Don’t we just love the hard way?


So we move from being the most in-form, record breaking team in the Champions League two weeks ago to a team whose qualification hangs in the balance…in just 3 weeks. Only in Arsenal eh?

Following the horrible result last weekend, one would expect a ground breaking performance from a team with lots of promise. Actually, we have not been good on our travels to Portugal, but one would expect a change in tide, consequential of the happenings the previous weekend. I’m really not in the mood to do anything, not even to write this post. I’m so sad because I can just see our season falling apart. You think I’m jumping the gun right?

The team that lined up was above average, Nikky B, Gibbs, Eboue, Djourou, and Wilshere didn’t take any part against the Spuds and they were given a chance to shine. They barely took it. I will not bore you with the details of what was an uneventful game (at least Arsenal wise), and if I told I know exactly what went wrong last night, I would be telling a lie. I can guess though.

The easiest thing to say is that the boys were down following that huge loss. But is that a reasonable explanation? I don’t think so. These men are professionals, paid very highly for their skills and services and should not blame anybody except themselves for a defeat. We need to develop a winning attitude even if things are not going too well. At no point did we look like scoring last night, but an Arsenal team is always liable to conceding goals. We conceded two last night and now we are in danger of not qualifying for the knock out phase.

Nikky B for all his noise did nothing worthy; his control is still poor, needs to work on his body balance. This is not a good way to account for all the talk about wanting to start every game. Wilshere performed admirably considering his age and the people around him. Djourou faired better than his partner at the back and when Theo wasn’t running down blind alleys, he was running into opponents. Pathetic performance from him.

To add salt to injury, Cesc tweaked his hamstring again and will now miss 2 to 3 weeks.

I still don’t know why we love doing things the hard way. We get an easy chance to do something, but instead we skip that chance and go the longer route. A win on Saturday would have seen us go top of the table, did we get it? Merely taking a half time lead against West Brom and Newcastle would have surely given us 3 points in each of those games. Did we manage that? A draw against Braga last night would have seen us qualify for the knock out stages. How did that go?

We have Villa next and yesterday’s game will be quickly forgotten if we can get a win over there. It should see us maintain our two point gap from the top, or better still move up should United or Chelsea drop points. I long for us to return to winning ways.

It’s been a bad week gooners, but it could have been worse!

Wait! Could it?

Let us know in the comments

From wherever you are reading, keep the faith.
Once a gooner, forever a gooner!


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  1. Some fans are saying the bookies made the decision on who win and who lost.

  2. It’s a trait which seems to run through Arsenal’s DNA for the last 30 years or so that we can only do things the hard way, or when we have been written off. Just think of the ’79 Cup Final, or the way we almost blew the ’89 League title. Even in the Invincibles season, we had to come from behind on the final day to preserve our unbeaten record.

    There is almost something too “nice” about us as a team. We knock an opponent down, then we offer them a hand to get back up again. There is not enough nastiness in our team, so that when we get into trouble we drop off opponents rather than pressing space or committing tactical fouls. In past years, Matheus would never have had the opportunity to score his second goal with three defenders backing off. Vieira would have booted him up in the air. Or Gilberto (or Song, to be fair) would have committed a tactical foul. Or Sol or Vermaelen would have stepped out to deal with the danger,not retreated to the edge of the area. We only have one or two players in the current squad with that kind of toughness. We need more.

    The frustrating thing is that the ability is there. The toughness is occasionally there. But the mentality to do it minute after minute, game after game on a consistent basis is not.

  3. totally agree wit tim… We neva looked like scoring thanks 2 want-away-man nikki leading d attack & d reason gibbs ran d lenght of d pitch 2 close down mattaeus & stil eventually lets him stick one in d back of d net just beats me…

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