Let’s prove our point tomorrow!


So, the plan for this weekend is to run away from work on Sunday so I can watch Arsenal slump to their 3rd defeat of the season?!?! It does not really sound like a good plan, does it? Well,considering the fact that I will probably get a few shots of vodka in my system and a few barbecued drumsticks too,you will have to forgive me for thinking its a fair trade.

Anyways,forgive me for sounding so pessimistic about our chances this weekend but Man-Shitty’s line-up has looked more and more impressive over the years; and,would you believe it, this period has marked our regressive run of results there.

But it’s not all doom and gloom, I mean we welcome back the likes of Captain Cesc, Theo, and erm…the world’s best striker, Nikky B. Koscielny is a no show, same for TV5 and our favourite waiter (thank goodness). Sagna is back though, so our squad has been bolstered a bit save for the loss of Lil Jackie.

In truth, if we play like we did against Chelski and we manage to shackle Tevez and Silva, we do stand a chance. Let us hope Fabianski has a good game, no flappy hands. We cannot afford any slip-ups at the back because we’ll be duly punished. The midfield will have to bring its A-game because that is where this game will be won or lost. A midfield of Cesc, Song and Abou (simply for the physical nature of this game) will do the trick. Chamakh is a definite starter upfront and Nasri should flank him on the right. I’m undecided on who to choose, Rosicky or Arsha. We’ll have very few opportunities tomorrow, and Arsha is an asset in such matches. But Rosicky has been in inspired form of late, so I’m okay with any of them. A bench of Denilson, Theo, Eboue, Vela, and Nikky B will be just fine.

I do hope we come away from this encounter without anymore broken bones what with ‘drop kick’ De Jong. Whichever way though, this should make for a pretty good game, and I can’t wait for it to get started.

Yes if you do drink, I suggest you stock up from today, such that by the time the game ends,you’ll be too drunk to decipher red and white from sky blue and white. I hear Adebarndoor might get a chance to play us after getting a hattrick against some shite team over the week. Great news if he plays as it only reduce our number of worries up front. I’m on the look for how many offsides he’ll have accumulated before half time.

So, after a week dominated by silly Wazza’s transfer that never was, this will be a welcome doze of actual soccer. Man City have got money…in abundance, but we’ve got style and finesse in excess.

C’mon peeps, WE ARE THE ARSENAL, let’s show those silly billionaires our new steez!

From wherever you’ll watch and evening, just enjoy yourself.
Ita says so!


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  1. Bad memories from d̶̲̅ last time we met those billionaires!let’s hope adebayor doesn’t get to go on an injury attempt spree,remember what he did to van persie. But I’m optimistic we coming out of this game with atleast a point,we’v got the momentum, wining shakter over the week by 5 goals,and wev got most of our first team players back,what can I say,legoooo Goons! N yeah HAPPY BUFDAE MONSIEUR WENGER……….

  2. Well,u r rite….at least we know wat we’re up against,so if we do lose!?,we’ll have ourselves only to blame n I certainly won’t b happy with a point!

  3. .um…who’s our fave waiter?.good piece though and if we win 2moro (however unlikely that seems to me).we will have proven a point.

  4. Our favourite waiter’s Almunia bruv….thanks for the compliment…pls keep reading!

  5. Realisticly, I think Man City are gonna be the victors…. Want arsenal to win doe…..

  6. Yeh bruv,don’t we all.

  7. Fab piece but for now, its fingaz crossed for me.

  8. nice piece… Errbody ll av 2 be on deir best behaviours wen we visit ’em sheikhs, i aint particularly comfy av’n djourou @ cb wit tevez sniffin’ blood errtime, plus i’d advice our guyz wear metal shin pads 4 de jong sake.. Keep ur heads up u goonerz, i c an upset on d cards ( 4give me, i h8 2 admit we ‘re underdogs.. But theo agrees wiv me.. See arsenal.com!)… Gooner till somebody reads my eulogy, which iznt anytime soon… Lets do dis ish!!

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