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Lay off Wilshere’s Back! Rosell’s retarded + Gervinho News.

Now I heard some of the most ridiculous sporting comments I’ve ever had the dis-honour to, this past week and surprisingly they came out of the Barcelona camp.

It’s amazing how a club that claims to ooze class can be so classless in its attempts to do business, isn’t it? This time the travesty is in form of one Mr. Sandra Rosell, now what Mr. Rosell, Barcelona’s president by the way, stated was that Cesc’s value had gone down since last summer, due to wear and tear *pause* really Sandro?

Are we referring to the same world of footie in which a certain Henderson is worth £20million and Andy Carroll,£35million?!?!

Are we speaking of a lower priced Cesc in this same world that has doled out ridiculous prices one…well…players eh Sandro? Please Sandro, do us all a favour, shattap, crawl back under that board room desk and do what board members are known for doing, sitting in box seats and watching games they know next to nothing about.

Mr. Rosell went on to say that “Cesc is of Barcelona and if I were the president of another club, I wouldn’t sign a player who holds dear the colours of another team”

Maybe I have amnesia but didn’t a certain Thierry Henry refuse to play against The Arsenal? Why did you sign a player that is Arsenal through and through Sandro?!? Cesc played against Barcelona, twice and even scored on one occasion.

Now if I were Cesc, i would have to think this through carefully.
Barcelona keep telling the world in one breath that he’s theirs and in the next that they are buying a diminishing player. Do they expect that he’d grovel at their feet anytime they are ready to come for me?

I suppose you get the picture, and I think it’s strange, and not unconnected, that these words came forth in the same week where Cesc all but said he would stay for at least another year.

Now we’ve all heard of the imminent arrival of Gervinho who’s said to have signed a 4-year contract. I do think he’s a super talent, well done Arsene….however….err….Arsene? We didn’t particularly have much of a problem scoring goals, conceding however……err….nuff said!

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying an attacking player isn’t welcome, especially one of his undeniable talent but until I hear that a Chris Samba or a Gary Cahill….or both or defensive players of that calibre have signed for the club, don’t expect me to do the cat-daddy on my office desk with joy!

One more before I go, after England’s abysmal showing at the U-21 World Cup, some people (on twitter at least) took it upon themselves to blame Jack Wilshere. According to them, Wilshere’s decision to opt out of the mundial denied the England team of arguably the biggest player in the tournament.

While I understand their sentiments, it should be known that a certaon Andy Carroll also chose not to go. So why is everyone on Jack’s case? Do you get paid for hating on Arsenal??

It is worth noting that Wilshere isn’t the man who set up the academies in England which produced those inefficient players.

Also, last time I checked, Wilshere isn’t the last name of the muppet in charge of the team. I honestly cannot fathom how a team with £20m Henderson and £16m Phil Jones did not make it past the first round. They could not hold their own against their far cheaper but way better Spanish and Czech counterparts.

Yet many fans were slating Wenger for not doing enough to sign these two average players. You better thank God for what you have.

That’s it mates, it’s another Monday and I really struggled to get out of bed to prepare for work. I really can’t wait to retire!

Have a great start to the week people.
Arsene should make us happy before it runs out.

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