Another must-win game


As if there is a game we should be glad to lose…

So, in my usual drunken fashion I shall be at E-bar with a bottle or do I say bottles of vodka and barbeque posted around the pool table area hoping, No! scrap that, praying for a repeat of the scoreline in last season’s corresponding fixture.

It is amazingly unlikely though. Why? Last season’s fixture was the season opener and Everton are notoriously slow starters. Also, we had our full strength team, now, well we do have a number of people still on the treatment table and, well, suspended.

For instance, TV5 is still out and the gaffer is clueless as to when he’ll be back. Our favourite waiter, Almunia has not got any mention of late and has been out for a stretch now. Koscly’s ban is effective from today’s game and RVP is unlikely to start. Diaby’s back though, so is Gibbs and Bendtner who rather ridiculously claims he will leave if he does not start more often. Go ahead then Nikky, and murder your fledgling career! Like you are actually going to get the nod ahead of Chamakh, a better player in my opinion.

Anyhow,everyone seems to be in order so a 4-4-3/4-5-1 is what you’re likely to see. I do hope Theo gets the nod because he WILL give what is a rather slow team, with the exception of Pienaar and Saha a hard time. All in all if we exploit them with our wide men well and our speed, my guess is we will be fine.

Everton like to play a compact game because of the fact that they are rather slow, so if we stretch them with our width and pace, we should cause them all sorts of problems. Hopefully Cesc and Nasri will do what they do best; wreck havoc and Chamakh will pick up from where he left off. Fellaini and Osman will not feature which is good news as far as I’m concerned.

I will stick my neck out and say we’ll have this one, even though I know we could also come out with a draw. Whichever way I must be very light-headed come the end of the game so I guess wouldn’t be too depressed if we do drop points until I’m conscious again.

That being said, from wherever you’re watching, have a ball.
Ita will!


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  1. Going for the jugular, I expect a full 3pts……..Gooners legooooo

  2. I beg to disagree tho dat Chamakh is a beha striker dan Nikky B, agreed his head can be a banger but wif his feet he can be calamitous……@ least Nikky still tries sum body movements.

  3. the loosing streak continue todayand bendtner is shit mls material.

  4. Nikki B’s what 21-22? ‎​Chammy’s 26 I think? ‎​Nikki B’s played how many yrs @ arsenal n had basically a full season to show what he can do n wat did he do? ‎​Chammy’s just come in n I’m beetin he’ll score in double digits barrin any injuries or sidelines,‎​Chammy’s played in a VERY tough league n won it Ligue 1 ‎​Bendt went on loan @ Birmingham when they were in the championship! ‎​And has no other CONCRETE experience other than wih Arsenal,‎​Chammy DEF’s good wih his feet,or he couldn’t have won so many pens. Other than tht look @ his Bordeaux hi-lites.‎​Nikki B wud have to be a child prodigy to b better than Chammy now. Potentially,perhaps, infact probably but now? NO!

  5. Nikky b threatning to leave?!..funnny!..

  6. Very funny… Insolent child…. Let him go pls…as much as I’m a fan, he’s words speak louder than actions…. He’ll always be a back up.. He shld put up or shut up..we need the win today… 1-0 or 2-1 or 10-9…by any means

  7. bendtner threatnin 2 leave if he does nt start………..does bendtner tink hez better than a fit van persie???

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