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Arsenal 2–3 West Brom (League)
Arsenal 0–1 Newcastle (League)
Arsenal 2–3 Spurs (League)
Newcastle 4–4 Arsenal (League)
Arsenal 1–2 Birmingham (Carling Cup)
Man United 2–0 Arsenal (F.A Cup)
Arsenal 1–1 Liverpool (League)

What do these games have in common?

Each of these games represent moments when we were sure of 3 points either before kick off or at half time. But at the end of the game, we managed to throw it all away.

We have mastered the art of using the self-destruct button so much that we cannot be sure of a win until the final whistle is actually blown.

I really can’t be arsed into writing another long report about a team whose players do not seem to care. We were unproductive yesterday; we scored from a penalty in the 7th of 8 minutes of added time. Yet we could not keep our acts together for just over one minute.

The question I keep asking is why this team messes up when the stakes are so high. Now we have moved from challenging for the title to a position where we are not sure of finishing in 2nd place. Yes, we are just 2 points above Chelsea!

If we win the League this season, I will celebrate it, but you’ll all agree with me that we do not deserve it. Man United have shown more mental strength than we have and if they clinch it at the end of the day, they earned it.

However, I’ll keep supporting the Arsenal, come rain, come shine, win or lose!

Have a good day wherever you are reading this from.
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