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Arsenal : The Right Players Not Superstars Are Needed

After it became clearer than a mirrored reflection that our season was going to end in ruins and possibility of not making the champions league group stage, the cries and moans for top signings and eye-popping(for Arsenal of course) amounts to be spent to get them became the favorite chant & anthem between disgruntled gooners. But like many devoted Arsenal faithful I beg to differ, allow me explain.

Ever Since the move to the Emirates, we’ve bagged the tag as the nearly men, in that we perform so good then when March comes( the business end of the season) we crumble and fail to cross the finish line. In any endeavors/sport/business no one remembers those that tried their best, its those that win or make it past the finish line that get all the adulation. So instead of going for Marquee signings, to which we have plenty of that not just in the right positions, I say we go for the right players in the departments we suffer the most.

Our defense has always been a problem ever since the Invincible’s defense retired or left and only got worse when Toure also left. Everyone says Vermaelen would have made a difference if he was fit, I say that’s arguable. He could have been a one season wonder or he could have struggled defending alongside Kozzer or Squid. The continued lack of height in our back 4 is also a problem even Vermaelen with his superhuman jumping skills can’t solve. Why? This season, we conceded over 22 goals from set piece situations which is the same amount we conceded last season with Vermalen fit. Moving on.

So what do we really need come July 1 and beyond. Here are the three important aspects that need to be addressed and the contenders I think we should consider.

    Tall bruising defender needed, someone good at both offensive and defensive set piece situations. Must be a vocal leader on the pitch and in the dressing room.

    Candidates ~ Christopher Samba, Gary Cahill, Mamadou Sakho, Phil Jones, Leighton Baines
    Most Likely to be Signed
    Christopher Samba : Fits into the role, at 26 is at a ripe age, vocal leader and no nonsense defender capable of playing as a striker also. Only flaw or worry is when it comes to Champions league football as many think he lacks the experience. So does everyone else we’re linked with.
    Leighton Baines : Had a stellar 2011 and has been linked based on Clichy’s stalling on a new contract. Would be a welcomed addition, I don’t no if he’s an improvement on Clichy defensively but he’s not error prone, his attacking play is unrivalled in the league and is a set piece threat.

    Combatant, ball winner, leader as well, can hold his own if the likes of Fabregas and Nasri are missing. Seeing as Denilson’s depature is imminent along with Rosicky and maybe Diaby we need at least ONE midfield signing with word inside the club that some youngsters would be promoted (the likes of Miyaichi, Lansbury, Emmanuel-Thomas).

    Scott Parker, Eden Hazard, Stewart Downing, Alvarez.
    Most Likely To Be Signed
    Scott Parker : on pitch leader and dressing leader, premiership experience and able to make the transmission between attack and defence. At 30 is the kind of signing we need for this young team and he wouldn’t cost much.
    Eden Hazard : has repeatedly flirted with Arsenal and at 20 and ligue 1 player of the season he might just fit well into our system. Nasri is still stalling on a contract and Hazard would be a great signing as he’s first of all, a classic winger equally adept on both wings and can play just behind the striker.

    Fit goal scorer needed, someone with quality, that can bag the goals with another striker beside him or alone. Must be consistent and not injury prone, and hardworking.

    Gervinho, Falcao, Benzeama.
    Most Likely To Be Signed
    Gervinho & Benzeama : Two players AW has highlighted as interesting and the kind of players that would fit into our style of play. Both young, both agile and capable of bagging goals. Gervinho is not what you’d call a proper striker more like an attacking forward that can play behind the main striker or on the wings in a 4-3-3 formation.

So there you have it, not superstar signings but key and important signings that just might be what we need to get us pass the finish line. With money coming in from impending departures, and at least 40M transfer budget, lack of funds cannot be used as an excuse or the lack of players. Come July 1 let’s make these deals and at least pacify the fans.

From wherever you’re reading, have a wonderful day.