You really don’t have to support the Arsenal!

The Arsenal

You would be forgiven to think we were getting relegated from the Premier League considering the reaction of some “fans” to yesterday’s result. Yes, we did not play too well, but we couldn’t have been as bad as some blogs painted us to be.

It was very obvious that Wenger was trying out a new formation, trying to see if he could fit Van Persie and Cham29 in the same line up. But it seemingly did not work out, and he was the first to admit it; so there’s really no need to have a go at him simply because he tried something and was not successful at it. He’s human for Christ’s sakes and I think the main reason he did that was because he did not want to drop Cham29 for RVP, not after the former’s heroics so far.

The game itself was quite uneventful, we had lots of possession but just could not make it count. The opposition closed us down really well. We then got a penalty which R.V.P converted, must I add that I was a bit scared with his celebration, that’s considering how brittle his bones are.

Then out of nowhere, Cleo had his shot come off Squillaci and deflected past Fabianski. We were stunned but not surprised at conceding again. The good thing most people forget is that despite this blip, we still had the resources to muster a late resurgence and get two well taken goals courtesy of Walcott and King Nasri.

We won the game, got three points gained, another year of making to the knockout rounds. Some pessimists might add that it’s another year of getting knocked out. But we set a record for most goals scored at home in the group stages and even had more points than Spurs who topped their group. What baffles me is why some fans will have a go at the manager and the players because we did not win by a large margin, or because we finished second.

The defence did not really have anything to do, the goal was just one mistake, and it was a deflection. Koscly-Squillaci are not our first choice centre back pairing, so we’ve got some hope back there. Did anyone watch the West Ham – United game in the Carling Cup? United’s back up defenders had a game to forget against West Ham.

Would you really prefer Smalling or Ferreira to Koscielny? or Evans to Squillaci? Also, anyone who says Denilson and Song never play well together obviously did not see our away games against Everton and Man Citeh. We were generally slow last night in all departments, so there’s no need to apportion blame.

We are top of the league, and United have not being guaranteed 3 points against Blackpool. We are in the semi finals of the Carling Cup with only Ipswich standing in our way, and we are through to the last 16 of the Champions League. Talking Champions League, it’s no news we can only draw one of Barca, Real, Bayern and Schalke. With the exception of Barcelona, we can beat the other three teams if we have our best players back and we cut out the silly errors. If we want to win the cup, we are still going to have to play the best anyways.

I know how it feels to go years without a single trophy to celebrate, I know how it feels to be ridiculed by your mates for your club’s performances; and yes, I know how it feels to know that we could have easily topped our group. But hey, it’s football; the other three teams did not come to watch us top the group. United have not been too convincing in Europe, neither have Chelsea.

We fans need to get behind the greatest manager in the history of this club and support the players too. Yes, criticism is allowed, but it has to be constructive and reasonable…something that was entirely missing in most of the blogs I have read so far. One silly blogger even suggested Arsene be given the boot…because we won 3-1. Ridiculous stuff!

If you want to support a team that scores 6 goals every game, lets in no goals at all, spend tens of millions on average players, then maybe you should not be a gooner after-all. We are gooners because we truly love the club, we stick with it through thick and thin, enjoy the victories together, and feel the losses together. Fickle fans have no place in the Arsenal!

I know of a certain club in West London, run by some Russian Oligarch, spent millions of pounds on shit players, sacks its managers with reckless abandon and cannot remember the last time they got a win. They lost again yesterday, and they are in trouble. Would you rather support such a team?

We should be there for the club when it needs us most, in times of trouble. Being a gooner is one of the best things that ever happened to me…and I’ll be one till I suffer rigor mortis!

We’ve got Man United up next, let’s see how these fans react when we get a result at Old Trafford. I can hardly wait!

From wherever you are reading, keep the faith.
That’s what we are fans for right?

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  1. Ben gunner shine

    well said

  2. Yh was scared wen RVP landed on his knees

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