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Newcastle Dent Arsenal’s Title Hopes : The Player Ratings

This game was the perfect example of ‘a game of two halves’, in which we were brilliant, breath taking to watch and played the best 45 mins of our season so far in one and we were abject and appalling in the other one. I give you the player ratings.


Had nothing to do at all. Barely touched the ball

Along with Arshavin, had a good game and was very solid at the back.

Against Lovenkrands and Best, he did ok alongside Koscielny and his good header for the goal was well deserved

Untroubled, kept his shorts white in the first half.

Linked up well with Walcott and provided an excellent cross for the 4th goal.

Head above shoulders better than the entire Newcastle midfield as his composure and ball handling skills were second to none.

Shielded the defence with good effect and even went forward a couple of times.

Arsenal’s skipper barely hit top gear in the opening 45 mins as he sat back and watched other attacking players do damage.

Totally unplayable in the first half. The speed merchant terrorised the Magpies back line over and over and a goal and 2 assists was there to show for his effort

He must have hated January as February has seen a player reborn, 2 assists and an array of sweet passes showed he’s not as lethargic as we claim.

Two unusual goals from RVP today, one with the right peg and the other with the head. Had a good half.


Despite conceding four goals, we had him to thank for 3 good saves in the half.

Targeted repeatedly in the second half as he was caught out of position more than once.

He would have gotten 0 but for the one tackle he made with the scores at 4-3. This dude takes the meanings of slow and pathetic to a whole new level.

For someone that said he enjoys playing with JD, the opposite was on show today with Squillaci beside him. He won none of the aerial battles and looked lost at the back

Guiterrez took him and Walcott to the cleaners over and over again and little was done to provide cover for the centre halves.

I don’t think I saw the little genius in this half as he was asked to play DM, the rest is history.

Diabyminus 100
As much as I don’t want to blame him for how we fell apart, its hard not too. A rush of blood to the head moment and he paid dearly. 4-0 up and despite it being a reckless challenge, he should have held it together. Has he cost us the Premier League??

Captain Fantastic was only one of those words in this half. He failed to rally his troops and calm the storm after the red card. When we needed a leader on the pitch the most, he wasn’t there. Can’t fault him though.

He played no part at all, pedestrian if you ask him. He should have lent his speed to help out the defence.

I doubt if he touched the ball at all.

It was obvious he carried a knock throughout the half and should have been taken off.


Gave away the freekick that led to one of the second half goals.

Not one successful pass, pushed over the defender and forced the ref’s hand to give a soft penalty. Utterly poor and then gave away the freekick which allowed Tiote to tie the game.

In less than 4 days we go from showing superb mental strength to playing like complete clowns and amateurs. Yes the referee was disgusting and Diaby acted a fool, but NO TEAM, I repeat, NO TEAM should lose a 4 goal lead in only 45mins. We were terrible, over confident and lacked skill or leadership in the second half. Just maybe just maybe we don’t want the Premier League trophy. Something really needs to be done with the referee’s as it continues to happen every game. First it was Lee Mason, now its Phil Dowd. God help us.

Your thoughts??


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