Gervinho in an Arsenal Shirt|Nasri Isn’t Leaving|Gibbs is our new LB.

Gervinho has signed for Arsenal and he will sport the number 9 jersey for next season. He is a great signing and will score lots of goals. *insert deep sigh*

I wish I could happily and confidently tell you that the deal has happened. I wish I could give you more than just a link to the above image which is probably fake.

Unfortunately, his signing has not been confirmed even after supposedly having a medical on Thursday.

French sources claim he still has some issues back in France and his signing should be announced in a few days. One begins to wonder how long “a few days” will be. I cannot wait to see him in an Arsenal shirt though and in a legitimate picture for that matter.

Meanwhile, Sky sports understands that we have agreed a fee of £22.2m with Man City for the sale of Nasri. As “credible” as this source is, it will take more than just their “understanding” to make me believe this story.

Add this to the fact that just yesterday afternoon Wenger was quoted as saying he will do everything to keep both Cesc and Nasri. There were even reports that Nasri has been offered £110k per week to keep him at the Emirates.

How Wenger made a complete U-turn in a matter of hours is what beats me. And taking into consideration how Sky sports have been “understanding” that Cesc’s deal to Barcelona is almost done, I’m not surprised this story has come up.

The team will be travelling to Asia soon and it will be interesting to see who is on the plane and who is not. Wenger expects Nasri to be part of the touring party. Said he,

…Yes, Samir is going on tour. He is not injured, so he is going on tour. We will take the strongest possible squad.”

Japanese teenage sensation Ryo Miyachi is also expected to feature at some point. And as we told you in our last post, Cesc will not be travelling. No story in here, Wenger says he’s injured and I believe him. Fabianski, Eboue and Bendtner may also miss the tour.

Wenger also suggested that Kieran Gibbs will be promoted instead of splashing out cash on a new left back. Opinion on whom our new left back should be is split, and this decision will surely anger some Arsenal fans.

I don’t think Gibbs is a bad player but I doubt he is ready to play in the EPL week in week out. Having said that, a run of games may see him improve drastically.

I expected us to bring in an experienced left back, Wenger decided to promote Gibbs. This trick worked with Clichy when Ashley Cole left; it remains to be seen if Gibbs can prove us wrong with CONSISTENTLY good performances.

Following the failures of last season, we all expected a summer of additions to an almost perfect squad; not having to replace our top players. Now most fans are wondering, will Cesc leave? Should he even be allowed to leave? What happens to Nasri in the event of Cesc’s departure?

Does Wenger still know? Why are we taking relatively long to sign players? Is our interest in Mata strong enough to bring him to London? What formation are we even going to play next season?

These are some of the questions I have asked myself these past weeks. Honestly, I am eager to see how we begin next season with a stronger team than the previous campaign. Or will we?

Keep the faith wherever you are reading this from!

Do let us know what you think in the comments.


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  1. Goonerboy123

    Unfortunately ‘it’ (Clichy stepping up when Cole left) did not work. Clichy could not cross, could not defend and could not score. All he could do was run fast and was never in the same league as Cole. Gibbs has potential but is not for now. Wenger is saying and doing all the wrong things at the moment and, unless he has learnt from the last six years, I fear the biggest shit storm is heading our way.

    • gibbs is good and he can cross. he needs to work on his defence a bit but he had a mixed up season which didn’t help. He is a good player though and Thomas Vermalen is a LB aswell so i don’t think arsenal really need a LB as i said at the end of last season but at least one CB and preferably CB/DM is required…Vermaelen’s Ajax mate would be perfect. Micah Richards too…get him he loves Arsenal…then we just have to wait until the cesc/nasri saga gets sorted. I wish Nasri wasn’t such a spoilt little brat because he is class…and i think its time for cesc to go and that makes me so sad to say as he is the man!

    • daanish maharoof

      by time to you did not do it last season by now we will be champions from the premier League Arsene wenger did not sign anyone we won nothing for six years without trophy at last we have signed someone class we should keep clichy at the Emirates wenger has to go back to city and to get him back if he don’t we will be like last season win nothing Gervinho is good great signing for the Arsenal club we need someone as a striker what is gervinho sguad number at Arsenal

  2. Gervinho is damn ugly

    • i wonder whether u mind about the beauty or the goals!

      • Gerv ugly? thats a sign of good things to come arsenal’s way come this season. the fine boys (bar Sagna) we’ve been parading have not delivered. let this guy, who obviously is not a narcissist, show them how to win ugly.

  3. it’s not on sky sports ….It’s sky sports italia.. do u really think Italy would have the story before the English sky sports.. the amount of BS surrounding arsenal is actually getting boring … especially some of it is from our own fans????? if it happens it happens let’s just wait till it happens….. according to sky sports in Thailand arsenal have signed messi … ha ha 🙂

  4. Pls mr wenger buy 1 left back becuase when gibbs have injury

    • your right cuz sometimes we don’t concede because our opponents are very strong as opposed to us bu because the defense is very lose.

      besides, chamakh ain’t a striker for a strong team like arsenal. he’s by the way better off in the mid field cuz the kind of ball he plays is very good for our midfield. but striking, not even a trial.

    • i hope u don’t forget Armand Traore

  5. @Tola sagna has competition for ugliest lad at Arsenal. So long he can perform like Sagna I’m good. I don’t believe he’ll be given the no 9. A lot of number changes will happen so expect new numbers.

    Notice how I did not say anything on Cesc & Nasri.

  6. “Clichy for Cole” worked brilliantly and i expect “Gibbs for Clichy” to work too. Might not be the same quality, but the fullback position should be the least of your worries, its the easiest position to promote youth in, in football. Liverpool got about 2 or 3 new fullbacks into their firsteam last seaosn, (albeit through injury) and they all stepped up. Not amazing, but competent. its surely not giving Arsene sleepless nights, his thoughts should be on Cesc. Nasri, the strike-force (Bendtner leaving, 442 or 433, moving theo upfront) and proper center-backs.

  7. I think signing gervinho only is a good ideal what of alvarez or nasri and cesc they are no more leaving

  8. 1.Clichy neva replaced Ashely..
    2.Wenger is a confused coach
    3.Gervinho?..seriously…do u guyz eva dream of de premiership
    4.No signings = no trophies…
    5.Y aren’t u guyz worried bout Arshavin, might leave too…

  9. i am only waiting to see wenger land K.Benemar at emirates just as he promised, then i will enjoy the premiership with all my fall support of the giant Arsenal with no complaints whatsoever.

  10. I think thats a photoshopped picture of djourous body, with gervais face on it…

  11. I don’t think Arsene wenger knows what he is doing.Arsenal fc can not do without FABREGAS/NASRI for now,the team needs these guys. Get MATA,STEWART DOWNING,[PETER ODEMWINGE ,BENZEMA,EDEN HAZARD or LUKUKA] CAHIL / SAMBA or ANGELO and VIVIANO or GIVEN.There is money in Arsenal,so why not use the money to get these guys and let us win somthing or is the money your fathers money [ ARSENE WENGER]. Arsene wenger,please true Arsenal fans are not happy with you just like the players are not happy with you too.Do what you know the fans went you to do,buy good players and win big,that will also make you happy. YRY IT NOW. Thanks, ARSENE WENGER.

  12. When Cole came in he was nearly the same age. I can not think of any English man who can not cross the ball since it comes in their genes. The player we have not mentioned all summer long is DIABY. What the hell is going on with this dude. Could be his year, if he takes Fabregas’s position. I think that if he stays awya from his silly injuries, he might be all what we need in midfield. I am sure that he could do it if given the confidence and status of Fabregas. I think that we are fine in the midfield central area, if we throw in Frimpong with Song, Ramsey, and Wilshere. All those players have a special drive in them. They are fighters and scared of nothing. Diaby can be the Attacking midfielder. Attack is well covered except for the left wing. We really need a left winger that can come in, even if Nasri stays, since he will be sharing the mid role with Diaby or covering for his injuries. Mata is great. Add Cahill to a back four having vermaelen, djourou, and Koscielny, and we will be extremely fine. Verm can cover left back as well as koscielny

    • you cant think of any englishman ??…. Walcott cant cross for shit

    • Diaby! You are JOKING right? Lazy slow and almost always gives away possesion. Diaby, Squillaci, Rosicky, Denilson, Almunia and Bendtner all have to go if we are genuinely serious about competing for the Premier League. Its the toughest league in the world. Everything must be absolutely right – last season we carried that list as a dead weight & it cost us trophies. No more weak lazy dead wood – clear it ALL OUT & stop the heavy burden on players like RVP who have to carry them each year!

  13. Hmm.. the image looks real. Has someone photoshopped the image of Sagna and put Gervinho’s head on it? We’ll know for sure if he has signed once it’s announced on

  14. Wat of nasri? Wat are the chances that he wil stay in arsenal. As for Govehor i hop d guy can do beter, not like the stupid signing dat winger did by signing chamak. And also he should sign more players

  15. gibbs is more of a defender than clichy but am worried about his injury record

  16. Don’t be suprised if gervinho deal turn up dead.believe me arsenal is finished as long as wenger n co are in charge

  17. george h mbeya

    Gibbs is injury prone. We cannot rely on him throughout the season.

  18. Hmmmmm …my fellow Gunner, i think without an experienced LB to replacement for Clichy and a better central defenders like Vidic/Fendi or Puyol/Pique well maybe TV and Cahill can be this? kocielny to the LeftBack position (he will try and do his best) Djourou,gibbs, eboue on the sub.

    Midfield, Well i think if Cesc want to go he should just go for that 35m besides being an injury i dont think he still love being a gunners, i can sense reluctancy in his game last season.
    Nasri, after making such comment about us nothing winning trophy and doesn’t care about his weekly wages increased or not …even if he stay with us for next season, he will also be playing with reluctancy like cesc did last season and you can only see the best of him if we are in the title race with maybe 10 games left of the season and 3 points lead between us and our rivals could be any team…so i hope these two lads should leave, for God’s sake maybe these players are not destiny to win trophy with Arsenal so i am seeing them as a liability or bad fortune to us.
    We can replace cesc and nasri with Hazard and Mata respectively with money we were paid for these two ingrates and let wilshere show cesc that he is better than him.

    Attack, Gervinho? okay! if he sign, walcott and RVP on the attack …and NB56 should go along with Denilson so we we can get just Gerv and Cahill this season and if nasri and cesc goes mata Hazard…we will be best trust me.

    • yes buddy! i very agree with you. maybe it’s time for arsenal to try another way to win.

  19. Good points by everyone here so far. I’ll just chip in with a few points.
    1. Gibbs is no where as good as Clichy. But Clichy wasn’t when Cole left and wenger took a risk that paid off. Let’s hope it works with Gibbs. I’m not in support of making him first choice, why?? He can’t defend, he’s a left midfielder turned defender. I hope he’s not going to be a ‘Marcelo’

    2. Vermaelen would not play LB. Why? You don’t play your best defender out of position even if he can play there. That ends that.

    3. Nasri is not going anywhere, according to wenger but who knows. Anything is possible.

    4. One last thing, please vote for us ‘Memoirs Of A Gooner’ as Best Sports blog in the Nigerian Blog Awards. Here’s the link . When you vote, you’ll get a confirmation email, open it and click on the link. Thank you and God bless.

  20. i have been reading all week that gervinho was to sit medical and i think the public should be told what exactly has happened. something is not right here.

  21. Maybe Arsene wanted to announce a couple of new additions at the same time. I thought the medical was usually the final part of completion. If Gervinho still had details to iron out then they wouldnt have started a medical would they? I also think its risky to expect Gibbs to step into Clichys boots. If Gibbs gets injured who else do we have? Whats happened to rebuilding our defence as 1st priority? Wasn’t the Samba deal almost done? And Cahill? Confusing times for Arsenal fans – with all our rivals wrapping up their deals in days, we have had ambiguous press releases and long drawn out transfer dealings.

  22. Arsenal was the first football team I ever like, it’s kind of sad seeing all of our key players to want to move away from the Emirates stadium. Anyhow, I think that players who don’t want to wear the gunners shirt shouldn’t wear them… though seeing Cesc and Nasri go all at the same time will be a little devastating if we don’t find a replacement. Sighs. Anyhow, Arsenal for life!

  23. Yusuf Ayodele

    WELL WELL WELL Arsena wenger finally sign gervinho but i think he needs to sign more players so that arsenal would have a good replacement and he should solve the disease killing arsenal he should look for antidote of injury problem only arsenal last season used up to 4 goal keepers in a season while Mancheser united,Real madrid,Chelsea make use of only one goal keeper through out the season so i guess wenger should solve the injury problem before it start affecting arsenal again next season……….

  24. Is it just me or does he look very unhappy in the photos?! :/

  25. It seeems our comments are not necessary, because for years ,gunners knows what needs to be done but it seems the board and mr. wenger do not care about our comments.until they start noting our comments,arsenal will be a nursing club to city and co.NB;Arsenal board do something for arsenal is bigger than Man city and co.

  26. Fiker alemnew

    I my self not fell comfort with the squed,beacuse see what others club do and what our team is doing. That’s why i don’t fell comfort. But if we 2 striker,2 midfiled and 2 definder we should have comfort. So, mr winger please consider what the fans fell. We alweys insulted by other club fans. We need tropies&we need change!

  27. Wenger in other words he a big joker coz Clichy was the best left back, Gibbs is not well enough to stop the heavy loaded wingers in Europe. Therefore he must buy another left back. I hope Gervinho will perform unlike Chamakh who came to cost our Arsenal and sad enough is that Wenger has still maintained him as a striker. Players like Diaby, Squilacci, Rosicky, Chamakh must leave the club for the betterment of the club. GOD BLESS OUR ARSENAL.

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