Patience always pays off: Late West Ham thoughts.

Nasri vs West Ham

Never did I think I would shower praises on an Arsenal team for what I consider a crappy performance. But then we won a game I pretty sure we’d have drawn or lost last season. As at the 70th minute I felt so sure that there would be some freak goal or another especially when the Hammers, no, Robert Green (who by the way gave a World Cup winning performance) seemed determined to set a record! We showed grit, maturity, patience and stuck to our game plan. It finally paid off.

And even after the goal came I felt something like the defence would panic and someone would do a Darren Bent on us. What I did see however, was rather encouraging. A calm Arsenal defence when we were just that solitary goal up…in injury time? I mean it was shocking enough that Clichy used his right foot to deliver such an inch perfect cross which brought the goal to begin with. Maybe we are maturing after all but it was the team’s fight, the refusal to give in and the maintenance of composure that was most gladdening for me.

Now, we really have to find a way to get rid of these teams who come to the Emirates and park the proverbial bus with ease. That being said, credit has to be given to the Hammers; they had a plan, and they stuck to it. I mean just how many times have we all witnessed games like this over the course of this new Arsenal era? We need to quit leaving it late, a lot of Gooners, me inclusive, think that a very large factor in losing the title last year was our leaving it late, ensuring that we burnt out early.

On the positives, Fabianski had another assured performance, the centre backs were wonderful and our full backs were simply magnificent. Song was my man of match, dominating everywhere, from the defence, midfield to attack and showed great awareness to pop in at the far post for the header. Cesc did not have the best of games but his presence still counted. Walcott needed just 10 minutes to show his influence on our game. One good thing I noticed was our strength in attack on the bench, we had Rosicky, Walcott and Vela, Nikky B on the bench! That something I don’t think any other side in the league can boast of.

One may also say yesterday’s performance was due to over-confidence thinking that all we needed to do was turn up,especially after our recent displays; and I mean there is a point in this: 3 unreplied goals against Citeh away can get anyone carried away. I just hope this is a slight blip in performance otherwise fellow gooners, prepare for another season of needlessly dropped points. Don’t mind me, I’m sometimes unnecessarily pessimistic.

That being said, we can now focus on a tricky trip to Donetsk. An annihilation on the cards peeps?

From wherever you are reading, have fun.
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  1. wonderful piece..mate.its going to be interesting to see how Almunia and Van P reclaim their spots in the team. A good problem to have, eh?

    • Definitely a good problem to have….personally?, I don’t think Almunia’s regainin anything,do u still think he’s injured? I don’t, not at all. VP?…iono but I do know Wenger always has a plan.

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  3. i tink im beginnin’ 2 c thru chamakh’s work rate, ability 2 cause penalties & getting opponents sent off… Man, d guy’s scared of shooting @ goal, dat should be a striker’s strenght if i aint mistaken,..d dude had a dismal performance on d day, he gives dis feelin’ he doznt want 2 be d one dat messes up d team’s attack, he’s gotta b a lot more bold in front of goal + d guy is never in d box wen u nid him, pls prof. Wenger z gotta give d guy confidence 2 shoot @ goal & 2 stop flickin’ balls all over d place 2 nobody in particular esp. wen we in dire need of goals like yesterday ….nice piece by d way!

  4. “Pat: Yes, we will like to join.
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  5. Thank you very much for the offer Pat…. Very much appreciated…. You all missed out something.. The classic arsenal tune ‘One-nil-to-the-Arsenal’

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