No Asia Trip for Cesc|A suitor for Denilson|Henry yanking them off

Begging for a move?

Begging for a move?

Morning everyone! You all must be bubbling with positivity following news of Gervinho’s 8th medical in less than two weeks. Yesterday’s episode look more feasible though, and as such we expect an announcement before the week runs out.

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Now to business, reports emerging last night suggest that our want-away captain will not be on the plane with the rest of his colleagues on our tour of Asia. Cesc has returned to training but has been working on his own.

This is because of a hamstring strain he supposedly sustained over the holiday.

Now there are two faces to this argument. The optimists will say like Gerrard for Liverpool, his injury has prevented him from going with us.

The other party will decide that Cesc has got “wantstojoinbarcanitis” and is staying behind so as to make his exit out of the Emirates easier. He won’t want to be flying from China or Japan when Barcelona seal the deal.

Each party has got a point and should be allowed to air their views. It’s only of time before we know who is right. What I think? Naah…it does not matter, does it? Whatever will be will be.

Moving on then, we may have finally found someone to take our Brazilian “winner” off our hands. The Daily Mail has reported that Villareal is the latest team that has been affected by our voodoo.

I call it voodoo because it will take a “special” team to want to sign Denilson. Apparently they want to sign him as a replacement for Marcos Senna.

I honestly do not care if that’s the most ridiculous thing anyone could do, I’ll willingly give Denilson to any takers. Having one of our players constantly booed whenever He approaches the Emirates isn’t something I’m looking forward to.

Okay, this bit isn’t exactly Arsenal news, but it’s definitely Arsenal-related. Last night, Thierry Henry was on the score sheet in New York Red Bull’s 5-0 demolition of Toronto in the MLS.

Titi’s strike after 33 minutes was his 9th of the season and it led the way on a night the goals rained heavily. The French man has been in excellent form this term and last night’s victory sent NYRB back to the top of the Eastern Conference.

My “love affair” with Henry while I was younger is something that makes me laugh to this day. It was the highest level of obsession you can think of, and I used to celebrate games Henry scored in…even if Arsenal did not win. That’s all in the past now.

I had to include that part because I cried my eyes out the day he left, fearing for the future of our club. I can never love any player that much! But as we all know, we carried on just fine, even though we have not won any trophies.

Whatever happens this summer, even Cesc and Nasri leave, this club will still be a force to be reckoned with; as long as the available players are ready to play their hearts out…even if it’s a team of infants.

Haha…I am that crazy!

Keep believing, wherever you read this from.

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  1. I think Cesc was begging to come to FC Barcelona! All Barcelona are begging for that to happen, too. We love you Cesc!

  2. Top post mate. Might wanna notify me next time you know. I’ll have your head for this. I’m glad Gervinho is as good as a gooner. For those not excited, 15 goals 10 assists should make you happy and don’t say its the french league. Not even drogba or nasri or bale nani managed this feat. As for nasri, he should forget a move. As for Cesc, he too should if baarca doesn’t pay the 40M. Cahill to follow maybe?

  3. Nice post mate..
    players come , players go… but ARSENAL remains!!

  4. I dont selling both cesc and nasri to teams dat have interest in them be it man u , barca or chelsea so far as d price is right… Doz guyz are failures cus they have never met d target set 4 them by arsenal….so what make them thick? Just bring in new guys wit right attitude and mentality 2 help us lay our hand on trophy dis comin season..

  5. @Harriet: You are definitely a Barcelona fan, and you should know something. We won’t keep Cesc against his wishes as long as you guys provide the cash. Cesc can leave us, but only for the right price…£40m +

    @Escobar: Haha..i beat you to it this time. People seem to forget that Nasri and Drogba came from the same French League and could not even boast of such stats when they arrived.

    Ad: Thanks mate. Do call back more often, and yeah, Arsenal remains!

    Darlington: selling Cesc or Nasri to an EPL team will disastrous. i hope Nasri stays and plays centrally. We can spend the money from Cesc on a proper winger.

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