OFFICIAL : Arsenal Sign Joel Campbell. Mata Deal Agreed? Jagielka To Follow.

News is just reaching us that Arsenal have completed their 3rd signing of the season. Remember Costa Rican wonderkid Joel Campbell that we were in for a while back only for the deal to fall through, he and his U20 asst coach confirmed today in an interview that he has signed for Arsenal, you can watch the interview here

That’s a bit of good news although not the one that will soothe all the angry fans, but not to worry, various reports have it that we have agreed a deal to sign Mata and the details should be clearer in the morning. Hopefully he gets to join before the Emirates Cup starts which I very much doubt.

Lastly, an improved bid has been offered for Phil Jagielka believed to be in the region of £15M. He’s not a tall beast but he’s a commanding presence. I’ll take him even though he’s not first choice amongst fans but at least we’re signing a CB better than everyone asides TV5.

Do have a swell night/early morning based on where you’re reading from.

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  1. I hope dis is true. But 4 jagieka,cahill ,samba or scot dan wuld hav be a better option, bcos of d height

  2. Obyno arsene nwankwo

    Not bad!!!

  3. Well,its a good news,but should we all fans believe that campbell,mata & jagieka are coming 2 emirates b4 dis weekend

  4. We are tired of rumors i will not belive any story till August 31st

  5. Let hope dis news is real, i can wait too see all dis guys in our jersey………….

  6. I personally believe in wenger,i know were up 2 sometin. So am waiting 4 mata ad d rest.

  7. When need a CB that can actually play!!!! Not some English clown who can’t get a cap for crap national team

  8. Its a gud news and i wil b glad if this is true

    I wil b glad

  9. people have forgotten Koscienly? He was the best defender we had last season, especially in the 2nd half, if it wasn’t for him we probs wouldn’t be in the champs league.
    I’m not saying we don’t need another defender cause we do but with another CB that is 3 really solid CB and one who can be good (JD although he really struggled and lost his way at the end of the season). It Could be that the new CB partners Koscienly and TV5 goes to LB…that is my presonal preference using rotation…Gibbs could be good and surprise but i would prefer TV5 in at the start
    TV5, Koscienly and JD could all play DM too when its required (such as during ANC without song)

  10. A little relieving for all aggrieved Arsenal fans. Let’s hope for more…and the best.

  11. Aminu Garba Gwandu

    It is a very goodnews if and only if its true that Wenger succeeded in securing the signature these 3 players to Emirate, eventhough not good enough for one to have clear believe and conviction that Wenger is serious and ready to be a serious contender in this coming EPL. WENGER should be reasonable and considerate to consider the feelings of Arsenal Fan by bringing in quality players to Emirate.

  12. Campbell is a good signing 4 arsenal bt we need defenders in d likes of cahill n samba. I jst hope dis is true.

  13. i still believe we should not buy any merchandise of arsenal be it jersey or match ticket until a proper deal is signed. me for one i’m tired of having my emotions toyed with by some people that dont care about it but just care about the clubs finances pls someone should tell them if they win a cup fiances will be aiight

    • you sound like the biggest cry baby i have ever heard…Don’t try and tell fans not to buy merchandise, thats up to them, you know some people like to support their club in a positive way! try it some time it might actually feel good. Sure supporting Arsenal is an emotional roller coaster, but i would rather support a real honest club that is not just a toy team or in as much debt as the states, than win a few “dirty” trophies. Arsenal will win things again and it will the done the right way! if you can’t handle it then shove off…

    • You drama queen. “Emotions toyed with,” get a life. Arsenal can do without supporters like you. You are destructive not supportive. You call for other fans to rescind their support of the club to satisfy you lust for a “proper deal”.

      You care about your emotions than the welfare of the club, you are simply selfish.

  14. FoolishgooNer

    Phil isn’t bigger than our current crop of CBs! Wenger wants smart player, good technical ability. We the fans want a beast (samba/cahil). We shall see may be more fight and organization could help improve the set play problems! If not we can still sign Samba at the next window. I hope to see KB and Ingassi play sone cup games with TV5. Mata happens because Cecs goes before the the emirates cup. If he doesn’t Arsene won’t deal him till January. Hope he takes the captain arm band away from him for the sake of the season. Cheers gooners.

  15. sorry!
    all this time no one has actually noticed that arsene changed the way he runs his defence. he’s central defenders are also good passers meaning they are capable of playing DM.
    all these names being mentioned in the media will never play for arsenal. even worse, they are too pricey.
    believe it or not, kyle bartley has more chance than cahill, samba or 18 million for jagielka? what?
    arsene who?
    if we ever sign any of them its gonna be the usual, UNDISCLOSED FEE!
    or forget it
    we dont play stoke everyweek, sometimes we play barca and we can beat them with this defence and we cannot outscore stoke by 5 goals next season and take all 3 points.



  17. Hi guyz dont ever hesitate 2 believe dis rumour, its a fake 1 cos dat was how it happened 2 Alvarez b4 signing 4 Inter.

  18. Opeyemi adedeji

    It wil be so good to see dem b4 d season commence,bt one thing i still can get clear is dat won’t wenger dispose some of arsenal’s lit. Player like djourou,squillac,diaby,bentner,even chamakh.cos i can there value in the team!Cos without this there will b suppluse player.

  19. we can work now to score many goals against small teams that play rugby against us
    we dont need samba to beat stoke city

  20. Neva belivd dis…tired of rumors. Would prefer samba/cahill. Jagiewhat…..please wenger

  21. Olufemi olore

    I believe dis is true bcos it is official.

  22. carlos from costa rica

    JOEL CAMPBELL is signig by arsenal (im from COSTA RICA) and joel campbel in person said ” im new gunner, now i can think in spain “

  23. Olayinka stephen

    From my opinion,we don’t need player like jagielka bcos we have players like him but we can go for samba who is eager to play for us,the guy is tall strong and able to tackle opponent like (carol,carager,crouch) that have been prove difficult for us

    • i agree with you Samba is the best choice for our defence or Cahill if it has to be English.

      • i agree 100% too samba is the best choice CB at the moment, big agressive, mobile, an underrated technique, great hard tackler and a leader!
        I prefer him then cahill then mertesacker then jags…(his height worries me cause although TV5 can jump too he ain’t tall)

  24. Fellow gunners,i do agree that we need another quality CB,but am afraid some of us are handling the issue with some insensitivity! Hav u ever paused to wonder what it would feel if a player like Kolscieny read some of our comments? Guyz,giv the guy a break! Lets not outlook his countable mistakes to soil all the wonderful games he had in the last season.For me,Jagielka is no better than Kolscieny considering that it was the 1st season for the later in epl.He is a gud tackler who wins almost every one on one challenges,gud passer(how many long balls did he accurately counter change to walcott?) and a gud header who is also committed. Infact,he was our best defender last season yet it was his 1st,so guys i beg,lets not be insensitive,yes we need a CB,but let him be better than what we hav,NOT JAGIELKA,WHO CANT EVEN BE ON THE ENGLISH TEAM,HE IS EVEN RANKED BEHIND THE WESTHAM DEFENDER(4giv me 4 4getting his name),the former gunner,BY CAPELLO!!!

    • i agree 100% again…Koscienly was great in his 1st year and will only improve again. Another CB is still needed hopefully Samba for mine

  25. Let just wait and see, i don’t trust wenger untill i see this players in our own jersey.

  26. Believe it or not, we need a new centre back. We can’t afford to keep using average or decent players. As good as Koscielny aand Djorou appeared last season, they were poor and decent at times. We can’t rely on Djourou cuz you never know when he’ll be fit. Asides Vermaelen, none of our CB’s would enter a top 4 team anywhere. Let’s go back to what our defence used to have, quality players. Jagielka is not bigger than most of our CB’s but he’s better. Notice how I did not mention Squillaci as he’s as useless as my right hand when it comes to writing.

  27. I trust wenger. He knows what he is doing and believe me this season we are getting atleast a trophy. But he should not sell Arshavin, that would be a mistake

  28. Arsenal for life. I hope this season the hits will make me proud and reduce my chances of having heart attack.

    • Arsenal hurts me so much, the pain equates to the feeling of losing a woman..
      infact i intend to sell of anything labeled arsenal.. and tired of seeing that sorry face of wenger
      after concerding defeat…
      Hey buy more stock the demand is there, that way the funds and cups
      will flow to the club

  29. Not interested.. Only signing Cahill wld mean we ready. WTF do we even need mata..? I dnt get. We gt arshavin, gerv,vela, Walcott, n Nasri to play these positions. Left right n center. Wasting money IMO.

  30. wisdom treasure

    since Theo will not be available, this campbell is good for us. Apart from RVP we need another natural stricker. We have already organised praying and fasting to destroying every obstacle on Juan Muta’s way to the emirate. We no longer need fab: he purposely gave that backpass baca which cost us the champions League.

  31. Mr wenget every season you bring in one problem last season it was your Squillaci,this season you when to bring in another one called jagielka.please what is Sguillaci still doing there? Is this your Jagielka not too shot,please fo God sake stay away from there,get samba “the boss” or cahill use your head mr wenger.

  32. hi hope dis post are cos am weary and weak of dese rumours dey are here dey are coming pls frnd tell some of these site to shut up dey are de reason wenger idio’t comes out at end of transfer window to say we all most sign dat and dese but as regard to jiagie cant even spell is name is no better dan kos or bart i would prefre samba or cahill but i guess wenger is out to do wat he thinks it right which always ends up wrong gunners 4″-live

  33. Am hapi 4 wenger as of now, wot we need is to win trophy. Up Gunners

  34. ibrahimyousuf ,true fan of gunner ,if this today news come to dream for arsenal .people will like that ?thank u

  35. victor Nigeria

    for cambel good signing, for jagiaass he gonna be joking kosiolny is beta. gunna 4 life.

  36. 4me jagielka is nt d rite choice 4 arsenal nt even samba cos aerialy is 1on 1 situation is not there,cahil is d best center option 4 arsenal to solve d defensive crisis

  37. @ Pita no one is saying he isn’t good. Kozzer was bought aas back up but he ended up playing a large deal. All I’m saying is, we need better people, we can haave him as 3rd choice cb and I’m ok with that. He looks solid besides Vermaelen but I’d rather have one of Samba/Cahill/Mertesacker beside TV5. Then we get rid of Squid.

    @Cupsui nice to see here again, been a while, you’re one of our favorite commenters if there’s a word like that. Do you see Cesc and Mata being at Arsenal next season especially as Barca are yet to meet the price. I see Mata as Nasri’s future replacement incase things go awry at the end of next season rather than Cesc. But what do I know

    • its been uni holidays…but now uni has started back i have more time to spend (procrastinate) on the blogs!! As i have said i think samba is the best for the back…he’s a beast and loyal and a leader…

      As for mata…well i am trying not to get myself too excited til its a done deal cause he is classy. He is fast too which no one talks about. As far as who he replaces i have been thinking a lot on this one and its tough. Its anyone’s guess as to know if cesc is really sulking or just media BS…methinks the latter. He is classier than that. But still i think Barca will probs get him for about 37.5million pounds. Then Mata will play on the wing if nasri stays, which i think he will if cesc goes (rumours and only rumours i’ve heard also that he might sign a new contract if cesc goes…they are connected to the sulky cesc rumours so probs also BS). Then i think samir will play predominantly through the middle with mata on the right but you could see a little freedom and some position swapping between the two

      but maybe not…

      maybe cesc stays, then in that case nasri i think will be sold (i cannot see how all three could stay, that would cause too much conflict esp with samir’s rather short temperament). If thats the case mata will play his same role at valencia, the roving winger role from mainly the right (we’ll prob cya mata and gervinho on each others side a bit) and cesc pulling the strings as per usual and rambo as his deputy.

      its hard not getting excited…and all this leaves theo and arsharvin and impact players…not bad impact players esp when they both seem motivated!!

      so thats my two-bobs worth…nice to be back 🙂

  38. Someone should tell Djourou, our tallest striker, to bulk the fuck up.

  39. Well said Cupsui and very comprehensive. A lot of people are not too excited about Nasri playing through the middle which I don’t understaand, he played there for Marseille and to good effect at that. You’re right, we can only have 2 of Cesc, Nasri, Mata not three of them.

    As for Samba I think its champions league football people are worried about and how he’ll perform. So long vermaelen stays fit I’m sure whoever we buy would do a solid job. We need a leader and maybe that’s why Cahill would not be signed as he’s not known to ‘lead’. If we can get in a Centre Back, Mata, Gervinho then I’m sure that’s all we’ll do this market. You don’t see us buying a striker or a DM do you?

    • I think this rumour about Biglia is interesting…might be nothing but i did a little research and watched a few tvids on him and he looks like he has all the attributes that an Arsenal DM needs…Tenacious, good passer, very sharp, good timing on the tackle and he too was the captain…i think?! Could be worth a shout at 6million too…there is the ANC…its a worry! song will be gorn and possibly frimpong. koscienly, TV5 or JD could fill in adequately at DM as there are all very strong on the ball…so that might go against the signing…but i’d take it!!

      As for a striker…who would complain if Benzema or Lulaku came?! but i’d say its very long odds that they would, esp if the mata, campbell and defender deals were done. Chamakh has been written off by “fans” which really sucks cause he has a role to play and people are quick to forget how much he did in the 1st part of the year last season. I’d say he is working his ass off at improving his shooting, cause 1 thing is for sure that he is not one to idly sit around. He is a worker and showed last year he plays for the badge. He was so happy to sign for arsenal and tries his heart out every game he plays…there are a few others that could learn a lot from Chamakh…

      so a DM (biglia) would be very handy…likely?? i’d say 30-70 against. Striker about 5% chance or less of getting one of those two. With Mata (please let it be), gervinho, campbell, (miyachi?!) and a defender…possibly biglia we are a serious force even with cesc or nasri leaving, heck if we lose them both and get all those guys we’re still gonna give the title a shake!!

  40. Abdullahi kazeem ologun

    My sugestion is that l love arsenal but the only thing is that went u say that u wont 2 spend 35m I agree, Arsene Wenger pls I beg u in the name God buy Jagielka, Campell & Mata pls, buy them before Emirate Cup & give them jersey, this is my suggestion

  41. Abdullahi kazeem ologun

    My sugestion is that l love arsenal but the only thing is that went u say that u wont 2 spend 35m I agree, Arsene Wenger pls I beg u in the name God buy Jagielka, Campell & Mata pls, buy them before Emirate Cup & give them jersey, this is my suggestion. ARSENAL FOR LIFE

  42. We arsenal fans we are happy now. We hope nasri wil stay. And fabrigas wil go, and you are well come mata.


    • I like Samba because he is a powerful player. But doesn’t he represent Congo in the African Nations Cup?

  44. lets get whoever the f*** we can.don care if we get both samba n cahill coz compe is on wit city,tottenham n man u,chelsea,liverfools,not to mention we need 2 crush barca out the champions league coz we the only team that can,add mata n we the biaddest!! go gunnaz!!

  45. arsenal should go for mertsecher n hazard

  46. Won’t believe until it on Arsenal official website and the players are paraded in an Arsenal shirt.

  47. stanley blackburn

    yeah am back on diz blog,i think its time for arsene wenger to hv a rethink to buy more experience players instead of kids cos there ar more competitions in EPL from smaller teams.wenger should wrap up jagielka,joel campbell,and mata deals as soon as possible cos arsenal hv to shake up EPL dis season and win it.wenger shld know dat good defence wins trophies.defence has failed us for many season.wenger shld tight it up now by buyin samba as soon as possible before league starts.Am glad wenger wants to win now,he will soon be luvd by angry fans.lets target to beat weak man united dat wins trophies wit queen n refrees favor,beat chelsea,liverpool,and money bag mancity dis season dat will land us EPL crown.we need fight wit resilient against rugby teams like stokecity,wolves,blackburn n sunderland to get good points.almunia shld neva b put in goal post for arsenal cos he is a big flop dat brings heart attack to fans wen he is on goal post,him squillaci,bendtner,eboue, shld leave immediately cos they aint good @ all.wenger shld sell cesc now wit a reasonable amount,cesc luv us n we luv him most cos he served us well for yrs,cesc is a talent,i hope mouth waggin f.c.b lik a bitch shld not put him on bench.i cant wait to see arsenal beat F.C.b nex time we meet. i hope all these ma opinions will curb arsenal problems.i luv arsenal n ma families luv arsenal for eva.wenger is d right man for arsenal cos he is a winner so he shld help hungry n angry fans to win dis season lik he does past years.

  48. stanley blackburn

    Nasri stay back @ arsenal and help ur team win trophy cos good season is dat arsenal doesnt hv much financial problem,board members should plan well by helpin wenger to bring in experience players to arsenal to win trophies for the patience fans.Its time for revolution in arsenal football club.i still respect wenger n include him among d best coaches in d world despite bin grid wit pains for him for years he was makin money instead of trophy for is for the club n trophy is for the fans.i luv arsenal for eva.

  49. please Wenger it will be better if you sign Mata and Jagielka

  50. @stanley…i like your spirit…your new age net language less so!! i think i got it all tho and i agree! It seems those cesc sulking stories may not be too far off the mark and if the nasri signing when sulking cesc stories are just as true then that is a huge plus for the gunners…
    Wenger is the man for the job its people that read too many tabloids that have created all this hysteria (i guess along with the blogs themselves).

    All i can say is i HOPE HOPE HOPE mata is the man arsene is going to sign. He said publically that “I like the guy” and i am going to take that as a positive more than “but it doesn’t mean we’ll sign him” cause getting that much out of wenger means something…i think anyway…gotta curb my excitement about this transfer…(esp cause i gotta study too). Jags would be pretty good i guess but i still think samba would be a better options cause he is BIG and a different player to what we got. I have the feeling that kozzer, new defender will be the CB pair and TV5 at LB cause the youngsters haven’t looked great, although gibbs will def get his game time and lets hope he impresses cause that would add so much depth!! Don’t forget Gibbsy could be a really good left winger too cause whilst clearly he struggles a little in defence, he does not struggle at all in attack and in two words is “MUY PELIGROSO!!!!!!”

    And i’m out…really dig this blog…so few wankers that just complain the same spiel every comment that exist on the other rubbish blogs. We are getting serious tactical discussions and FOOTBALL TALK…a rare commodity on the blogs these days!! thanks Memoirs!!

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