Arsenal to miss out on Falcao and Samba?


I think it’s a fair assessment to imply that we Arsenal fans have become used to a certain calibre of players being associated with the club during transfer windows.

I know, as an Arsenal fan that when a star name is involved, say someone like Benzema or Sneijder, I expect Arsenal to be bullied by other clubs. I also respect the amount of work that Wenger has done on a shoe string budget; I mean, scouting the world for inexpensive talent, grooming them to fit, and still keeping the club competitive isn’t quite an easy task.

However, I believe there is a limit to the tightness of this budget. If we cannot attract the Neymar(s) and Pastore(s) of this world, we should at least be able to afford a player like Odemwingie (no disrespect to the Nigerian), and be able to keep our own star players.
According to a source close the player:

Peter is not happy that, while the Gunners are willing to meet West Brom’s transfer fee, there will not be much change in personal terms. The club is proposing what he considers to be peanuts for him”

While we cannot exactly judge what “peanuts” in this case means, we know the way these things are at Arsenal. Flamini left on a free because of wage-related issues; we gave arguably the best left back of his generation, Ashley Cole to Chelsea simply because he demanded a “slight” increase in wages. The top defender we got in the deal with Chelsea, William Gallas was also lost to Spurs because of difference in wages. As I type this piece, we are on the verge of losing Nasri and Clichy over the same wages issues.

It is high time Arsene realized that the world does not move the way he thinks; I mean in a world where Yaya Toure and Tevez earn over 200k a week. Even Balotelli earns more money than RVP! Would you then blame Nasri for asking for 110k? Or you think these guys do not know what their counterparts take home?

Yes, I get it, players should be committed, be ready to make sacrifices… but put yourself in their shoes; can you confidently say, you have never thought of getting a pay rise at work or even contemplated quitting a low paying job for one with a better pay packet?
It is the way the world works, footballers are in this game for two things, the glory (trophies) and the money but at Arsenal, you do not seem to be getting either of those.

Take note, I am not too excited about the idea of signing Odemwingie, neither am I in favour of over-priced players or expensive signings. I just feel the club needs to be a lot more flexible with its wage structure. A few thousand pounds here and there doesn’t mean the club will go bankrupt all of a sudden, does it?

Fans hoping we can bring Radamel Falcao to the Emirates this summer can as well forget about it. I very much doubt he’ll leave Porto this summer, but even if he does leave (assuming he moves to England), I can bet my pension it will be to Chelsea. This needs no explanation, I suppose but just to make my point clear. Last month Falcao says he is committed to the Porto cause, but when his manager Andre Villas-Boas resigns two days ago, with an eye on taking over at Stamford Bridge, Falcao suddenly becomes open to a move to Chelsea. Simple logic tells you Villas-Boas may be bringing some of his Europa League-winning players with him from Porto, same way Jose Mourinho did.

Okay, let’s assume he was undecided on whom to join between Arsenal and Chelsea, you and I know that when the bidding war begins, we’ll get pushed aside, not because we cannot match Chelsea’s bid (or can we?) but because they will offer better, or dare I say, more realistic wages. Falcao is a top class talent and is someone that will really improve our squad, but at 70 or 80k per week, with the tax situation in England? Sorry, he won’t sign!

I do not know how long it takes to sign a player but I should think we take the longest. Gervinho has been close to signing for us for over two weeks now and yet, there is nothing official. While some are reporting that the deal has been done, I won’t believe anything until it appears on

And for all the noise of being also “close” to signing Christopher Samba from Blackburn, we learnt that the club has just slapped a 12million price on his head, albeit after admitting the lad wants an Arsenal move. One begins to wonder, how close were we then? Will still go ahead to sign a player he values at 8million for 12million?

Lots of questions arise from these events but there is only a few I can take for today. A lot of names have been linked to us; from the obvious (Gervinho, Samba, Cahill), the surprising (Eto’o, Ricky Alvarez, Benzema), to the outright ridiculous (Barton, Taarabt).

But for all these, we have only signed a back up right back from Charlton. We have not gotten rid of the deadwood a la Denilson, Almunia, Squillaci, Bendtner, Eboue yet. If anything, it only comforts me, knowing that it means there is a lot of business to be done in this transfer window.

This post comes off the back of a sleepless night, no thanks to this terrible cold I have. It’s a cozy morning in Lagos today; I’ll just take advantage of that and begin my “night”.

Have a great day wherever you are reading this from.

See you in the comments!

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  1. Spot on post!! Take horlicks for d cold #okbye!

  2. Top post mate. I really don’t understand the gervinho transfer, over 3 wks to sign one player and to think player movement will total like 9 and we’re moving at snail’s pace for one then that’s sad. If Samba goes to another club then Wenger is a bastard and must resign for his stubbornness and stupidity

  3. I agree wt u r sayin bt a manager wil alwys take a step aftr thinkng abt d club

  4. I agree wt u r sayin bt a manager wil alwys take a step aftr thinkng abt d club future wt is good n wt is bad

  5. All I can say is dat its a damn shame! We can’t compete comfortably for a player wit the likes of manutd, chelsea, barcelona, real madrid

  6. I couldn’t agree with your post more, the frustration felt be every Arsenal fan is is so obvious, its actually becoming laughable. It is now the 22nd of June, pre-season will start in the next couple of weeks, surely if a manager is planning new signings, he wants them with there new squad for pre-season?, Everybody & their dog knows that Arsenal need a number of new faces, PROPER PLAYERS, yet we are at the end of June, searching through all the various websites for a glimar of hope that maybe Mr Wenger might just have signed a top player, when you know in your heart & soul that the most likely transfer news is that Aresnal have signed a wonder kid aged 15 from Honduras or Tibet or somewhere. Ah well another year of Paul Merson &Jamie Rednapp explaining why Aresnal wont win the title, as if we didn’t know why…….

  7. Top post, i agree 100% i dont understand how other teams can snap up a player practically overnight whereas use gooners have to keep googling “arsenal transfer” religously or refreshing skysports etc to see if we’ve actually done a deal!!!! and surprise surprise the last day of the transfer window we’ll have signed 3 wonderkids that will help us secure a trophy POSSIBLY in 5-10 years time! tbh i admire wengers transfers and diligence (albiet frustrating at times) and not being suckered into buying top class names, we never heard of fabregas, viera, henry etc and they became world class, i really hopes that his investment in youth ensures that players remain at the club and not jump ship as soon as another team declares interest and can offer an increase in pay!

  8. Great post! Very true! I don’t tink we r goin to sign anybody worthwhile dis season and to expect extraordinary from ordinary playas is a farce! Am sorry to say dis as much as it hurts! I tink arsenal will suffer the same fate as last season…

  9. Stevo SPOT ON with your comment.About Paul Merson & Redknapp. Every flipping season they say the same thing like we don’t know our own club. Wenger has repeatedly shamed Arsenal & Arsenal fans worldwide. We can’t even argue with our rivals cuz before you know it, they go you haven’t won anything so shuttup.

  10. The ONLY way forward is to replace Wenger. We need a fresh manager with fresh ideas. Can you imagine Chelsea / Man. Utd. etc, putting up with a manager who has won NOTHING in six years?

  11. All I pray is dat gervinho doesn’t turn out like our malnourished ronaldo. I wonder wat arsene is lookin @. Prob we aint lookin @ d same team sheet of high school skill-leveled defenders.

  12. We should all get used to the arsenal by now,I’v already zeroed my mind on the fact that we would lose out on some-if not all the players we get linked with. It happened last year and no matter how many protest or beautiful write ups on blogs world wide,pleading for wenger to see the light,it would still happen this coming season,and its painful cos there’s nothing we can do about it,Fans can’t buy players.So gear up and brace yourselves for promotions from reserves and unknown faces….IT IS THE ARSENAL WAY…*smh*

  13. And strangely, don’t forget that this same Wenger while negotiating for his own contract extension last time, demanded for an upscaling of his wages. What he denies others he assiduously covets. This stingy man denies his players money and trophy at same time – and also denies fans the only thing they can cling on – JOY

    I’m surely for sacking Wenger. His time is over and past. He is a tin God at Arsenal and behaves as if his exit will be the nd of Arsenal!! Most untrue. When Rijkard exited Barcelona last time many thought that Barca was finished. But Alas!! Pep came and the world has continued to see the best of footbal ever.

    Wenger should just be made a commercial director of some sort and leave football management to modern minds. Even his economic so called ‘self-sustaining model’ will soon collapse as Arsenal with their current diminishing forms will no longer attract any serious commercial investor. That is why the Arsenal BOARD’s only option is to increase ticket fees or sell properties!!! So much for this kill joy man called Whinger!!!

  14. Wenger has to go and he has to go now. Yes he was a great manager, but no silverware in 6 years and still no decent signings. The Arsenal fans have had enough. No wonder the Emirates is only 85% full and don’t even get me started about the 6% increase in ticket prices. What the hell is going on at this once great club?

    • kipper its exactly that and in the coming season we may fail to remain in the top four with Lpool rearming, Man city buying Hotspur coming, im not sure of next season.Attracting new players is very hard to Arsenal coz of wages.

  15. Nice post, agree with all ur facts and I feel ur pain, was wastching a rerun of premier league world the other night and wenger was interviewed about the collapse of our season and he kept stating stupid facts like we hv the best away record the best defence from open play but we still ended up 4th and trophyless. I pity him thou, so much pressure. I would love if stan kroenke showed some commitment by investing some of his money into transfers. Then the man will have no excuse. Still think a lot of good deals are available Eto’o, being one of them, he said he is looking for a good project and not the money, sounds like a wenger phrase, also scotty parker, rumour has it Drogba could be available I would snap him in a heart beat.can’t wait till the window opens…..

  16. Everyone on hear who says wenger should go is talking sense. The man has to go. Everyone knows that! We are becoming a laughing stock of a team.

  17. personally my biggest transfer wish was the former porto now chelsea manager……….
    it now doesnt get worse dan d fact that the most potent striker d world will eva see is not going to play with the team which could make him so…………. what a shame .

  18. Is there anybody that knows definitively the reason for the lack of movement in the transfer market. I have it narrowed down to three possible reasons (a bit simplistic but there you go). No 1: the club has no money to spend, which considering they are one of the few clubs that boast every year about turning a profit (not trophies, A PROFIT), I find this hard to believe. No 2: Arsene Wenger’s stubbornness to spend proper money on a player because he would rather go down the safe route of acquiring a young player & if he works out he is a genius & if not well the it didn’t cost much. Or No 3: Are the board more interested in balancing the books than giving the manager the money?. If I where a betting man (& I have been known to have the odd flutter), I would bet on number two. Surely it is time to stop beating about the bush & praising Arsene Wenger for what he has DONE in the past & face facts. Yes he has brought through some great players, but think about it, these are low risk, nobody has heard of them when he buys them so if they don’t work out, they wont bankrupt the club. I was reading this time last year about how disgraceful it was that the club has gone 5 years without a trophy, well wake up another year has passed. Take a real risk Mr Wenger & buy some proven players or if not & yes I’m going to say it, maybe its time to join French TV & do a bit of co-commentating…..or maybe we will all just save our posts for next year………..

  19. @ SteveO you’re bursting my brain with your comments. I couldn’t agree more. Option 2 is what I’ll go with. There’s never proof there’s money, asides word of mouth and they never highlight targets so that when they don’t buy anyone they get off easym we’re not even guaranteed Champions league next season not to talk of a trophy meaning by default, we’re headed for season 7 without a trophy. I say we bring about role reversal and revamp in Arsenal. Replace wenger with a good coach and a proper plan B, get him a sporting director or David Dein to help with the transfers and then put Arsene Wenger on the board where he can continually help with the increase of club profits

  20. But shouldn’t Arsene be given one more chance to clean up this mess he’s created?
    Everyone has been talking of getting a new manager, can anyone suggest any AVAILABLE manager out there that’s better than Arsene.
    It may be a cliché, but sometimes the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.
    Top top comments, mates.

  21. I hear what your saying Escobar but the only flaw I see is moving Arsene upstairs, he has a severe complex about spending money on players, so if he moves up & a new coach comes in he will then become part of the voice of disaproval at spending on players. Dont get me wrong I am not anti Arsene Wenger in any way what he has done for Arsenal is amazing, but the key word in that sentence is DONE…sorry to state the obvious but we were in contention for four trophies but end up having to qualify for the Champions League by finishing fourth, Come on. & the worst is we all know why this has happened & we dont have to receive a Premierships managers fee to know why either……

  22. One of the most fantastic posts i’ve read abt arsenal since d last season ended. Well, i can bet with my MBBS certificate that Wenger isn’t gonna sign any of those boys linked with d club, except maybe Gervinho. I’m having d feeling he’s going to be our only signing & perhaps reason they keep dragging making a deal till say d last day on d transfer window, so d attention on him would av overshadowed d fans’ craving for other players! No attempt made 2 sign a better goalkeeper than we have. If Fabiansky & sceszny(pardon me if they are wrongly spelt) are still gonna be our goalkeepers for next season *chuckles*, another trophyless season awaits! Let’s just keep loving the club. Good job, & use some doses of chlorpheniramine for ur cold.

  23. True that Steve. Another great point again. What he has DONE!!! Its all in the past, 6 years is unforgivable and the prospeect of a 7th is just gut wrenching. Sometimes as a coach its not your own doing but by the quality of players you have. Some of our first team players should be back up to propeer players because that’s what they are and will be in other top clubs, instead at Arsenal they are the backbone. Just the right signings no one is asking for 40M signing. Imagine if we had bought top centre backs & goalkeepers last summer I’m sure we would have won something, our attacking play was wonderful but at the back we were sad and porous.

  24. Hi mates, thanks a lot for the comments… most appreciated.
    I have been wondering though, does the fact that no club is willing to take any of our supposedly first team players a la Bendtner, Denilson, Eboue, Almunia, and Rosicky, show how poor we are as a team?

    Or is it merely an evidence of Wenger’s patience, or probably his stubbornness to stick to something even if it’s clearly not working?

  25. I’ll ask you one simple question, how many of these players mentioned have you had on you fantasy football team? Remember they are playing for a top four team…( well top four for the moment anyway) even as a faithful Gooner, I wouldn’t pick them.

  26. We should have bought players by now if we really remember the frustration of last season.I think Barca is fooling Fab. they cant offer the right price for him, and keeps frustrating him. David villa was shouting about Fab joining him but its like he is also being pushed to the exit. Without a well proven defender(s) and a DM plus an all round striker our wait for a trophy will continue.

  27. If Wenger fails to sign quality player, Arsenal fc empire will collapse. Fan will boycot matches and everything will go bad.

  28. LOL @ SteveO, the only person I have on my fantasy football team is Van Persie and he’s my captain, cuz of him I won my fantasy league. We need at least 2 players before preseason commences

  29. Good article and a realistic one.It is a sad truth that money is destroying football,the wages,the cost of transfers and the price of tickets are all super inflated.Look at man city a small underachieving club taken over by a billionare who gets them tevez and champions league football.Financially we cant compete in this crazy market and to be honest im kinda glad.Dont get me wrong i would love to see benzema at arsenal and i think he is worth the 20million price tag,but look at torres for 50mil henderson who is useless for 20mil and compare them to are stars.If henderson is worth 20mil than jack wilshere must be worth 35mil?Im glad that wenger scours the globe for top talent whether it is young or old and shapes them into world class players while simultanesouly challenging for all trophys.In fact wengers only weakness is his slightly one dimensional idea of how football should be played.I firmly believe that if we sign gervinho and samba plus a defensive midfielder we will win the league.Remember barcelona at the emirates how we mauled chelsea and city,we are not that far away.In wenger i trust.

    • what is the need of moulding then selling…and making players unhappy(fab n nasri)…i think u r mad like wenger…so u r talking about bendtner, vela(cannot even secure first team in west brom), gibbs(full of injuries), denilson

  30. wenger is a fool.. i hate him for life. al the games he throws water can..showing his frustration for his stupidity..i think wenger is a curse upon arsenal.The worst thing is that he is here to stay and thats kills me..i cant even imagine…the usually story the comming season…’we were not good enough’…’poor deffence’…’goal keeping’…’we have a very young team’…f*** wenger…after all he also cheated on his wife.

  31. LOL @ Mike I understand your frustration, but no need to insult him. Wenger sucks at motivating his team, he never sgouts out instructions on the pitch, he never gets animated the only time he is is when he wants to complain to the 4th official. Instead of galvanising his team, he constantly fights with water bottles. We’re becoming a mediocre team where everyone expects us to fail and then we deliver.

  32. We are going backward ,I tell you things are going from bad to worse ,

  33. Great blog. If we do not bring in new blood, the results will be seen on the pitch. It will be as last year if not worse. Maybe as a football club, the powers to be are happy enough with this scenario. As a fan of over 40 years, I am not happy.

  34. Thanks and God bless for all the comments. You guys should please bookmark the blog so you can get posts as they come. And updates as well. Or possibly exchange links. Thanks again

  35. As an ass fan,am used 2 da frustration bt i really hat wenger when fans commit suicide due 2 his failure.

  36. I think d problem with arsenal is that wenger isn’t getting enough sex.That dude aint thinking straight. Pls do get him a pornstar to bang d shit outta his balls:)

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