Did England really invent the beautiful game?

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When the only big team that performed worse than you at the last FIFA World Cup beats you at home, then you know there is a problem. That was what was running through my mind as I watched England put out another rubbish display, this time against France…yes, the same France that had their football in turmoil as recent as 2 months ago.

Granted, England were missing some key players, Rooney, Lamps, Terry did not feature, but this is a national team for God sakes not club football. The hopes of a national team should not rest on 3 players that are not even in the best of form, not in a friendly game. England really struggled to cope with what a very young France side had on display and resorted to what they know how to do best.

And to think that history has it that this country invented the game. In virtually uncountable decades of playing the game, all this country can boast of is a World Cup won in 1966 courtesy of a Geoff Hurst goal that is still debatable till today. You could be forgiven to think that Brazil invented the game.

I thought to myself and I figured that England are not really good at any kind of football in particular. Look at Brazil for example, they have the Samba futbol as their trademark and you can bet no one plays it better. Italy are known for the catennacio, Holland for their pattern of total football, Germany for their efficient football. What is England really best at? Hoofing the ball I guess.

Yes, this works well against smaller teams, but against organized teams like the french side we saw yesterday, you do not stand a chance if you do not play proper footie. England looked lost and the experienced players did not lead well yesterday. Carroll, who got only his first game for the Three Lions yesterday looked like he had been in the team before Steven Gerrard!

On the Arsenal front though, a win for Sagna and a Man of Match performance from Nasri cancels out the fact that Walcott and Gibbs were on the losing side. And I also won my bet against Escobar.

Meanwhile, Cesc was also on the receiving end of a trashing from Portugal last night. I liken this to Sunderland’s defeat of Chelsea:one offs. RVP played 45mins last night and got an assist, while Cham29 was on the score sheet.

So it seems there are no fresh injury concerns from yesterday’s games which is great news. We can only hope for more good news when they return to training in preparation for the big match on Saturday.

I’m out of here!

From wherever you are reading, have fun.
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  1. I had the same thought on my mind throughout the game. The positive for france is that now they know who their two starting attacking central midfielders are: gourcoff and nasri.

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