Arsenal Choke…. AGAIN : Sunderland Player Ratings

We’ve seen it happen over and over again. Arsenal FC’s fetish with De Ja Vu’s is really appalling. How can you continue to blow away chance after chance to either win the title or close the gap on the leaders? Are we cursed as a club or is winning a trophy, any trophy unattainable heights for Arsenal or are our players werewolves and vampires (allergic to silverware)? On a day when polished performance by certain players is going to be overlooked due to failure to bag the 3 points. Below are the ratings.

One superb save in the opening 15 minutes followed up by another superb one in the closing stages. Showed no after effects of the Wembley loss.

Sagna 7
The only Arsenal defender shorn of mistakes the season. Another solid outing.

Djourou 7
Relatively untroubled asides from being on the receiving end of Muntari’s fingers n elbow.

Sloppy, shaky, erratic with his passing. Needs to up his game asap before the game at Nou Camp.

Had trouble dealing with Sessegnon early on in the game but recovered in the second 45.

Asked to play the fabregas role in the first 45 and would have been rewarded with two assists if not for profligate finishing from the forwards.

Diabyminus 0.00000001
Relatively useless, continually incurred the wrath of the Arsenal faithful by ruining counters and losing the ball. Shocking game.

Denilsonminus 10
Was he even on the field?? Oh yes he was, he was tackled poorly twice. Five years in the first team and no improvement whatsoever. Sad

Should have done better with the two chances he had, he can point to Bramble’s push for skewing that chance but a player of his quality should have scored.

Barring the excellent snap shot he had in the first half which the keeper did well to stop, he was a shadow of his former self. Still looking for his first PL goal in 2011.

Played very well in the second half, unlucky to be surrounded by the likes of Diaby and denilson, showed real drive and promise. Should have scored from a set piece. Unlucky.


Hit the post with a header when it was easier to score.

Over 15 minutes and no notable contribution. How he recovered from the knock against Orient surprises me.


I had to rate the lad, he was the difference between both sides, excellent showing, save after save. Take the plaudits son. Good game.

Referee & Linesman100
Both men receive the award for ‘Men of the match’ for excellent and error free performance from both of them. We need more referee’s like them.

Well, like we always say, keep the faith, we still have the game in hand and hopefully the scousers can do us one hell of a favour tomorrow against Manure. Your thoughts?


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  1. koscielny deserves more than 6 he had a decent game…bedner deserves less …otherwise totally agree…keep faith..

    • the guy clearly doesn’t like him cause koz played a blinder…do you not recall the moment when JD charged up on the ball gave it away it came to gyan in full stride…he looked like he was heading past koz, but he stayed on his feet used his pace and muscled gyan wide to where sagna was then JD came back to position…1 example of the great performance he had…

      some people just have it in for this guy

  2. @gunner Am almost tempted to agree.

  3. its jst pathetic dat we seem to have a problem beatin sunderland. dis is like manutds problem beatin fulham n chelsea’s prob beatin everton. wen these shitty teams have d belief that they can always get a point, dey’ll frustrate the whole game. i av always knwn diaby was full of shit dats y i wasnt fazed by the performance durin d week, knew he wld b back to wat we knw him for. denilson, wonder who stole his star. he used to b such a prospect. lets jst pray liverpool beats manutd tomor

  4. *sigh* I’m beginning 2 tink we are cursed…! Dint watch d game bt 4rm ur ratings I can c deir keeper played vry well… Is it dat most keepers raise deir game when dey are playn against us or we jus make dem look gud with our poor finishng? Against birmingham Foster played vry well bt with Rvp’s 1st half goal he had no chance… Y? Quality….datz wot we lack wen sum pple are not playn.! Jus a tot..

  5. Im not saying we played well today because for 70 minutes we were Sh1t, but we done enough to win the game, And if it wasn’ t for the Ref we would have. These are the type of games United have won all season- not playing well and getting results because of dodgy decisions. We weren’t looking for a dodgy goal today or a penalty, we would have won the game fairly, might not have been pretty but the job would have been done.

  6. referee and linesmen 100%.i hope dat is sarcasm?

  7. Obviously its sarcasm…..

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