Arsenal-Newcastle '10

That’s the question I asked myself as Mike Dean blew the final whistle to end what was a miserable afternoon for everyone associated with the Arsenal. We had just lost our second home game of the season, in November, to Newcastle? We cannot blame injuries this time around because for the first time since I can remember, we had over 8 of our starting eleven present on the pitch. Neither can we say it was fatigue because we had all our “best” legs rested over the week. We cannot blame the referee because it’s not like he made a wrong penalty decision, wrong offside decision or that he blew the full time whistle on 80 minutes? So what went wrong?

Le Boss had this to say:

Overall I still believe we were very unlucky to lose the game. They had one shot on target and that was their goal. Apart from that they defended well and we were not sharp enough to get them out of position quickly enough. We were a bit unlucky because we hit the post two or three times and their keeper made a very good save. We put ourselves in a bad position just before half time with the goal we conceded and after we came close a few times.”

Personally, I feel we underrated them. Yes, we rolled them over last week, away from home, so we are going to roast them at home. I’m sorry guys, football isn’t Math and it just does not work that way. Granted, Fabianski could have done well on the set piece but we had a whole half to turn the result around do or at least grab an equalizer. But NO, we kept playing the ball over the top, playing to Newcastle’s strength.

Everyone gave a flat performance and we paid dearly for it. Never have I seen Cesc perform so badly, so badly I wanted him changed for anybody on the bench. It cannot get any worse than this, I thought to myself.

But thanks to the Scousers, we are still 5 points behind when it could have been just 2 points. We are now in 3rd place level with the Billionaires and 3 points behind the Mancs who had possibly their best weekend of the season. The only good news for us is that the Spuds lost to Bolton. They must have been sapped following their heroics against Inter Milan.

We need to stop this habit of keeping it late, get an early goal and rest everyone’s nerves. It neither does nor suits everyone to be on the edge of their seats waiting for a goal that should have come long ago. We lost at home to WBA and now Newcastle, and even though I am optimistic, we seem to be throwing away our chances of lifting the trophy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still well within reach, but performances like this only make it a dream. Let’s hope it does not repeat itself.

I’m done ranting, we have Wolves away in 3 days, and we need a great response from the lads after two really poor performances. We need to show everyone that yesterday’s game is not more than what I think it is…a mere blip. Let’s see what we’ll get.

From wherever you are reading, have fun.
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