Jorgensen deal close + One player we should not sign.

For all the talk from Wenger at the end of last season about strengthening the defence; and Gazidis’ latest comments that we have a “substantial” amount to spend on players, we have had no action.

Just recently, managers of Cahill’s Bolton and Samba’s Blackburn deny having received an Arsenal bid. I find it hard to believe that Arsene has not shown interest in any of these players or any other top defender for that matter.

Of the two, I prefer Samba because of his no-nonsense attitude and his build. Granted, Cahill has better skills on the ball, but I believe we already have ball-playing defenders.

It’s time we signed a destroyer in the mould of United’s Nemanja Vidic. Samba also costs £12m, £5m less than Cahill. So we will be getting exactly what we need at a cheaper price.

One signing we should not even consider at this time is Oxlade-Chamberlain. At £12m, he is too expensive if he is just “the next Walcott”.

Don’t get me wrong here, Theo Walcott is a good player and he’s improving too, but I just feel we need to sort out the original Walcott before bringing in a “next Walcott”.

Also, with all the youngsters we have coming through, signing Oxlade-Chamberlain makes little sense to me. The money can be used to attend to a more pressing need, a centre back.

If reports are anything to go by, Wenger will press forward with a move for FC Copenhagen captain Mathias Jorgensen. Jorgensen, only 21, at 6 foot 3 inches is a defender who has already won titles with his side.

I have not watched him play but he looks like a bargain at £5m. A deal for him is supposedly close, but so were deals for Alvarez and Joel Campbell. Let’s hope we can tie this one, and quickly too.

Wenger has always defended our lack of transfer window activity with the state of the club’s balance sheet. I was just wondering, no one demanded £50m signings, just the right players in the right places.

To get these players we need to spend, but with the right players added, we will win trophies. Trophies in turn generate income into the club, don’t they?

Isn’t that what we all want?

That’s all from me today, Faf returns tomorrow with a preview to Saturday’s game against Cologne.

Any thoughts on signings we should and shouldn’t make, please post them below.


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  1. plz mr wenger get dis samba guy 4 us………we r sick and tired of dis close close deal plz, make dis deal official..and valencia av dicided 2 sell juan mata so get ur boy we r d favourite 2 land him plz

  2. All this talk about defensive players. We need attackers in my own opinion! No one wins anything if you can’t create/score goals. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the Juan Mata issue. Apparently Valencia made a statement he’s up for grabs & iv watched Mata play, I think he’d do great in an Arsenal side.

  3. I have said it before that i will not trust arsene about sign this or that unlest is official ..

  4. Yh we really need samba at the back he is a very wicked defender. But i still have my fears for gibson replacing clichy.

  5. “I’ve not watched him play but he looks like a bargain”. How can he look like anything if you’ve not watched him play?! Again hype being generated (like Campbell) when no one really has a clue if they’re good or not (YouTube clips can make Heskey look good).

    Poor article, just re-iterating what’s been said for the past 6 weeks. Yawn.

  6. We’ve always needed to score more than we have conceded. It’s our style of football as Wenger says that allows our defence to be more exposed.

    However, when we were winning leagues, we had players that got back, I remember Henry coming back and picking up the ball and midfielders that tackled, got stuck in and didn’t act as second strikers ( Mr Fabregas) and not my job to tackle because i’m an attacking player (Mr Nasri) we had someone to control the middle not necessarily a DM, now we have no one.
    So without a team that works at defending or getting the ball back, we damn well better get amazing defenders.

    Plus, what kind of coaching do we have there that can’t sort out the set piece defending over 5 years?

  7. @Millz, i think “feels” rather than “looks” would have been more appropriate…takes nothing away from an excellent post IMO.

    Who really knew Sagna, TV5 or Eduardo when they signed?

    You will agree with me that at 21, you need to be special to be captain of a trophy-winning side.


  8. Trexgunner – “Feels” like a quality player? Are you kidding me.
    How?? If he’s that good why hasn’t he been linked with anyone before, and why when we had him on trial we decided to send him packing. Sure he’s captain but in the Danish league. That’s like signing the captain of a league 1 side that just gained promotion. It doesn’t mean squat.

    It’s not that I don’t trust AW, it just amazes me the hype
    generated by nobodies. Not only that, but the poster would rather pay £5mil for a Danish league defender that he knows nothing about rather than try to sign chamberlain. Shocking.

    Also, what needs sorting out with the “original” Theo. Last season he scored 13 and assisted 8, and was injured for a chunk of the season. Pires bettered this tally on 3 occasions out of 6, and played between 5-15 games more on each occasion, and pires is a legend who played with us at his peak. Walcott is the most underrated player at arsenal. Sure he has off games but we as arsenal and England fans expect way too much too early.

    I like all arsenal fans would love to see an experienced commanding CB signed. Don’t care who, just one with bags of experience, who’s 6 3 minimum, and has a no nonsense approach like TV5. Speculating about samba and Cahill is getting boring.

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