Mata no go|More Players to Leave|Cescgate drags on.

Morning all!

The new signings us fans expected have not been forthcoming, but the decision to rid the club of players deemed surplus to requirements seems to be building momentum.

Asides the usual suspects, Almunia, Bendtner, Denilson and more recently, Eboue, quite a number of the youth players have been linked to moves away from the club; the latest being the pair of Jay Emmanuel Thomas and Henri Lansbury.

It’s quite a surprise that these two players are about to be shown the exit, considering what the fans expected of them.

JET is undoubtedly talented, had an amazing scoring record in the reserves, and made his League debut at Stamford Bridge of all places. We all thought he would be a regular feature in the team from then, but it seems for all his talent, his work rate is highly disappointing. That being the case, I can understand why he’s being sold.

Henri Lansbury however is one name which leaves me gutted. Granted he may not have the skill of Jack Wilshere, but his determination cannot be disputed. He obviously cares about the club. In the games I have seen him play, he plays with his heart whilst being efficient albeit not extraordinary at his work.

He was sent on loan to Norwich and he excelled, he did very well at the U-21 WC too. I was expecting him to get a run in the Carling Cup this season and maybe a few substitute appearances in the EPL. This guy has the making of a new Ray Parlour and I’ll be sad to see him go.

Muamba, Thomas, Randall, Seb Larsson all left without fulfilling their potentials at the club. Yet our Brazilian “winner” Denilson was getting adequate playing time, even when it was obvious he was not good enough.

Is it because he was bought rather than groomed; and why keep so many youth players when we know they won’t make it? I know people who even think selling unpredictable Bendtner and keeping highly predictable Chamakh is bad business. Well that’s a discussion for another day.

One player who does not seem to be leaving us anytime soon is Cesc Fabregas. And while he may still leave this summer, Barcelona officials have been quoted as saying they have until 31st August to sign him.

This makes absolute mockery of the July 31st deadline we supposedly gave them. Where do I see this going? Cesc signs for Barca on 30th or 31st, and we do not replace him because we did not have enough time to do so. I hope to God I’m wrong!

I heard Nasri will sign a 4-year extension to his contract in a few days. Good news if true but it’s difficult what to believe these days. One thing is for sure, if he won’t sign an extension, sell him off. He is relatively easier to replace than a more talented Cesc who has given us 8 years of committed service.

President of Valencia CF, club of Arsenal target Juan Mata has quashed reports that their star man is leaving the club. Manuel Llorente has dismissed claims that the club may be forced into selling their star player and claims money won’t change their stance. Said he:

“The decision is clear, and money will not change our position…Valencia will not sell to any club that wants to buy Mata”

I think he’s just bluffing and wants to force clubs to bid higher. Make no mistake about it, he’s a very good player, and will improve any team he plays in. The problem is whether our dear Arsenal will be willing to bid high enough to get him.

Let’s not worry about that, a defender is at the top of our priorities now. We may not even need Mata if our captain changes his mind and gives the English game another shot. A man can dream, can’t he?

The Emirates Cup upon us already and it’s just a few days before we get to see the boys play at The Grove.

Have a great day wherever you read this from!

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  1. From my point of view Arsene Wenger has disappointed me. Its safe to say we would sign only one defender this summer. By the way with the way things are going in other clubs like Man City and Liverpool. I hope we’ll be able to compete. I hope Gervinho would give us that goal scoring edge. As for our midfield, If u have been seeing the passes from wilshere u’ll agree arsenal have created a mine of talents in that young lad. I hope we sign a world class or a very good player tho. L8r guys

  2. I don’t think we [ Arsenal fc ] will be able to compete with other teams.If teams like MAN UNITED that won the English premier league and played the champions league final,MAN CITY that won the FA CUP and CHELSEA FC that was ahead of arsenal last season with the kind of players they all have are still buying and getting ready for the new season.My God,i really think we [ARSENAL FC] can’t compete with them. Arsene Wenger should not say or think that he has a team that can win anything in the 2011/2012 season but the EMIRATES CUP alone. If Arsene Wenger really wish to compete with other teams and win something big this season then the following things have to be done;;;;;;;;;[1] Wenger must bring in a CentreBack Defender [ GARY CAHIL];;;;;;;;;; [2]Wenger must bring in a Defensive Midfielder [ SCOTT PARKER];;;;;;;;;;;[3]Wenger must bring in a young,fast Striker [ ROMELU LUKAKU] becourse Gervinho will be going for the nations cup. Wenger should add these three players to the team and we can be sure of wining something.If FABREGAS and NASRI goes then Wenger must bring in JUAN MATA and SANTI CAZORLA. ARSENAL 4 LIFE.

  3. I shouldnt worry too much about Lansbury I am pretty sure he will be in the first team squad this year,he has not been on the tours because he was away with the under 21’s and needed a summer break,The fact that Eboue and Denilson has gone without looking likely to be replaced with purchases, suggest AW will be promoting from within, it looked like Henderson was one of those to step up and I am pretty certain lansbury will be given a chance, the boy looks an athlete and is progressing nicely so is unlikely to be discarded in the short term.

  4. Henri Lansbury is a young beauty to behold, he shows what a vast number of Arsenal players lack – commitment and determination to succeed against the odds. The manager spoke of the possibility of his graduation and integration in the first team next month. I’d really love to see him play alongside or against established names in the business, that will be perfect for his moral and overall work rate.

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