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Two Down, Two To Go. Are We Going To Fold?

You’ll have to pardon what may seem like incoherence in this post, but I still haven’t been able to fully assemble my thoughts. I do honestly hate to say I’m not surprised about yesterday’s result but here’s the thing, I’m not surprised.

Granted we went to the Nou Camp with a game plan and I was shocked because it seemed to be working what was the game plan? To stop, or try to stop, Barcelona from playing and then in typical Arsenal like fashion(not being able to keep concentration for long periods of time), there was a moment of madness from the captain, a midfielder aided by our left back. I refer to it as a moment of madness because, I mean what else would u call a back pass in and around your own box 18 with the pitch full of world class talent like Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Villa all of whom would be expected to be in the very area where the ‘assist’ was given and as you would expect, our resistance was broken.

So what did we have to do? Attack, and it seemed like we would do just that as well in the opening minutes of the 2nd half (hence the goal) then Massimo Bussaca Just had to intervene, how u give a SECOND yellow to a striker who shot when the whistle had been blown in a stadium of well over 90,000 screaming fans is completely beyond me, that was enough to bury any flicker of hope left in the team, which is why we conceded so soon afterwards. I mean going against Barcelona’s hard enough with eleven isn’t it? But 10 against 12?!?

Don’t get me wrong, The Arsenal’s over all display was a disgrace but maybe that was so because, as regards the 1st half, they were trying something we never had seen them try before, to play defensive football and then other than this let’s not forget that there was enough pressure from us, with 11men to score a goal despite the fact that w couldn’t seem to keep or control the ball to save our lives! So with 11 men, there was always a chance that we’d get another but then the red card to the one person who has consistently pulled a rabbit out of the hat for us since December, this becomes all the more painful when one considers that moment where Bendtner could have eliminated Barcelona if Van Persie was on the end of that inch perfect Wilshere cross. Credit to Almunia and Wilshere, the only players who seemed to do us proud yesterday and maybe Nasri as well, we need more players like them on a day when our leader failed us.

And I have not even addressed the penalty, or lack of but do I really need to? But before I go, I’d just like to blame Arsene Wenger and only Arsene Wenger. Why? Next time, make topping your champions league group a priority instead of resting players after the third game. Result? We’re out of the tournament while Shaktar who topped their group, easily brushed aside a poor Roma side. That could have been us.

All this being said, I’m sure you have figured why I named this article as thus. Now I’m off to something more important, I don’t feel like being a gooner today, I smell darker days ahead, beginning with the FA Cup! I’d like to be wrong on that.

From wherever you’re reading, have a swell day. Your thoughts?


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