DENILSON IS GONE!!! | Fabregas Kidnapped & Barca Dont Want To Pay Ransom + Transfer Rumors

Morning gooners all over, I have some good news and I have some bad news and I also have shocking news, I’ll just hand it to you hot, or cold like the weather today. Arsenal’s much maligned and un-brazilian brazilian is leaving the club, Yes, Denilson is leaving Arsenal, finally. That’s the good news. The bad news is he’s only leaving on loan. His former club Santos have agreed to take him on a year long loan. I hope he never returns, unless he wants to sit and rot in our reserves which at the moment he’s not even good enough to play in. That’s one down, Bendtner, Eboue, Almunia to go.

Remember how we said a few weeks back that we got nominated for Best Sports blog in the Nigerian Blog Awards, that’s another good news, well we did not win,(the other bad news) I don’t even if we came 2nd or 4th or if we were leading the polls and like Arsenal we crashed just before the polls closed, oh well, it was good to be recognized in the first place. And a big THANK YOU to everyone who voted.

To the shocking and quite hilarious(to us gooners) news, apparently we are kidnappers as the Mayor of Fabregas’ town has decided to wade into the ongoing debate of ‘Let Fabregas Go’. He had this to say :

    ” We want him to come right away, he is experiencing a kidnapping, If the English are so honorable, they should behave properly”

First off, I think he was high when he made this comment, because if making someone the highest paid player in the club and earning loyalty of £2M a year is ‘like kidnapping‘ then I really hope they kidnap me forever. And to add to this, Arsene is not English, the club might be but the potential owner and coach are not so p*ss off. But if we are indeed kidnappers, every hostage has a ransom fee, and until Barca meets that fee, he remains a hostage.

My only disappointment in all this is that Fabregas hasn’t come out to stop all these silly and derogatory comments, instead he’s keeping mum which is disrespectful. If he really wants to leave and has told Xavi and co’ that he’s depressed, he should also tell them he’s worth £50M or at least pay the £45M the club is demanding. He’s losing respect of the fans as each minute passes.

Theo Walcott has come out pleading to be played as a centre forward claiming he’s ready to reveal his ‘Thierry Henry’ so as to be the other 15-20 goals a season striker in the club, a claim I wholeheartedly support. He gets a lot of stick for someone playing out of position and despite that he still does well. Play a couple of strikers on the wings and let’s see if they’ll flourish. I pray Arsene listens to him.

Transfer speculation has been rife in the past two days with reports linking us to Costa Rica U-20 striker Joel Campbell and we’re in advanced talks already, I just hope we bag him and avoid another Alvarez as other clubs have also met the asking price but the lad seems keen on wearing Arsenal’s Red & White. Get him Arsene, and be quick about it. Here’s a clip of him, you should enjoy it, Joel Campbell In Action

The Daily Sun also has us linked with Romelo Lukaku, the belgian starlet widely tipped to join Chelsea and seen as the new Drogba. Apparently officers of Anderlecth met with our officials yesterday after we tabled a £14M bid. Read more about it here Arsenal Bid £14M For Lukaku

It would be a major coup if we could get him, at 6’3″ and just 20 with 38 goals in 71(not sure about the stat) he could fit in well especially in January when we lose Chamakh & Gervinho for the African Cup Of Nations. Yup, some of you have forgotten about that. Imagine the horror of having Van Persie injured during that time……

From wherever you are, have a swell day, I wish I could wish the same on me. See you in the comments.


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  1. We need billy sharp from Doncaster Rovers rather than another foreign mercenary

  2. Billy Sharp??? You’re joking right??? Do we look like Leeds United in League One????

  3. Lukaku and another unknown guy. Smh. Lukaku is ok.. Since he said he wanted tall players, let’s see him sign them. I want signatures not speculations .

  4. Lukaku and another unknown guy. Lukaku is understandable since wenger wants tall players. Anyway, I don’t want mores speculations. I want more signings. By the way what happened to us signing defenders. :s :s

  5. Karl Karma Marx.

    (1)The Wenger I know will never be unfazed by so called Barcelona’s chit-chat. (2) The departure of Denilson is a good ridiance of bad rubbish. (3) I think Eboue deserve some respect, becos he has always given his best right from his day one with Arsenal. The likes of Bendter, Diaby, Rosiscky & Aluminia have also tried, but their is need for them to move on. (4) We hope to see Joel Campbell in Arsenal Jersey, but I really doubt if that will come to realistic.(5) How sure is this writer that Wenger bid for Lukaka. If real, Wenger shouldn’t play pranks on the guy.

  6. @Karl I did say it was reported by the sun. You can open the link to read it. I hope its true. As for eboue he has my respect or rather he can have it when he’s far away from arsenal.

  7. up arsenal jst 1 to go dat is febregas let him go

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