Can we play “European” teams every weekend?

Shakhtar rout

11 shots, 7 on target and 5 good goals, that what you get when we come up against teams “who ‘play’, are used to dominating their domestic championship and do not defend all the time”. The weird thing about last night’s game is that it could not have been tagged too easy, neither could it have been too difficult. I’ll simply try to describe what we saw last night as what happens when a very good team plays a better team with most of its players back from injury. You call this one of the finest defensive units in Europe and you make me wish we played “European” teams every weekend. Yeah, premiership teams are in England, a European country. But we don’t play the likes of Blackburn, Stoke and Bolton in Europe, do we? So you get my point.

Last night we had more options in the squad than we’ve had all season and it was evident in the performance. We put out a very strong team and yet we had a bench comprising the likes of Arshavin, Nikky B, Theo, Denilson and Diaby. Scaring prospect innit? We went into the game on a high following our win over the weekend and we did just what we wanted, close the game early, move closer to the knockout round, and rest our legs for the Citeh game.

It was a perfect game with everyone contributing their bit, Fabianski had a great game, the defenders led from the back, and a midfield of Cesc, Jackie and Song did their job really well. A cheeky Song effort, a wonderful Nasri shot, a fantastic Cesc penalty, a sublime Wilshere chip and a well-taken Chamakh goal were all we needed to confirm our dominance in the group. A lot of positives from this one, the return of Cesc and the other lads, a huge win, one leg in the knockout stages and a new goalscoring record in the Champions League.

One major highlight of the night was Dudu’s goal. If we ever had to concede, every gooner would have loved it to come from his boots. And yes it did. He received the ball outside our box, floated a lovely ball into the path of D Costa. The Brazilian drilled a cross which missed almost everyone in the box and out it came to Dudu. He took his time and guided the ball past Fabianski when most strikers would have gone for power. The stadium announcer acted as if it was an Arsenal goal and most fans cheered the goal. Majority of the players even congratulated him after the game. What a class act he is? I wonder what the response would have been if it was a goal that leveled matters or even gave Shakhtar the lead.

Anyways, I’m done ranting, so satisfied with everything that went down last night. It rained this morning and I posted this from my bed (school’s on break, mind you). I really need something to send me out of bed; maybe news concerning Rooney now having a medical at Arsenal, with an eye on a January transfer will do the trick. Who wouldn’t want that lad eh? There’s some rumour of Vermaelen not coming back from injury this year. Let’s hope it’s nothing but a rumour.

For now, it’s simply about enjoying the rest of my day, and week anywhere and anyway I can. We have Citeh up next and what stops us from giving a repeat performance when we travel up north.

Bring it on, you foolish billionaires!

From wherever you are reading, have fun too.
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    ONOWU TOP GUNNER IN 9JA. What a lovely piece of blog keep it up my 9ja brother. GUNNERS RULE THE WORLD

  2. Fantastic review, even tho I missed d game, I’m proud to be a gooner (don’t have much of a choice on this one I guess). My congratulations to Dudu, we are proud of you.

  3. Lord Archi Pelago

    We play football lyk d way it was intended..

  4. Luvly piece of blog, no other site does it better! Realy enjoyed watching the arsenal game, bigups dudu! N let’s go spend those billionaires money on sunday by kikn their rich ass

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