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Man Utd Vs Arsenal : More Than Just A Match, This Is Personal.

What a build up to the mouth watering clash tonight at OT, we’ve been branded a crisis club and a training centre(Evra), championship bottlers and inexperienced(Park), and sissies for wearing snoods(Ferdy and SAF). This is either complete arrogance with total disrespect for us, or fear from our rivals knowing what damage we can do.

AW is not a fan of mind games and he easily brushed aside all remarks, that did not stop Samir and Sagna from telling Evra he had crossed a line, and I’m dying to see the response from Nasri in Particular tonight, my colleague is of the opinion they’ll mark him out(he forgot how dangerous and flexible Nasri is)

In recent times the stats have shifted in favour of SAF’s men as we’ve failed to win any of the last five at OT,drawing one and losing four. Overall, Ferguson has won 17 times to Wenger’s 14, with 11 draws. But let it be known also that we have picked up 17 points on the road this season, the best away record in the Premier League.

Also, we have won six and drawn three of the last nine games when Howard Webb was the referee. The last time they lost a game that Webb took charge of was at Old Trafford in April 2008, so no need to be scared of refereeing decisions?

I’m not banking on stats to help us this night, plenty have ruled us out, not because we’re bottlers or because we’re young but because of our frail defence which has shipped in 18 goals in the league. This needs to be addressed if we’re going to win tonight.

On to team news, we have the good, the sad and the scary news. The daily Star reported early this morning Fabregas FIT and ready to lead his charges out(this is the good) and this means Theo who has been hoping to start won’t get that wish now(this is the sad) and wait for the Scary,reports have it that Szczesny(No, your eyes are not deceiving you) might start the match with Fabianski suffering from a dead leg.
This is where I pray fervently and hope Fab recovers. Chezzer is not a bad option but not the guy for tonight am sorry.

So, it looks like a fully fit squad asides the continued absence of TV5, and JD has shaken off a knock and I hope he starts, the big games this season he hasn’t started any, tonight should be different. To win tonight, a few tweaks are needed, first things,

    Song needs to stay at the back AT ALL TIMES. Utd are lightening fast on the break and deadly, we need our ‘DM’ to be there when they do.

    Playing a high line defence must be cut out, we were almost made to pay for such against fulham. Better understanding is needed at the back, to which I believe JD should start. I’m not worried about our full backs,so long they retreat each time we lose possession

    A 4-1-4-1 Formation should be adopted with Song as the 1 operating behind Arsh-Fab-Wilshere-Samir and Chammy alone. I’ll rather get a point than lose.

    Rafael and Evra must be continually attacked and their middle too as West Ham did perfectly, if we achieve domination in such areas then we’ll win.

As is customary with us, we always go for the win and this night won’t be any different, time to show we’re men, time to put down a statement. Win or lose, the title won’t be decided tonight, but it could prove a turning point and deal Manure a psychological blow.

I’ll probably stay home to watch this with my Manure supporting brother instead of going to a mixed pub, where tempers might flare, my mate 9jabred has exams, you all should please wish him well.

From wherever you’re reading, crank up the noise, light the flares and let’s hope for a win.


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