Leeds vs Arsenal: Player Ratings.

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At least we move on to the next round of the F.A cup by all means possible, not our strongest starting eleven but calm and normalcy was restored when V.Persie & Fabregas were introduced. Good changes from Wenger and at the right time too.

Szczesny-6.5: Couldn’t do much to keep out a strike from Johnson about 25 yards out. Commentator said if Fabianski was also in goal with him, they wouldn’t keep the shot out. Stayed calm at other times.

Sagna-8: Just when Leeds seemed to be getting a breather. He scores with a wonderful strike to make it 2. His 3rd goal in an arsenal shirt. Nice way to come back from a red card.

Djourou-7: Did well to keep the Leeds strike force quiet most of the time. Good play on air and also on ground. Really starting to cement his place in the first team.

Koscielny-7: Another good night for him as well. Combined well with Djourou when needed. Made some good tackles when needed.

Gibbs-7: Confident play from the english man, started the play that led to the first goal. Confident in both attack and defence.

Song-7.5: Strong in defensive midfield as always, distributed the ball when needed. Unfortunate not to score at the start of the second half. His physicality would definitely come into play when playing Barcelona

Denilson-5.5: Not a spectacular night for him. He was there to complete the string of passes when needed. Quiet during the first half and also major parts of the second half. Really needs to improve his total game.

Nasri-8.5: Man of the Man performance for The Barclays Player of the Month. Calmly slotted the ball in the 4th minute to score his 14th goal of the season. Good game for Temporary Captain Fantastic. Taken off in the 83rd minute.

Bendtner-5: Started out wide& looked lost most times. Wandered into the middle in d 26th minute and missed a ball whipped in by Sagna. Major highlight was the lovely floated ball to RVP to score the 3rd goal.

Arshavin-3: Another abysmal & lazy outing for the little Russian. Lost the ball in his first two touches, missed a strong chance in the 19th minute. Played with zero urgency during the second half.

Chamakh-5: Made Schmeichel make a super save with a strong header in the 10th minute. Came back to defend when needed. Needs to work on how to charge at goal rather than always looking to make a pass back.


RVP- 7.5: Came in to score the 3rd goal with a well placed header. Made it look easy. A little reminder why he’s the starting striker.

Fabregas- 7: Had an effect on the game the second he came on. Showed why he’s a world cup winner. Class.

Clichy: Not enough action to rate him.

See you in time for Wigan’s visit to the Ems on Saturday.

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  1. Fair ratings and although Arshavin and B52 had below average games I would’ve given them 4 and 6 as a rating respectively. Keep in mind the both ended the match with an assist.

  2. Arshavin worked hard tonight, looks like he wants to improve his form and for that he should be applauded.

  3. Common @Sjeille & @jonny…you guys saw the match, is average the attitude we need to win anything this season? Arsh & B52 have not really lived up to expectation this season and we can’t have that because we really have a chance to win something. Thanks for your comments. We appreciate it.

  4. I agree with the poor performer’s ratings for last night – Arsh, Bendy and Dennilson. I though Sagna was MOM, as Nasri was quiet for long periods, but good when involved

  5. Sagna and song were to me the joint MOM. Nasri has a gud game accepted but not as fluencial as as the duo. I was even surprise at song’s ability to conjor immaculate long range passes in night. Gud game over all.

    • I agree…nasri was great esp 1st half but drifted out of the game in the 2nd when leeds came back! it was Sagna and Song who held the fort…with denilson looking average again…giving it away too easily

  6. @ darlington and slugboy, you guys musthave missed the first 25 mins of the first half and the 2nd half too. All our play ran through Nasri. Sagna had an absolute stormer yes, and song did well but even the Elland faithful gave Samir a standing ovation. That says it all. Arsha-Denilson-Rosicky-Bendtner should leave in the summer, bring in Hazard-M’villa-Albrighton(maybe) and a proper CF

  7. As for M’villa, maybe you should google or youtube him, he’s 20, a DM, he has the most completed passes in the Ligue 1 this season with over 990 completed, he rarely ventures out of his half and he was the one that bossed Gerrard and Henderson when france met england at Wembley. He plays for Rennes

  8. You guys are such band wagoners. Arshavin has 11 assists for the season along with 7 goals. Get of his back. You don’t need to villify a player everyone season. He hasn’t been at his best but he isn’t really doing too bad. He is one of the leading assister in the EPL. Be a damn supporter and support him.

  9. Ridiculous ratings…Arsharvin was not lazy…he chase back a lot last night…get of the Arsharvin hating already…are you guys trying to drive him out? Still crying about not having the world cup? give it a rest! He played well was unlucky and his 1st touch let him down a few times but he is so close to a massive performance.
    Chamakh was outstanding chased dropped deep to help mids which allowed nasri to get forward including his goal…He doesn’t score and you rip him! He was so unlucky with the header.
    Bendy played by far his best game on the wing…he was solid his 1st touch was a bit better and he made some good runs including the one with the cross for the 3rd
    Why do you guys support arsenal so much if you hate so many of the players?

  10. @cupsui thank you very much. Well appreciated. But I think you and daniyal missed the whole point. Arshavin is doing the same thing if not worse than Adebayor. He has plenty chances in each game, and he fails to convert any. In the games which he scores or assists, dats all he does. And then he had 3 one on ones yday and spilled all of dem, that’s rubbish for a 29 year old. Movin onto Chamakh, he had a free header and he decided to nod it down, he’s good with his head and yet he hardly scores headed goals for arsenal, each time we attack, he passes the ball back, cue the north london derby. As for bendner, I admit d ratings are harsh but the writer has a point, he missed an open net, had only one forray in the first half, and he came alive in the 2nd with only one assists. My point is, no one remembers your stats or cares bout them if you don’t deliver constantly, all of you like trying and failing every year, we over here DON’T. We can’t always wait for that moment of genius, you get payed to do that so why not show it on the pitch. We Don’t hate Arsenal, we love the club, just too many mediocre or half hearted players. Maybe its you that doesn’t love the club by sticking to underperforming players.

  11. @Daniyal and Cupsui: I don’t entirely agree with you but I get your points. We are not hating on anyone here, we don’t do that because we love the club. Our love is what inspires us to publish these posts for our estemmed readers like you both.
    The fact is Arshavin put in so much effort last night but it just did not happen for him. But these ratings were based mainly on the output not on the intentions.

    @bosunescobar:Yes, you love the Arsenal but so do Daniyal, Cupsui and every other person whose comments appear here. Moreover, I think they are entitled to their opinions. You agree, don’t you?
    No one wants under-performing players at Arsenal. Yes,some players are not putting in their shifts but we can ONLY help by standing by them…even in their most difficult moments.

  12. Oh, yes they are and am not attacking them. Just that you can’t continue to say we’re been harsh on arshavin and co. Afterall you’re only as good as your last game.

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