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Five Star Arsenal Spank Orient : The Player Ratings.

Virtually untested throughout the match.

Eboue 7
Going forward and defending he did very ok, was caught out of position a few times but it did not cost us.

Squillaci 7
Decent, protected the goalie well with Miquel by his side

Rewarded the boss with a strong showing in defence. Needs to add body mass to his arsenal though.

Solid showing from the english man, two assists, one directly and the other by winning a penalty.

Clean and comfortable in possession, no hurried passing and mistakes. Good to see that

Best midfielder on show, completed 47 of his 47 passes in the first half alone, and ventured forward when allowed. Hooked off in the 2nd half

Started brightly and provided the assist for the opening goal. Unlucky to be withdrawn due to injury.

Highly impressed with how the young man handled himself. His first appearance for the senior team, out of position but his industry and passing was pleasing to the eye.

Asides from grabbing the opener it was a typical Chamakh performance, laboured and always looking to pass instead of leading from the front.

Bendtner9 **MOTM**
65 minute hat-trick, Absolute class act tonight, way above his fellow striker. Started out on the right but scored all his goals when he switched to the centre or the left. He was virtually unplayable, maybe he wasn’t pleased to have been benched for the Carling Cup final. Great way to make a statement.


Came on and scored a belter of a goal for his second Arsenal goal.

Came on with the game won, had a few openings to extend the lead which he spurned.

Same as Nasri, thrown on to stretch his legs.

There you have it folks, we’re into the FA cup quarter finals and United at Old trafford awaits us. Let’s get them. From wherever you’re reading have a great night. Cheers.


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Its NOT Just The Carling Cup + Lleyton Orient Preview

Where to start from is the question I find myself battling with as I write this post. Three days ago, we ‘had’ won the Carling Cup before even playing a minute in the final, fastforward to now, and we find ourselves in similar positions, bottled it when it mattered, injuries to key players, comedic defending that has become the norm these days and oh yeah, we lost the Carling Cup in the most irritating of ways.

Much ado has been made from how much ado was made about the Carling Cup final. Stories like its just the Carling Cup, our season is still finely poised to win a trophy, Fabregas was missing and a lot of gibberish nonsense. Its either some fans are as un ambitious as the board of directors(who had the nerve to still remind us of how rich we are as a club on the after math of the loss) or we’ve been cursed as a club not to win trophies.

We all watched the match and its been 3 days so there’s no point giving a recap of what happened. But I’ll remind you this, ITS NOT JUST THE CARLING CUP, remember when United almost went three years without any silverware, they changed their fortunes by bagging the Carlin Cup first and look how it propelled them to win three league titles in a row. When will Arsenal learn???

Unto team news for tonight’s Fa Cup replay against Orient at home, in typical fashion after players err, Chezzer and Kozzer have both been dropped for the game and to me that’s unnecessary seeing as you need them to move on quickly and what better game to that than against lower league opposition? Maybe he sees Sunderland at the weekend as a better option, who knows. Like that isn’t bad enough, Robin ‘hardly fit’ Van Persie has been ruled out for three weeks with a knee injury, ruling him out of important ties such as the return leg against Barca, the FA cup tie against United if we get there. Does anyone still think we don’t need a World Class forward come summer or is anyone of the opinion, Nikky B and Chammy can fill his shoes? Maybe, maybe not.

There has been no word yet on whether Aaron Ramsey is back at the club, barring that, the midfield is likely to remain unchanged as I doubt if Fabregas would be allowed to take part in the game. Do we go 4-4-2 with Chammy n Nikky B upfront or play just one of them to prevent injuries, one thing for certain would be Miquel who gets to keep his place from the first leg, I’m not convinced about the young man but hopefully he can do a solid job.

Pick yourselves up, dust yourselves and move on quick is the only message I can pass across to the lads and I hope they heed it, after all its just the Carling Cup, we’re gunning for bigger fish in the league and Champs league.

From wherever you’re reading, see you in the quarter final at Old Trafford. Your thoughts?


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