever you are reading, have fun still,
Escobar says so…9jabred concurs!!!


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  1. Its d same ol story weneva we face d big teams (shitpool not inclusive) diaby has always bin a terrible player 4 me plus d 2 CB’s were teRrible. Squidlaci or wats his face was dismissal n y was he d captain? I’m still waitin on arsh 4 dat performance we know him 4. Fullbacks again…. Wtf?! Its true dat maurone nids a navigator in dat head of his! Big ups to fabianski but we rili nid players! D 2nd team is shit

  2. Just d begining of another very trophyless season!

  3. Look if u expect a player like squidlachi to step we would be decievin ourselves (a bench player in sevilla) as for koscl he just looks suspect clichy song need to sit out some games I really don’t understand where wenger is blind let just keep the faith some day we will get it right

  4. This all boils down to one fing, AW is just daft, of wat use is a team without a bench? He is d primary cause of our woes cos of course the team played well bt there was no striker with the killer instinct to drop d ball behind d net since Chamakh is useless without a Fab or Theo behind him. I don’t blame him much for falling back tho cos Diaby was just plain stupid, a Denilson would have done it for me to pick up on loose rebounds & take those much needed shots. Nasri was fantastic bt I wonder why he didn’t tk sum of dose shots, Arsh, maybe twas a bad dae or he rily weants to leave (can’t blame him much tho, every player wants laurels & trophies), the two @ d back were a bit complacent which in conclusion makes Fabianski my MVP for dat game.

  5. @ skinnybone and moyo I see where you’re coming from and trust me we share your views…real shame that we bossed play and still lost

    @ tola and A4 well said… I cldnt have put it any better

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