No Gervinho, Samba Begs To Leave & Vela Survives The Chop

As I said a few days ago on twitter, the ‘deals’ for Gervinho & Samba are about to rival that of Arshavin & Nasri in terms of how long they took to materialize. We’ve been linked with the Ivorian for God knows how long and yet nothing of substantial evidence to prove it. It was reported last week that we had agreed personal terms and all that remained was a few and it would all be sorted out this week. Unless my calendar is faulty, then today is the last day of a working week.

Pre-season starts in a few weeks and teams have bagged some if not all their signings and they get to blend with their new mates before the pre season starts and here we are, not one person has moved out of the club & not one has moved into the club(please don’t say Jenkinson), all is well with the world. Are we being lied to? Or are we part of an elaborate joke that will have Arsenal sign 5 players in one day and go ‘BAM!!! YOU’VE ALL BEEN PUNK’D. If only.

Unto Samba the 2nd of the only targets we’re sure the club is after, we should have gotten him in January but Wenger’s frugality & failed psychic powers(along with that of the physios,that claimed TV5 would be back soon) we failed to.

Now its proving a problem, B’burn have sold Jones and are not about to lose his defensive partner and club captain without having any suitable replacements so we’re at an impasse. BUT have no worries, he made a cry yesterday night just like Moses did to the Egyptians that he be let go if Arsenal comes along. Oh did I mention we’re the club of his dreams, nope, not Madrid or Barcelona. Goody!!! Arsene make it happen. 12M is not too much you know considering you spent 10 on the average Kozzer.

Of the many facing an exodus at the club, our curly haired doll faced Mexican has just been told he’s not one of them after using another of his many lifelines to survive the chop. I’m a big fan and I blame Wenger for his poor development, deploying a fox-in-box-striker on the wings a la Bendtner.

Going into this weekend on a disappointed note but it was premeditated so I’m not hurt, we’re about to be reduced to scrambling for transfer info for the next few days. Also there’s a report that is planning on closing the fans forum on the site, apparently the fans have hurt the feelings of the club chief Gazidis and Wenger with their cry for improvement. What a world we live in aye? Notice how I did not mention the derisory £31M bid Barca made for Fabregas. Caroll worth more than Fabregas? You must be retarded.

From wherever you’re reading, hang in there, its tough and depressing but so have the last six years. Have a splendid day.


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  1. It’s confirmed, the fans’ forum site has been closed. Hence, I’ll continue my ranting to the club on twitter…

  2. Top post mate…my exact sentiments. i hope we don’t wait until the last minute, get in one player coupled with the usual “we couldn’t get anyone to sign” speech from Wenger.

  3. Obyno arsene nwankwo

    AW isnt da probs,it is de money monger @du helmls.dey r gambling like judas who thought jesus would disapear.


    Indeed the management of Arsenal need to sit up and realize the pain that they are putting we the fans through, transfers always begin with us being connected to the best of players but we always end up with excuse me to say the sh*ttiest of players…..eventually our allegiance to the club will dwindle and i know the club doesn’t want to lose its faithful supporters

  5. Obyno arsene nwankwo

    Dey r happy,they’v got a magician coach. Mourinho will be religated to div 2 with de team dat AW is handling. Sure!!

  6. Obyno arsene nwankwo

    @Andrew,Arsene is rubishin his reputation with dis management. Acording to forbes,Da fifth richest sporting club n da 3rd richest fball club. Huh.

  7. I want to belief we fans are been deceived.Talk of who need signing most,it is Arsenal.Yet, we sign no one.Are we not been taken for granted? They are liers!

  8. I think cesc shd take a hint from all what the barcelona board is sayin. Dey don’t value him as a good player. Irrespective of the shit torres was playin, chelsea still shelled out 50million pounds for him its a damn shame.

  9. they should close d furum if they want, unti arsenal is relegated b4 we understand that wenger is not d rioght man 2 handle arsenal

  10. pls don’t let anyone fool us . Fab what more than this offer

  11. To all Arsenal faithful: As much as Arsene Wenger still remains at the Emirate,we will have to endure lots of frustrations. I had said it,we need a passionate coach/manager. Wenger is neither. Let’s hope&pray he leaves soonest,that gunners’ glory may return. GUNNERS FOR LIFE!

    • I don’t really understand what the attitude of wenger, at least he should have learned from his past consecutive mistakes of six years and he is extremely profit oriented mind as a trader which is good but when you make it beyond actual it brings great damage, now it is time to transfer well experienced players around the globe and also keep those good players of the club like Nasri . Strikers may be Benzema and defender Samba/cahill so such players are very important to the club and see also what other English premier league is doing like Manchester unted and others too.

  12. Can’t help but agree with most of the comments on here today. We’ve become sunderlaand and liverpool under benitez, having the poorest of first team players in terms of ability. Its sad. Anyone else here gets baffled by how wenger never gets animated with his players while play is on, instead he takes it out on the fourth official and the bottle of water. Sad.

  13. Um very disapointd what are we waitin for? Why is Wenger and è management nt moved by è fans cry? God pls soften Wenger’s heart for hs decisions are hurtin a lot of ppl

  14. I really do not know why it’s taking us so long to sign someone. Even though one valid excuse is that players are still on holiday, it is worth noting that Ashley Young cut short his break to sign for United. We can only hope Wenger has been working behind the scenes and our wanted signings will be unveiled before pre-season starts.

  15. Wenger is only taking fans through hell.I stl wonder hw fans over there manage..I wore a man utd jersey ds week nd was greeted by other utd fans cz of their achievemnt..the fans matter a lot AW nt d board and the money being made..

  16. Barca are just making fun of can they offer that for him? Teams that wants to win trophiies are now buying players Man United have captured Young that shows ambition.Arsenal will keep surviving on roumours to keep the fans expecting untill towards the end of transfer then we get some unknown player.Getting fourth place may not be easy next season so lets keep the promise coz i for one have failed to know exactly wether its the Board or AW who is our enemy number one but definately one of these is our enemy who doesnt want us to smile.

  17. Young cut his holday short because a deal had been agreed with the club meaning the deal was clear to happen. That hasn’t haappened with aany of our targets. See how united handled Phil Jones, can’t we just do something like dat?

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