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Arsenal Vs Huddersfield : The Player Ratings

Not a vintage performance by any means, in truth it was a poor game despite us taking an early lead. Then came the hamstring to Nasri and the red card to Squid, and what seemed a routine win became a hard task.

We had to rely on Fabregas, our skipper coming off the bench to rescue us in similar fashion as the first leg of the last round against Leeds. Wonder if Denilson still thinks he’s a poor leader. Below are the ratings for the players.

Rusty as expected but should have commanded his area very well. If not for the one handed save he pulled off, the rating would have been lower. I blame him for Nasri’s injury as his long throw led to that.

Very poor game from the young english man. He got booked for dissent very early in the game and that hindered his performance as the League One side attacked his wing continuously.

Found his kryptonite in Squillaci again today as he was shaky and not as strong as he normally is with JD. Decent showing.

The question has become, ‘Can he do any good’, very poor outing from the frenchman, was slow to the ball on one chance that fell to Alan Lee and then stupidly stuck out his arm to execute a ‘Clothes line’ move on the attacker which got him sent off and put us in trouble.

One of the better defenders, did his job well, was not caught out of position, attacked well, but his end product was lacking.

One of our best players before going off early with a hamstring injury. Was running the show before then. We all wish him speedy recovery

Wish I could rate him lower. He was poor and pathetic, misplaced his passes and it was his failed attempt at a tackle that led to the run from the opposition which got Squid sent off.

Out of his depth, slow and rusty. Expected, but he didn’t help matters slowing down the play each time we attacked. Put in two solid tackles over the course of the game.

Worked hard, did his best but nothing seemed to work for the russian. Had a couple of shots charged down and gave the Huddersfield fullback a run for his money. Great last ditch tackle in the second half

The assist for the opener was all he had to show for 45 mins of play, won’t have been happy at being the one sacrificed but the decision was a ‘no brainer’ as he was poor.

Our best player on the day. Missed two chances, but atoned for them with a well struck goal that was aided by a deflection. Won the penalty that sealed the victory and worked tirelessly. Good game from the Dane.


I wasn’t happy to see him come on, he had only one telling pass to show for in 60mins of play, he ran around without much effect.

Played out of position as a CB and he helped steady the ship.

If there’s a better way to show leadership then I haven’t seen it this season. Came off the bench to show that ‘lightening does strike twice’ as he converted the penalty he had a hand in winning. In 20 minutes of play, he did better than all the players that started in the midfield.

Relief was how many fans felt in the stadium after the final whistle, hard to pick many positives from the performance asides Bendtner and Fabregas. Let’s hope Nasri’s injury is not serious, as we need him against Everton.

From wherever you’re reading, have a swell day.


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