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The Players, Arsene Or The Pitch, Who’s To Blame??

We blew it, its that simple, trips to OT have become recurring cases of DeJa Vu even on days when we play well. Au contra ire, yesterday’s showing was arguably one of our worst performances in recent times. Am I here to moan about how AW chooses to be blind to our problems especially as its so obvious a blind man can see it? No!! So what went wrong again?

Are the players un ambitious just as tight fisted as AW is, or is the Board’s continued greed and preference of money over trophies beginning to tell on our performances. Normally we’re out of the blocks early in games but from yesterday you could almost see the playing with the ‘hand break’ in full swing.

I wrote before the game that to contain Utd we needed to show discipline at the back, meaning Song had to sit permanently at the back, if only he read that post. How Wilshere continues to sit deeper than Song amuses me, Arsha continues to do as he pleases knowing fully well that his position is never under threat. Maybe that needs to change. I did not want to go there but Clichy deserves some rap for getting caught out continuously, waiting for the last minute to put in a challenge, credit to him for stopping Nani at times and yes, the penalty wasn’t his fault.

On a night that had few positives such as,

    Wilshere holding his own against a packed midfield,hardly giving away the ball and standing up to Fletch and Anderson, you’d be forgiven to think he was 25. Rosicky could learn a thing or two from him

    Szczesny on his first PL start put in an absolute class of a performance yesterday which has led to many calling for him to stay in goal till January

    Sagna, AGAIN was our best defender and Nasri our best attacker if not the only one, which worries me each time he’s stuck out on the wings and rosicky is busy playing rubbish in the middle.

    We conceded only one goal. It could have been different.

The lack of bite and precision, inability to string plenty passes together and no form of leadership proved our undoing as Vidic was made to look like a seasoned General of war and our whole attack like mere mortals. And to rub salt into injury, AW blames the pitch for the performance. Is he Stupid? Or is he a Comedian, a poor one at that.
When your team plays poorly the coach should be the first one to point that out and let them know how they’ve let down the fans instead of caressing their ego’s. For crying out loud, they get paid week in week out. How can one continue to defend a player like Koscielny and encourage Song to be a no 10 and not seem Mad??

Kozzer was missing for the first goal as he had lost an aerial challenge when the ball fell to Nani who teased before hitting a shot which deflected kindly for Park and how the little Asian got in front of Squid to nod past Chezzer is a mystery. Squid is like a Carrick in defence, doesn’t slide, doesn’t get dirty and doesn’t open his mouth.

Its the same problem every year, the same frustrations and the same complaints which has prompted many including Pedro of LeGrove to say AW is not the man for the job(I reserve my comments as that’s a tad far fetched, but I know it has played on our minds plenty times).

Stoke awaits us this weekend and as always we find ourselves depending on other results to save our season, let’s hope we can get the 3 points and then Utd lose to Chelski to make it more balanced. At least Fab is fit now and maybe a change of formation in the next game might suit us. We need to move on, and do so quickly.

From wherever you’re reading, keep the faith, its not easy but we will get there.


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