Arsenal Vs Ipswich : The Player Ratings

A superb second half showing has us chanting ‘We are going to Wembley’ chants. It looked like a combination of bad luck and finishing with Ipswich 9-1-1 formation was going to turn this into a battle. But in the end, we allowed our class tell and two quick fire goals in three minutes set us on the way to Wembley. Below are the player ratings.

The only action he was involved in was leaving Sagna with a terrible blow to the head. Another comfortable evening as he’s bent on ending January without conceding a goal.

Another evening where the opponents forgot we had a left side too as he didn’t have to sweat at the back and did good going forward.

Commanding display from our best defender this season, was solid, tackled well and got the beating of his marker all the time.

Grabbed what is his second goal in an Arsenal shirt with a well placed header. He complemented JD at the back.

Lasted less than 15 mins as he took a blow to the head and had to leave the game.

Did very well in the midfield, rarely lost the ball which is even rare for the brazilian.

For his profligacy he would have gotten a higher mark BUT his pass for the opener was Sublime and of the highest order. Fabregas, Xavi and Pirlo would have been proud of the pass. Needs to work on his finishing.

Unlucky not to have scored more than one. Despite the rough housing he received from the Ipswich bullies, he still managed to dictate play and not only start the move for the 3rd goal, but kept running to collect the pass and score the goal that sealed it.

Arsenal’s much maligned attacker started the game in similar fashion, and it looked as if he kitted up just to frustrate the fans. And then came the second half. He was electric as he hand a hand in two of the three goals scored. He can breathe easy now.

He should have been more selfish tonight as he kept looking to pass the ball, and only has the headed attempt on the bar to show for all of his brilliant play. His presence in the box was needed and very essential.

WOW!!! That’s what came out of my mouth when he bent that curler beyond the reach of the GK, from the run, to the first touch and the finesse applied to the shot had class written all over it. Could have had an assist to his name if RVP had buried the cross he provided.



Not too good, and not too bad. Caught out of position almost all the time, thankfully we didn’t pay for it.


So folks, there you have it, Wembley awaits and I for one would like to credit Arshavin for a good display and for the two assists. Congratulations to the players for not losing their heads during the game despite all of the rough housing and poor officiating. Our quest for Silverware is almost complete.

From wherever you’re reading, have fun and please don’t drink and drive, if you must drink make sure its water. Cheers


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  1. Absolutely spot on ratings! Top post.

  2. Wembley!!!!Arsene Will get his hands on The carling cup, finally!! Emm I hope. Gr8 2 be in d finals

  3. Not sure if we were watching the same game!! Denilson was immense in the centre of the field, best game he’s had in a long time. Along with Jack our two best players on the night. As for AA23, plenty of willingness but no class, too many misplaced passes, needs to sort his game out and fast! I’d swap ratings for denilson and arshavin.

  4. @ Justin I understand where you’re coming from but you only feel that way because Denilson was playing around brilliant players like Cesc and Wilshere. He did ok, not spectacular and he wasn’t bad. Arshavin had two assists and you want to give him a 6??

  5. Only debatable rating was arshavin’s. Yes he had 2 assists but he was still rather wasteful. Comparatively speaking, bendtner, fab, wilshere and djourou categorically had better games than him. Remember, you’re rating his performance not just his stats.

  6. As a player, its your input that counts in the end. If his performance was not good enough then I think the two assists made up for it. And mind you, yours stats are part of your performance. Its like saying just because someone scored a hattrick in the last 10 mins and was anonymous for 80mins means he should get a low rating.

    • That’s a perfectly valid point. I actually agree with you but to give him a rating of 8- which is the highest rating given this game- doesn’t sit well with me. It seems rather misleading as it sends a message that he was the best player on the pitch. Of course we all know he was far from it.

  7. do u have any comment abt the devils with their 12th man. am fade up of z mankers lack.

  8. I totally agree with you as well. I gave him that because those 2 assists were what sealed the victory for us. Nothing more. Who knows, what if he didn’t make any assists, the game might have ended 1-1. Or not. But I see what you mean though. Your comments and observations are well appreciated. Thanks.

  9. Lord Okusami Itunu

    Let’s put d carling in d bag n d cup 2 drink some champagne!! It aff tey na

  10. @Escobar:I think a better way to solve d issues around Arshavin’s rating is to give other players like Cesc, JW n Nikky B an 8 or even more. That way you can justify everyone’s performances, Arshavin inclusive.

  11. i believe bendtner the ‘bender’ should have been given more credit.sparkling performance.

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