Barcelona Again!!! Yes We Can, Or Can We?

The draw every fan dreaded after the group stages had been done and dusted has come to realisation, if only Le Boss had seen it coming. Oh wait, he did predict that we were going to get drawn with our conquerors from last season. If only he’s this spot on with his tactics and decision making.

This time in October, we were finely poised to top our table and in so doing avoid the so called ‘big guns’ , fast forward a few months and we have ourselves and mostly AW to blame as we ended up second and our reward for that? King Messi and the amazing Barcelona.

No point crying now is there and as much as I want to scream ‘Gunners for life’ and beat my chest, my reaction is rather subdued like the rest of you worldwide. I’ll leave the motivational talk for AW, after all its his job to inspire his team to greatness.

With a fully fit squad I’d fancy our chances but the odds are strongly stacked against us, seeing how the first leg is at the Ems. Also if our record against Big teams this season is anything to go by, then its a forgone conclusion that we’re as good as out of the Champs League.

Its a cup competition bound to have upsets and even though they might not be rife as they are in the English FA Cup(upsets that is) who are we to rule out such. A ‘One-Nil-To-The-Arsenal’ result would be lovely but let’s not kid ourselves, there’s no way Barca won’t score at least once and with our defence always in a cheerful mood, who knows?

Barring any injuries and maybe a new CB or GK we just might pull it off by summoning the spirit of the team that defeated AC Milan and R.Madrid at the San Siro and Bernabeu respectively.
Oh well, this is not a pre match preview, next up and more importantly is Stoke tomorrow, and Ita would be here to provide you with the pre match.

From wherever you are reading, hope you haven’t wet your pants yet? Keep the faith. GUNNERS FOR LIFE


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  1. Am not one bit surprised,I knew it would be our big daddy barcelona,here again to give us some strokes.This years Cleague campaign has been nothing to write home about,finishing second in the table and all,infact all I want for xmas is the carling cup AW pleeeeeeez

  2. Yes we can, but will we? Yes Barcelona is beatable but would Wenger accept that his team as it is don’t have what it takes to even draw with Barcelona? Would Wenger accept that he does not have a goalkeeper? would he go for a no nonsense defender and a razor sharp forward? I know for a fact that Barcelona would humiliate us because wenger is a DO NOTHING COACH and so he disappointments don’t mean a thing to him.Wenger would sacrifice everything for money including the poor hearts of we the funs.

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