Wegner To Sign ONLY Three Players + Bendtner & Almunia Leaving Arsenal,

Top of the morning to you gooners worldwide, its a shitty day from this side, horrible & unpredictable weather but that hasn’t stopped the media from feeding us lies and us from reading every story on every one we’re linked with, even the useless ones.

The team has finally left for Asia and almost everyone is on the plane barring Fabregas & Eboue(injuries), Diaby, Fabianski, Bendtner & Almunia. The exclusion of the last two mentioned has prompted everyone to believe they are leaving the club and are in talks already, so expect them to be gone before the Emirates cup begins. I wonder why Denilson wasn’t left behind, probably no one wants to buy him, I suggest we loan him out or relegate him to the reserves. Good to see the likes of Miyaichi & Frimpong part of the traveling party.

When giving his press conference before leaving for Asia, Arsene had this to say about potential additions to the squad

    “We are working very hard on it, the best thing is not to talk too much about it, the more you speak about things, the less chance you have to achieve it. The only thing I can promise you is we will work very hard & we’ve had some long nights to achieve what we want. My first responsibility is not to lose players and then add to make us stronger, let’s hope we can bring in ONE or TWO quality signings

Either I misread that last part or what Wenger means is that we’ll buy 5 players but only 3 would be quality. I don’t see how everyone sees the changes that needs to be made yet the man in charge of the team is blind to them. I do hope we get at least 4 quality signings especially if Fabregas leaves. Let’s hope Gervinho is an Arsenal player by the time the next post comes up, as he’s already had 351 medicals already.

I’m off to go get a hot cup of tea as its raining bullets right about now. From wherever you are reading have a swell day and stay tuned for our first pre-season game against Malaysia XI on wednesday, I’ll give you more info on that later. See you in the comments.


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  1. As annoying as him not wanting more than 2 or 3 new players, its d way he behaves. He’ll never change unless God sends him a message. I don’t understand how oblivious he is about the critical state of the team. Amidst all the news spreading, he hasn’t mentioned a defender or a keeper for that matter. Is he blind? Is he insane? Dis belief he has in his untalented players is a mystery to me

  2. pls help us beg wenger to buy .cause i am tired of all dis lies.

  3. Wingermust by 5 player 2 striker,2 defnder&1 midfile

  4. “We need benzema&david villa”.

  5. What ever you want Wenger,but i olny want you to buy the experience leftback.not Kiran Gibbs and Carl Jenkinson.

  6. wouldn’t take “one or two” literally… Wenger is always dicking about keeping the press, fans and everyone else guessing.

  7. Wenger, you were almost born out off your senses, Who are you who can’t purchase more than 3 players and yet it is not money from your own pocket? We need at least 5 new players in the club and not only players but skilled players who are ready to light fire in the team. You must also know that we, Arsenal fans we are tired with French signings the way you do. If you keep on with your daily lies that u have hope with your normal squad, then I am sorry for you. We need new players this season or else the Board of Arsenal MUST SEND YOU OUT AS A COACH next season.

  8. Wenger we trust you as a professor of real soccer, in shot you are like Pep Guadiola of Barca because they play same game like mighty arsenal.prove it Arsene we believe you can do it coz you’re still have the unbeaten record,so make a history by setting a new one.

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