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Daniel Fiszman Is ‘Alive’, Wenger meets Kroenke & Key Trio Return

Do not be alarmed by the first part of the title, Daniel David Fiszman((9 January 1945 – 12 April 2011) who in my opinion is The Original Mr Arsenal passed away a few days ago after a long battle with illness, our condolences to his family & loved ones. As a 21 year old blogger & Arsenal fan, my knowledge of Danny is rather poor & limited to appreciate all he did for Arsenal in his time, so I’ll just say this, Danny to us Arsenal fans ‘lives on’ and will continue to be amongst us. The Emirates stadium one of his many legacies should serve as a reminder for all of us about how passionate this man was about his club and how he strived hard to take the club to where it is right now, albeit not single handedly. Gone but never will be forgotten. Danny Lives On.

So Arsene Wenger met with prospective owner Kroenke yesterday at the ceremony to honour the late Danny, wonder what the two must have discussed. Oh I know a few things Wenger might have said, 1) keep Fabregas from leaving this summer 2) don’t meddle in team affairs or I’ll go Tasmanian on you and leave 3) Same as number two. And Kroenke would agree with all and tell him one thing “I’ll provide you with the necessary funds and support, but I expect results and eventually trophies and no excuses whatsoever”. There you have it, the best 3 minute convo one could wish for.

We don’t play till sunday and our opponents are the resurgent Kop boys and am just glad we’re playing them at home, after the way they handled City on monday we might be careful the way we decide to approach them, but am not worried, with a full squad we should dispose of them easily and stop Carrol from becoming the first player to score against us twice in one season with two different teams. That would be a pretty cool feat for the youngster though.

Talking about full team and fitness, we’re boosted by the return of Chezzer, Song & Djourou and trust me am very excited to have them back for the run in and the three are most likely to go straight into the line up but sadly enough Sagna is struggling with a knock and could miss the tie so too is Rosicky but I don’t care if he’s out till 2035. Oh yeah not to miss out on the action and news, Tomas Vermaelen has a possibility of playing again this season, as reported by the official Arsenal website so don’t rule him out just yet, he’s going to be our saviour this season. Oh wait, ah nevermind.

Well, its a lovely day out there, so from wherever you’re reading do have a lovely day, if for no other reason the fact that its friday.
Your thoughts?

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