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When you spend hundreds of millions of pounds on new players in barely two years, you only expect those players to play some good football. I was understandably sad once the final whistle went at the Emirates, but after a moment of critical thinking, I felt I was consoled by what I saw.

No we did not win that game but it was plain obvious that Man Citeh were scared of going past the half way line. They had no shot on target in 95 minutes of football and you could see the fear in their eyes as they stuck back to defend their goal mouth. They did that very well in all honesty.

We could have been singing a different tune had Van Persie and Cesc not been denied by the same upright. If only Wilshere had dragged his cross backwards by an inch very early in the game; if only Walcott had the composure to make the right decisions when he had early openings. Had all these little things gone in our favour, it would have been another statement of intent from us.

On the whole though, I am more than satisfied with the performance; we gave 100% in terms of movement and technique but a combination of ill luck, some dogged defending and a moment of goalkeeping genius denied us what we deserved. Man Citeh actually played for a draw and you can hardly blame them…afterall we are the Arsenal.

We share spoils with Citeh and it was the perfect result for United. Fabianski was out of job for most of the game, Koscly and Djourou more than held their own, and bar Sagna’s late moment of madness, the fullbacks played quite well. Song had an amazing game as he bossed De Jong and Yaya Toure all game. Wilshere gave another top performance and the attackers gave their best, all of them. But we stay in 3rd place, 4 points behind United and 2 behind Citeh albeit having a game in hand against the latter. It’s not the result we wanted but we’ve got to accept it and move on.

We have a trip to West Ham up next in the League and I expect us to win that one quite comfortably. Before that though, there’s an FA Cup engagement with Leeds United visiting the Emirates this weekend. That’s another trophy we can ably compete for and all we can hope for is to draw the “right” opponents.

We can take a bit of solace in the fact that the Spuds lost at Everton and Chelski’s woes continued. Chelsea is having an extremely torrid time but Liverpool is in an even deeper mess losing to Blackburn in a game that sort of sealed Roy Hodgson’s fate. All these problems can be traced to mismanagement and silly spending. God Bless you Arsene!

It’s still quiet in the January transfer window as far as Arsenal is concerned. Arsene says he will sign only if TV5 suffers a setback, I really don’t know what to wish for on this one. Vela will most likely be going on loan soon and so might Wellington Silva. Ramsey’s back though and I have been thinking of where he fits in, that is considering Wilshere’s form. Thank God I’m not the man paid to make that decision.

From wherever you are reading, have fun and look at the positives.
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  1. All I can say is dat d team was very poor wit finishing. Imagine manutd wit those chances. Dis was almost d same way d manutd game went. We defended deep but dey still managed 2 win d game. I doubt we r rili ready 4 dis title. Plus our manager made silly subs. Wld av preferred cham to nikki. Plus he shdav swapped arsh n nasri’s positions. Still our finishing was shit. I kinda knew we were gonna draw d game once we went in halftime goal-less. But was being hopeful. It was yet another sad day. We r officially 7points behind manutd. Dis is so terrible seein as d pple I expect dem to lose to (shittypool n cheatsi) r gettin fucked all over d town.

  2. Absolute perfect post. Class.

  3. Omotola, not sure if you were at the game but I was and to call that finishing “shit” is laughable. We are all upset but we played outstanding. Read the post again it sums up the game perfectly.

  4. LMAO. Jay I don’t envy you @ all. If I was there live I’m sure I woulda pulled out my hair. It doesn’t matter how fantastic our play was yday, am going with Omotola, we did not get the 3points and its that simple.

  5. adedayo adeyemi akanbi

    a box centre forward could have kill off the tie in our favour.but am beginning to enjoy our football philosophy.cant wait for our sexy football against the planet football of me on facebook and add me.adedayo adeyemi akanbi

  6. @Omotola:I understand exactly how you feel…
    @Jay:Thanks man, well appreciated. Please call back more often.
    @Adedayo:Yh, you are right. Kindly follow us on twitter and “like” our fb page:Memoirs of a Gooner. You can get updated from us and contact us from there.

    In the Spirit of the Arsenal!!!

  7. 9ja breed vry thoughtful of u 2 praise Arsene, a lot of fans don’t knw his worth, Glad some1 does!!

  8. I think arsenal played brilliantly in the first half.RVP’s interpretation of the false-nine role is near excellent.However,he requires brilliant movement off the ball from the other attacking players into the box for this to work. This systems becomes less successful if opposing teams play as deep as City did in the second half.
    I believe this is Arsenals best system,Walcott will certainly benefit the most.

  9. Like hell d finishin was shit. We were just lucky dat man city didn’t score. U wldnt b sayin dis now. We av played games dat we clearly played beta n lost by unfortunate circumstances. D defence was tight tho. All I’m sayin is dat we nid beta finishing. Imagine playin barca like dis wit d bar as an excuse. Dey neva have excuses like d bar. Dey wld score.

  10. u cant fault d energy and d will 2 win on d nite, d boiz put out errtin dey had in dem out dere; gr8 work in defence, gud link up play in midfield, my only worry was arshavin’s contribution, poor and sagna’s moment of madness.. but i get omotola’s point dat its on such nites champions ‘re made, u av 2 come up wiv dat extra bit of quality ( or ugly play if u av 2!) 2 break down oppositions if u wanna be winning d league come may… So overall im saying twaz a splendid performance but we gotta be more lethal in d final third, take notin away 4rm rvp, fab4, nas & theo’s efforts but … dat draws d line btw a good side & a title winning side..

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