Just the small matter of the North-London Derby!!!

So this weekend there are a few things at stake. There’s the chance to go top of the league, for a few hours (barring any more Chelski theatrics) that, for me, should be incentive enough as we’ve seen ourselves hash a number of such opportunities this season already. We also have, at stake, the opportunity to put those blithering hot-spuds back in their place for a few more months, a prospect that’s got every true Arsenal fan foaming at the mouth.
On the injury front, the squad seems to be pretty complete, Jackie picked up a back strain before the international break and  has been passed fit to start, our favourite waiter is to resume full training soon,yes I can see that look of despair on your face,its on mine too, but he faces a fight to wrestle the starting spot from ‘HappyAndski’. RVP played 45 mins for Holland as was agreed, and came through unscathed and so did everyone else. Rosicky and Arsh arrived a little late and may have to settle for places on the bench.

This match will be no easy test regardless it is taking place at the Emirates. This same Tottenham side were able to score three goals at the San-Siro and defeat the defending champions Inter Milan at White Hart Lane which is no easy feat whatsoever. Let’s take a look at our Arsenal side, we were the only team out of the original “top four” that got all 3 points last weekend,with Man.U & Liverpool dropping points and Chelski loosing 0-3 to Sunderland at Stamford Bridge (I still can’t get enough of the Gyan Skank). Fabianski is doing so much better than we all expected in goal

“I just feel happy to be playing regularly every three days. I’m enjoying that and I just want to keep working hard and keep playing as best as I can” Fabianski admitted to the club’s official website.

In defence, Djorou and Squillaci have been in good form in the absence of Koscielny as he is set to make a return after his 2 match ban. In mid field, Fabregas may have found his scoring boots with his impressive strike against Everton, Nasri still averaging 7.0 ratings since the start of the season, Song is slowly becoming a cult hero at the Emirates with his ability to score goals when needed, steal balls in the middle of the park & still co-ordinate the back four (I still think its something in the hair)

RVP has described Hot-Spuds as a top side,despite the fact that they are a few points worse off than last season, but I understand his point. We will have to be at the top of our game because they can hurt you from anywhere the wings,with that demon they call Bale, and then through the middle FAN-DE-FART,who RVP’s claimed tried to get the Gaffer to sign and then they can stab in the long balls with that Peter Crotch….oops I meant Crouch!!!!!. There’s also Modric to contend with,well when he’s not injured. Now since we do not know how to stiffle anyone’s game,we will be attempting to out play them…yes that will be the plan,luckily they actually think they can play us so they won’t try to stiffle our game either. Even luckier still is the fact that we are going up against a team that has not kept a clean sheet since the 1st day of the season…that makes me smile.

How we’ll play? I think we’ll do a 4-2-3-1 with Theo, Cesc and Nasri being our three, and Song and Denilson/Jackie, I don’t think RVP will start, not sure the gaffer’s seen enough of him yet but he did say he felt he was sharp in the Holland game. Our back 5 will be as the same,I personally, am looking forward to the battle between the two ugliest players that will be on the pitch, yes Sagna and Bale, apparently so is Sagna as he indicated in his interview for Arsenal.com. Song will have to stay back a little bit more than he seems to in this game cause there’s bags of pace in this side though, so for me I hope Denilson starts just incase Song doesn’t read this before he gets on the pitch,Little Jackie is more creative but I don’t have any doubt that his creativity won’t be missed,our three always tend to step up in our home derby games. And this is also Chamakh’s first North London Derby.

There’s the extra spice in this particular derby as ex skipper and player and bad boy Willi Gallas returns and as we all know is Nasri’s number 1 enemy as he revealed after Gallas left. knowing Nasri he’ll be doing everything possible to wind him up and hopefully Gallas feels the heat enough to do awn goal. in AW’s usual fashion he has pleaded with the fans not to boo him as he served the club well, i disagree Le Boss, i hope his every touch is booed.
It will be a bit to early for me to be drinking at E-bar by the time the games on…..so I’ll just be drinking at home. I think we’re going to smash them though pretty much like we did in the Carling Cup. Whichever way u can expect all the fire,drama and fantastic football that comes with a North-London derby, so please enjoy it from wherever you watch it.

From wherever you are reading, have fun.

Ita says so, Faf too

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  1. Arsenal’s intense pressing this season has been modelled after Barca’s.While its good for retrieving the ball quickly,it makes them vulnerable if the opposition has a player in the whole(VDV),especially as Arsenal’s DM’s leave their positions(Busquets never does).Denilson should start even if Wilshere is fit.I expect Eboue to start on the right and Nasri on the left.Imo,the game will be determined by how much space VDV is granted(I fear a lot).I hope for a good game,don’t care who wins

  2. Wow!!! Unless ur not a gooner then it explains your last statement… Truth be told our DM is now an AM… Buh I believe In Wilshere more than Denilson especially as we’re playing at home… If we attack early on VDV shnt be a problem. Eboue starting?? Highly Impossible.. Nasri and Theo on the Wings..

  3. Lol…good article..really impressed..
    It’s gon b a tricky one dou.. We’ve been shaky at home, which actually adds a bit of extra pressure..buh again it’s against NottinHam HotSpuds.. We always find a way around those bitches.. They’ve got a good squad.. Buh somethings cnt just change..we’ve got a better understanding of the game,which can b d difference btw winning and loosing a game. 
    Bale!! That boy is becoming smfn else..buh I hope he leaves his boots bck at home for this match..buh..sagna is very capable..best player for me at the bck4. I still think Jackie shld start dou..wiv his extra creativity we cld end the game by first half..then bring in denilson to anchor d bck4, while song does his box to box duty(he hs been lookin outstanding wiv his new role;nt sure if Le boss hs any hand in it dou). I would prefer Walcott to cum from the bench and take “assou-ekoto” for a spin; he shld ve bin tired by then. Chamakh shld start ahead of RVP cuz cuz unlike RVP he isn’t new to playing there this season.. Might take a while for RVP to be bcme formidable at “Raping” any goal post.. Arshavin”dze little Mozart” shld also start.. He can b lazy and annoying.. Buh that guy does smfn dwn d left almost every defence is scared of..
    Bottom line this is a must win.. The esctasy of getting yet anoda one against the bhoys from the lane and also goin tops cn turn any gooner into a vegetable..Hopefully there is sorrow at the bridge this weekend..As for my devils; I still like them,A win for them only if we win..
    Looking forward to the match. Hope the boys can produce anoda outstanding and resillient game.. Ps.. Le boss..uld be shot if dat waiter is in goal ahead of our beloved flappyhandski.. He has won us games..hopefully he produces another worldclass perfomance today!!!
    Bosun… I see u mate!!

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