Double Agents?? Arsenal Defenders Threaten To Derail Title Bid.

On a cold winter’s noon when the Omens largely favoured us statistically against our London neighbours, our defence(which I’ll narrow to our two Centre backs) almost undid all our hard work. But then again, the profligacy of our forwards on a day when we could have been 5 goals up by the 30th minute can’t be overlooked.

Granted the lack of understanding between Kozzer and Squid is obvious as well as the lack of cohesion and a natural leader at the back. Time after time the defence played way high up the pitch, and that was almost our un-doing if not for Fabianski(the game poised at 1-1) and the flag of the linesman on numerous occasions.

Coming back to our forwards, as rampant as they were(Arshavin especially) also guilty of throwing away chances as the trio of Nasri, Arsh and Chammy all failed to find the back of the net. I’m not here to complain or grumble, only to state the obvious which is


Its that simple, you can’t win the league if after 16 rounds of matches and you can only boast 2 clean sheets, not good enough. The only reason we’re top of the table is a combination of great attacking play, favourable results from opponents and SAMIR NASRI.

For the most protracted signing in a long time for Arsene, Nasri at 23 is finally beginning to prove his worth and not just by showing flashes but consistency and weighing in with goals and assists with 11 goals in 13 starts. And he’s done that with Fab missing most of the time, playing centrally or wide. His first goal already a contender for goal of season was a mixture of skill, composure and technique as he took Hangeland and Hughes to the cleaners before rifling it into the top corner.

If there’s any player better than him in the league on form then I haven’t seen him.

After taking the lead we threatened to roll over them and in the process ignored the warning signs as we conceded a comical goal. Squid and Kozzer came together with the latter coming off worse and Kamara stole in to equalise. As if that was not enough another opportunity presented itself, with the defence nowhere to be found Fabianski came out to deny a certain goal.

You could feel the tension in the crowd as a sense of De Ja vu started to creep in. The 2nd half continued with both teams throwing caution to the wind and attacking relentlessly. AW threw on RVP for Rosicky on the hour mark and Nasri dropped to the middle where he began dictating play.

It dint take long for the change to yield fruit as Nasri passed to RVP who held up the ball well and long enough to release Nasri who danced around Pantsil, rounded the keeper and in one swift move, turned around and managed to score despite been off balance. Emirates erupted, not only had they witnessed a magical goal, they had witnessed TWO!!!

The end was near, the 3pts within reach, but Arsenal always know how to get your heartbeat racing and continued to look shaky especially in the midfield after Wilshere was replaced by Theo. As I tweeted yesterday during the game, Alex Song is now a Midfielder, not a Defensive one seeing as he hardly protects the back four. Gera tested fabianski from long range and Fab was equal to it. There was still time for Chammy to miss a chance.

The final whistle, and Nasri had won the game for us. Hard fought it was. Is kozzer’s injury a blessing in disguise? Seeing as JD and Squid offer a better option, then again it leaves us thin at the back. Thank God for news that broke this morning that TV5’s return has been pencilled in for the Chelski game and Fab4 also to return for Manure’s game.

So maybe we don’t need new Defenders as AW said, but what’s to stop injuries from occurring again? One thing is for sure we need to cut out mediocre defending and convert more chances. In the meantime we’re top of the table. Let’s savour that. Faf will be here on tuesday to give you the Partizan Belgrade pre match preview.

From wherever you’re reading this, have a swell day, I know I will.


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  1. Lord Archi Pelago

    Nasri new Zidane?

  2. Squid n koscielny just av diff tricks up deir sleeves. Dey just like bringin d opposition back into the game. Surprisingly, nicky has bin quiet for a while. We rili nid to buckle up for d “manure” game lol. Arsh n nasri have turned things arnd for us not forgettin cham tho. More grease to cheatsi’s elbows I like their form atm

  3. This is a brand new defence, with 3rd and 4th choice defenders and we are still top. This defence will get better by the DAY. They are all intelligent and are taking shape nicely… Djourou is a perfect example of this.We are still without the Verminator. Chelsea without Terry is basically SHITE… proven. Manure without Ferdinand and Vidic is basically SHITE. Wake up and smell the quality football that Arsenal has BUILT not BOUGHT.

    • errr……. Kos, squillachi, sagna, nasri, arshavin, vermaelen, theo, chamakh rosicky didn’t come free.

  4. Fantastic post!
    But for Nasri, the match could have gone either way.
    Has anyone thought about the transfer speculations that will follow him from now on?

  5. And I agree with Dave. United and Chelski without Ferdy and Terry are very vulnerable. But we are still top inspite of our goalkeeping and defensive crises. Not bad in my opinion.

  6. @ Dave you are so on point BUT do we have to wait till things fall into place, kozzer is out for 3wks, imagine if JD follows, it leaves us paper thin at the back. BUT let’s rejoice and be happy. No one is clamouring for Super Signings, but if you can spend 10M quid on Kozzer,adding 5mill and signing Jags or Cahill won’t have hurt especially as they’re commanding and have massive prem league experience

  7. Wonderful piece and wonderful game from Nasri yesterday, who says the boy has not become a man? I must confess tho that the next two fixtures ae giving me chills….manure first den chelski….whew

  8. Impressive… I’d love to know ur view on ‘Nasri or Fabregas’, now dat Nasri has hit top form sum arsenal fans believe we don’t need captain Fab any more.

  9. That’s so wrong. Cesc is still our most important player. Nasri has not got to Cesc’s class yet.
    The only thing that has changed is that we can now cope with his absence better.
    I personally feel we look ordinary without him.
    He’s our leader and our heartbeat.

  10. i agree dave and lord wenger doesnt want to buy in january. haven’t we all been through this? we need another defender and a goalkeeper. i have the feeling there will be another deja vu.

  11. It was just one bad luck moment between Koscielny and Sq. Otherwise they did well. Just like Dj replacing Kos. Arshavin, Nasri and Fab(ianski) were oustanding. Rest odf the team (even Cl) were reliable. The only one who performed below his standard was Chamack. May be Ros as well…

  12. Joseph I can almost feel that De ja vu but I feel we will handle it well. Left to me I dnt mind cup double but the league won’t be bad too.

    @ Olu_C and 9jabred, let’s clarify something, Samir and Cesc are TWO DIFFERENT people, let’s not compare dem, its kinda like the way Messi and Xavi operate at Barca or Xavi and iniesta, one ochestrates and one makes the darting runs that disturbs rival defences. Simple.

    @A4 as much as the fixtures coming are tough if all goes to plan I see us gettin 4pts out of the achievable 6 or 6 out of 6 if Utd and Chelski don’t bring their A-Game.

  13. @ AC oh pls don’t remind me about Rosicky, huff and puff with no end result from him. Chammy did ok just looked as if he was shying away from responsibility but he did ok in the 2nd half

  14. Way harsh on Kozzer…He got attacked by his own player. Maybe the qsquid felt his starting roll threatened so he took him out.
    If you can’t see that Koz is a class defender then you don’t understand how to defend. The squid is the shaky one, His is slow, and a very poor clearer of the ball, he needs to dominate more and be assertive!
    Koz and the verminator are the pairing when they are both fit and Johan is there to keep them both on their heals cause he has been playing extremely well lately! Still i dont expect Koz to be out 3 weeks! its only concussion?!
    But apart from that its a great win! winning ugly (even though there was nothing ugly about nasri!! WOW!) is what you’ve all been wanting…you get it and still complain! aahhh the english…

  15. @ CupSui if u call 2 red cards,missed interceptions,numerous errors that lead to goals Classy then mayb its you who doesn’t no football, fine he got hit in the head buh then again ow many errs has me made. Squid is pathetic dats all. Nasri is a monster right now.

  16. lets all not over look wat arshavin did too.. but wit nasri’s performance, fab wldnt think he is too special cos i dont rili believe he is injured. its d same way henry played d last season he spent at n5 wen he wanted to leave remember?? wtf happend 2 walcott sef? he was terrible dis match n d last one he also came on for. even durin d week he cldnt go past defenders

  17. Sylvester was definitely a double agent. Vermaelen we need u asap. I just hope our home form gets better n emirates becomes a fortress if we seriously want to challenge for the premiership title. GO SAMMIE.

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