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Fabregas, Nasri & Arshavin To Leave? What Happens Next?

The inevitable is looking all the more likely to happen this summer. From a club challenging on all fronts to one unsure of Champions League football next season and now the possibility of losing key first team players. All the pre summer talk has been about how Arsene would rebuild and bring a squad capable of completing the task. Now he has to face his worst nightmare which he’s been dreading ever since a certain 16 year old Fabregas joined the club.

Its no secret that he wishes to return to his boyhood club, and watching them lift the champions league again for the 2nd time in 3 years must have had him wondering what could have been if he had left last summer. Who can blame him? All we do is talk about how we must end our title drought while Barca continue to rack up trophies. I’d say we should let him go, there’s no guarantee we would win a major trophy next season and he knows his addition to the Barca squad even if it means bench time(which is impossible) he’s willing to do that. So I say, get a good fee for him, he’ll be a big loss but no one is bigger than a club and everyone is replaceable no matter how long it takes.

Moving on, the curious case of Samir Nasri, he blossomed into a world beater this season after 2 average seasons and became a toast of his mates and colleagues in the league. Now what amazes me is how we allowed his contract run down to this point without extending it earlier seeing that we tied down senior players and extended contracts yet we left him out. Now the ball is in his court, and he can do as he sees fit. But what I don’t appreciate from any player is greed and ungratefulness, rumours have it he’s demanding to earn the same as Fabregas which sincerely, he doesn’t deserve, what if he doesn’t replicate the same form next season? Even if he does, he’s still not worth the £110,000 he’s seeking.

This has led him to publicly say that he’s keeping his options open and a move to rivals United or any other English club is a possibility. Such disrespect. Arsene has refuted such saying if he doesn’t sign he’ll sell him but not to United or City to avoid a Flamoney situation. My guess is if Fabregas leaves, Nasri might get his wish as he would become the primary playmaker but I’d prefer he leaves, he’s already leaving a sour taste in the mouth of fans.

Arshavin is next as he’s seen as expendable, his perceived laziness on the pitch and non challant attitude continues to infuriate fans and are fed up and have called for him to leave. This I OBJECT TO STRONGLY. Yes, he’s lazy, yes he’s detached from the squad but people are missing the fact that he was a more creative force than Samir Nasri this season and even Theo Walcott, not just goals alone but by his assists as well. So even if he’s lazy and 30, I say we give him a new contract and keep him on the bench, I’d rather we have Arshavin on the bench than some inexperienced youngster, besides we can generate enough funds without selling him as well.

AW has cut his holiday short to revamp his squad, Whatever happens this summer window, I hope we can assemble a strong squad that can compete AND win something come the end of next season, with or without the aforementioned trio and that can only happen by getting the right and experienced players with a winning mentality.
A new dawn is arising at Arsenal this summer and we all hope its one that promises better and the emergence of players like Wilshere, Djourou and Szczesney only has me salivating for the new season. Let’s make it count.

From wherever you’re reading, have a swell day. Cheers

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