Very Poor Performance from Arsenal : The Player Ratings

What a shocking and toothless performance from a team renowned for its attacking prowess and fluidity of play, summed up by Wengers appalling Line-up and decision to leave Rosicky and Denilson on the pitch. You’d be forgiven for thinking Joe Hart had handed Schmeichel his ‘How to shut Arsenal down at Home’ with his performance. Below are the player ratings.

Good outing from the youngster who was rarely troubled and almost stopped the penalty which in the end proved too strong.

Decent outing, suspect at the back at times but showed real promise going forward.

Can this guy do anything wrong?? This makes it 16 games he has played in and we’ve never lost any of which he started. Strong, commanding and showed real leadership that Arsenal has been lacking.

Am sorry, I just don’t like this guy, he’s useless, he’s scared and he HARDLY gets his shorts dirty. How we managed to pay 3.5M and give him a 2 year contract is beyond me.

Hardly put any foot wrong, dealt with the pace of Watt very well and put in numerous solid crosses.

Poor passing, poor defending, and no real drive or passion. Clumsily gave away the penalty that could have brought about our exit.

Barring the 2 passes he gave away in the first half, he was solid and our best midfielder on display. Surprised to see him subbed.

I can’t bring my self to give an Arsenal player Zero, but he was that bad, time after time he gave away passes, slowed down counters and all his fancy touches were an eyesore. Yet AW gave him 80 mins and the captain band(this needs to change). Showed no quality and IMO, the worst player on the pitch, Leeds players included.

The rating is this high only because of the effort he put into it and he showed real passion even if his finishing did not. Missed way too many chances.

Sigh. This is the *dude* many believe should start ahead of RVP till further notice. If this was an audition for that then he failed miserably.

From decent in the first half to sad in the second half. Lazy, uninterested and lost in the atmosphere. Boos and angry chants came his way from frustrated fans looking on.


You could see how the game changed the moment he stepped on to the pitch. Good passes, and calm performance from the skipper. Dispatched the penalty well.

Frightened the Leeds backline with his pace, although guilty with his finishing at times he won a penalty and should have won another minutes earlier.


Arsene Wenger : -10
For leaving Rosicky and Denilson on for so long and not subbing Arshavin early enough. Something needs to change.


Honourable MentionsWalcott

Well there you have it, another frustrating day for all gooners worldwide. From wherever you’re reading, have a good day.


Regarding the earlier post, we have NO problem whatsoever with Le Grove, we are big fans of them in fact, just a rush of blood and emotion to the writers head. Thank You


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  1. I dont think i have seen arsenal play so horrible this season.i mean rosicky and denilson were horrible just kept giving the ball away arshavin was not alert at all he never recieved the ball his distribution was poor in short he shld be shipped back to Russia so far this season he has been weak . as for suqliaci he his a disaster he almost cause another goal if i remember well
    betnder for all his threat(that his leaving) he was horible and who should we blame Wenger period. his team selection shocking, his substitutions even worse removing song and leaving denilson and then to crown that he brought vela to do wat i wonder .In summary this was a match to forget

  2. Good writing fellow GOooooOner. But you were kinda harsh on Denilson. He forced some saves from the Goalie. But he still has to go.

  3. bosunescobar90

    @ moyo very well said.

    @ tornye, I doubt I was harsh, imagine if we dint have fab or theo on the bench. He only worked the GK twice and gave away 3 fouls in dangerous postions and one penalty. He really has to go.

  4. It’s a big worry that our B squad can’t get the job done so out first 11 can get a rest. Nobody is stepping up to put pressure on the guy ahead of him in the pecking order. Our squad will tire if the likes of Arsha, Deni, Rosicky, Squillaci, Eboue, Bendtner don’t step up. Or maybe they can’t? Well Arsene bought them…poor managerial display. I worry about Arsene’s ability to get this team pumped for games in which we should win.

  5. Lmao. Nice one. Immediately I saw the starting eleven I new we were in trouble. Thank God for Fabrepass and Walcott aka Okada aka 100 Metres Senior boys aka Footballer with no football sense, we pulled off a draw.#okbye

  6. top post mate…i understand your anger..Rosicky does not even deserve 1..he’s experienced and does not show it!

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