Arsenal Lick Toffees : The Player Ratings.

If there was any time to show our mental strength and desire to win the league then that game was tonight. An early goal, in somewhat controversial circumstances threatened to turn the game into a battling one. But the lads came through in the second half following the introduction of Arshavin, yes, Arshavin! Here are the player ratings

Nothing he could have done about the goal. Other than that he rarely had anything to do in the game as evidenced by Everton’s 4 shots on target.

Good game from the full back, had a lot to do though as Rosicky’s lazy play did not make it easy for him, but he still managed to have a solid game.

Commanding display from our best defender this season. He was solid, tackled well and the ‘offside
Goal by saha was the only blot on his performance

Talk about twist of fortunes as he should not have reached for the ball that led to Everton’s goal. But he atoned for it with the winning goal. 2011 is turning out to be a productive year for him.

With Walcott’s help, he limited the effect of Baines but lost concentration on more than one occasion; asides that, nothing much on his part

Found the huge frame of Fellaini too much to deal with and the early yellow card did him no favours. He passed well as the game went on but had to be removed when the game got heated.

Lasted only one half as he pulled a thigh muscle. He wasn’t overly involved before then.

Another assist for El Capitano, he should have scored with a surging run but a poor touch let him down. Did his best to lead his charges and deserved to be on the winning side.

Showed a lot of hunger as he ran at the defence repeatedly but without end product. A fairly decent outing.

Poor, awful, appalling, I know all this sounds harsh but let’s admit it, he’s washed up. In 62mins of play, he made no telling contribution, but he picked up a yellow card and lost the ball repeatedly. Off you go in the summer. I pray.

Should have scored tonight if he only he avoided backing the goal each time we attacked. Warmed Howard’s palm with a stinging free kick and got the assist for the winner.


As I told my mates, bring on Arshavin and we will win this match. He might be lazy but I’ll take a lazy and half fit Arshavin to a fully fit Rosicky anyday. Right place at the right time to score the equaliser.

Had little or no effect in the time he was on.

What a change his introduction made. He helped out Jackie with some much needed meat in the middle of the park and helped control the game.

Lee Mason and his assistants100
They were the best players on the field, such w*nkers. Almost cost us three valuable points.

What a close game, despite the poor officiating from the referee and the injury to Alex Song, we dug in and got the desired 3 points. I’m definitely going to sleep well tonight.

From wherever you’re reading, have fun and please don’t drink and drive, if you must drink make sure its water.



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  1. Lol @ lee mason n his assistants…dey almost cost us d game…sure dey are united fans.! Good solid win tho…we really had 2 dig in!

  2. yeah…a little harsh on rosicky!!

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