Arsene Wenger Embarasses Us Again As Wigan Snatch Late Point

Funny how things can change in just a matter of days, after a polished and well disciplined performance, we went to DW stadium high on confidence and were brought down to earth. How long will this go on.? One must wonder if its Arsene himself that’s the double agent.

Hiss!! Was the reaction I gave when I saw the line-up and this was chorused by my colleagues, not that the team wasn’t good enough just the fact that they hadn’t played together this season(Rosicky-Denilson-Diaby) and then you start all three. Squad rotation has always been a fixture in the busy Christmas schedule but if you must, do it sensibly and not like a rookie coach.

AW made a staggering 8 changes to the team that conquered Chelski, the entire forward three and midfield trio were replaced and so were JD and Clichy, and from there I could smell downfall. The game itself started slowly with Wigan relying on the pace of their wingers on counters and Arsenal looking for Rosicky to be the conductor. A move that failed badly.

The first goal shouldn’t have happened if Eboue was at the back as N’zogbia ran at the heart of the defence and conned both linesman and referee by hitting the ground under no contact. Penalty!! Well dispatched by Watson 1-0. Shortly after this it was obvious Diaby won’t be able to continue and Wilshere replaced him. This brought some spark into our game as the passing became crispier and direct. It didn’t take long for the equaliser to arrive, Sagna played a ball to Chammy who lifted the ball over the defender to Bendtner and he himself did a Chamakh before hitting a shot that the keeper parried onto Arsh’s path and the finish was nothing short of exquisite. Game On!!!

It only took five minutes before we doubled our lead, Thomas lost the ball in the middle of the park and Arsha wriggled free and ran forward before releasing Bendtner who held of the challenge of Caldwell before burying it low into the far corner. In five minutes we had turned the game around and with halftime here you’d think we were going to roll over them.

It was as if AW’s HT team talk was “relax,the game is won” as we struggled to keep possession or string passes together as Wigan attacked fervently with Denilson unable to cope with the speed of the game. Rosicky was found wanting and the only creative forces seemed to be Wilshere and Arsha. A quick break saw Wilshere run at the Wigan backline before clipping a juicy pass over the defence for Arsh who hesitated instead of hitting on the volley, chance lost. Now it was Wigan’s turn as Eboue’s tormentor N’zogbia gave him a run for his money and passed to McArthur who fed him back and it took a smart stop from Fabianski to deny them an equaliser.

At this point we all expected AW, who had been complaining all night into Pat Rice’s ears instead of organising his team, to make a sub, yet he declined. A tackle by Wilshere saw the ref blow for a foul only for N’zogbia to get over excited and head butt Wilshere. Foolish from the french man and a Red card followed. Game Over to Arsenal, we have won was what came to mind. It can’t go wrong afterall we have 2 subs to go and the advantage of an extra man. Then again, Arsenal never fails to disappoint and in true fashion, we did not.

A corner from Watson, and Fabianski like an idiot went after the ball when he should have stayed on his line, the ball was nodded back in and Squid decided to score, at the wrong post. 2-2. And then Wenger throws on Walcott and Nasri which made me chuckle. Something he should have done earlier. A free kick was awarded and Watson used his 2 hands to push away the ball (like Fabregas against Spuds) and the referee and his linesman pointed to the corner flag.

That was it, it was over, the chance to return to the top of the table, blown away. Are we going to blame the referee for poor officiating? Or AW for his poor team selection or the players and the defenders? It doesn’t matter who we blame, we have dropped points and it makes the win against Chelski look so distant. We can only move on from here but the question remains, how long will AW continue to embarrass us? Does he really wants to win the league? Or is he all bark and no bite. Time will tell.

From wherever you’re reading I hope you’re happy? Because I’m not.


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  1. I must say i didnt see the game but i am utterly shocked by wenger’s decision to rotate 8 members for goodness sake who does that wwhen he is not Benitez. and once a squli show that hís utterly useless.well till next game let see what plan he has for birminigham.

  2. I wonder how many double agents ther r in d team currently. They just like disappointment. I wasn’t gonna blame AW for d changes but wen he saw dat d team lacked fire power, he shdav done somethin bout it instead of sittin bac n watch. WTF is wrong wit squid? A well placed header? Den a couple of blind officials too. So much pressure on d birmingham game now. SMH mr wenger

  3. Errrrr you would have gone 2nd if you won NOT 1st…lets make that absolutely clear.

  4. Guys the biggest mistake wenger does and will cost us the title is fabiansky fabiansky is not a goalkeeper and he is just useless but wenger still insists on him to get us all wrong but in the end we lose points because of him using flapiansky and not sczesny!!!!!!!

  5. @ Geo : well said, but we all know ow stubborn Arsene is, there’s no hope unless the board puts him under pressure. That’s the only way.

    @whatever : tnk u

    @omotola : oh well, we all know this position we;re in, all to familiar thanks to Arsene.

  6. I wonder if Arsene wenger is really interested in the EPL this season, cos i don’t know why he made such a huge change to the team… this weaker teams are suppose to give us our 6 points to lift the EPL, maybe wenger sees it another way?????

  7. its absolute painful what wager did,i do not really know wheather that chap really understands the pain the funs are going through,that chap sucks..have no words…its painful

  8. Spot on mate; the team was wrong and substitutions were far too late. 10 men or not the equalizer was coming for two reasons. 1.Wigan had nothing to lose and were always to try their luck! 2. Gunners selection in defense was always good for couple of mistakes. We have seen mistakes againts Wesbron, New castle And Spuds ( out of position left back, poor decision from center half and Not so convincing Keeper). All of those problems were bound to happen and they did. It is like nightmare that keeps coming back. We always beat ourselves, why? Theo Wolcott was needed earlier at the 50th min to put fear and pin Wigan back ( deterence!) just like against Manures. Song for Denilson would have done wonders/ nasri for for either chamak/nikki b. I blame this one on The proffessor. Case closed.

  9. @ segun : I don’t think he is, maybe his priorities lie elsewhere

    @isaaciru : I wish he cld feel the pain we all do just once

    @ Foolishgooner : am almost tempted to put in your comment as part of the post, its sad really that we have to re-live this nightmare all the time. Maybe he has lost the zest cuz I really don’t know what to blame it on.

  10. Yes mate, I’m not really one who is quick to blame Arsene. This season arsene has the players available yet he shows time and time again his lack of plan B. He doesn’t use his players the best of ways. For example TW14 is an impact player when you have the advantage, because he can put fear in opponents can get behind and finish. They won’t throw numbers upfront when he is on. But he is not a creative enough to unlock 10 men sitting behind the ball. Then you give him less than minutes, that plain stupid! Arshavin did his job take him out or one of Chamak/Nik had to come off at half time. Have you seen NB52 defending on the wing that was pathedic. I’m just mad about 11 points we dropped that shouldn’t have happened. Les Prof wants to win Epl and what not, but it ain’t happening this way I grantee it.

  11. Its like you’re in my head, I kept tellin my mate that I was watching the game with that we need theo as early as possible because it was obvious bentdner and Rosicky shld have gone off. Theo has missed plenty games, now that he’s fit why not play him. And truth be told our players had missed two weekends cuz of snow, so why rest that many?? And as for ur last statement, sadly enough that’s the truth.

  12. Now I understand and I’m declaring this to all the Gooners. Let’s hope Les prof gets his team selections right. Because If he does we are the best team in the planet. if he doesn’t get his selection right in any given game we will have more 80% chance of dropping points or losing to the lowest of teams. Teams with any kind of threat, self believe, talent, tactic will cause us huge problems home and away! No plan B for our gaffer. I wonder why reports never question him about this? I never heard anyone questioning Les prof about his subs. Here in A
    America that is a big deal and as important as the tactics of the game. I wish someone could ask him why substitute so late, why wait until you concede? It is not like basketball that you can just call timeout and stop the bleeding. One more thing Rosicky is not a leader, when he leads noone follows! Give the armband ?????? Jack? when Cecs or Robin aren’t on. Do we not have leaders? Because one possible solution of Arsene’s thinking is that he believes in his players so much he leaves to them to figure things out on the pitch! Not good at all. That’s it for me, let’s go get three points. I will put WS in goal EAb Lk JD Clichy in defense. Song Nasri Cecs in the middle (Song to sit) in the middle. Robin Andrey NB52 upfront. Because they going to dare us beat them with crosses! We need a big who takes shots when he

  13. Wenger is the most foolish and Arrogant manager I’ve ever seen. He let us down. We all saw the goal coming by the pressure Wigan mounted simply because the Attack was tired. Everyone was expecting him to make changes and he never did until they got the equalizer… God help us from the persistence arrogance of Mr Wenger!

  14. I hate AW now. I don’t think he is passioate about winning a trophy this season.

  15. You delete my comment .Why


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